This crossover is set to the Full Metal Panic universe. That means all events with in the Full Metal Panic series has already happened. The School Rumble half for this crossover starts and diverges at the survival game.

Character roles and changes:

Harima Kenji – Unwittingly joins Mithril after impressing the high-ranking officers of the TDD-1

Takano Akira – Spy working for Mithril

I do not own either Full Metal Panic or School Rumble.

CHAPTER 1 - Yagami High's Knight in Shining Armour

The moon shone brightly in night sky and illuminated the halls of Yagami High School that had been turned into an all to realistic battlefield, due to Akira's idea of a survival game. Out of concern for her sister's absence and after hearing her say they were going to play a game at the school, Yakumo made her way to the learning institution as she near the grounds flashes lit up the usually dark halls and gunshots echoed into the night. The concern was soon was replaced by fear and scrambled over the gate and rushed into the school when she saw the bodies of her fellow students went into shock "A…are th…they dead?" she stuttered as she backed away from the scene on the first floor.

Akira appeared behind her from the shadows "They're not dead, even though they were hit with blanks they're being way overly dramatic." She stated in a cold and almost emotionless tone. "At the moment Hanai is solely targeting Harima and if the Coffee Shop team wins the Tea Club will naturally be offering his services and in his current state of mind Hanai is willing to almost do anything" she eyed the raven-haired girl slyly with a small devilish grin on her face while holding a Glock 26.

She stiffened at the comment and her eyes widened and her mind raced on what to do, should she let them play the game out or should she step in just in case Hanai got out of hand and due to the misunderstanding of the relationship between Harima and herself it was quite possible "I…I'll return this." She snatched the weapon from Akira's right hand and searched for the two fools.

In the corners of the poorly lit school hungry eyes watched their prey dash through the halls with even more grim determination after she heard Hanai scream out Mikoto's name "This is Black Wolf-7 target has been spotted and she's heading to the roof, over!" The dark figure said in a deep foreign accent. "Roger that an RK-92 is on its way to rendezvous, eliminate any witnesses that spot you, over!" Another accented man spoke to the predator. "Wilco Lieutenant Alexi, out!" He closed the communications channel and began to stalk his prey.

A cool breeze swept across the roof of the school as the two fools of 2-C stood back-to-back with a pistol in each hand "All right Harima if that's how you want it I'll get it out of you by force!" his voice was serious yet somewhat uncertain about the idea but held his stainless steel STI VIP pistol firmly.

The dark haired delinquent just scoffed at Hanai "Whatever four-eyes just be sure that you haven't disappeared before I turn around" he stated arrogantly as he raised his black Desert Eagle Mark XIX slightly with a grin on his face and then lowered to his side again.

Both standing at attention the both planted their left foot forward and began counting off "1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…" they were interrupted by someone bursting through the door to the roof and the ringing of a gunshot.

He looked at the falling frame of the usually loud Hanai with confusion and then at his own piece then began looking around him "Huh?" Harima turned his head to the origin of the gunshot and saw a raven-haired first year with two arms outstretched and legs firmly apart as she gripped her weapon tightly.

"Harima you cheating bastard" He said weakly as he didn't see who had shot him in the back.

Casually the young man in the sunglasses walked up to the crippled classmate and looked down on him "It wasn't me that fired" he said sincerely

"Then who? Yakumo…but why?" his voice sounded distant and near heartbreak at the one he cared for had shot him.

The shadows and her hid his face from both Hanai and Harima "B-because you don't listen Hanai." She shook as she said this.

Haruki's eyes opened wide in alarm and tried to get up. "But I do!" Hanai began to protest.

"You can't see that I'm not interested in you, both of you don't understand the feelings of a girl" Her voice was barely audible to both of them as she turned her back to Hanai

A heavy sigh escaped the young man's lips "So what have I been chasing all this time?" he asked casting one last longing gaze at the starry night skies before succumbing to the pain and fell into an unconscious state.

Harima still clueless of the situation looked at his assistant and best friend with softened eyes "Imotou-san I know that the one I love has feelings for someone else and I know that she doesn't have the same feelings that I do for her" he walked over to the side rails of the roof near the door and looked out over the schoolyard as if gazing towards some distant land. "When and if I tell her and if she doesn't return my feelings I will be happy just to see her smile even…if it is with someone else." He said half-heartedly although claiming Tenma as his own would make him happy he knew that she would be happiest with Karasuma as the air between Harima and Yakumo faded the doors to the roof suddenly slammed open again and a pair of men dressed from head to toe in black and armed with silenced pistols appeared before the two "Who the hell are you?" their response however was firing a series of rounds at Harima that grazed his shoulder. 'Those aren't blanks!!' the alarms began to ring in the back of his mind as the nerves of his left shoulder began to burn. Not wanting to leave the younger sister of Tenma with two armed men, Harima picked her up and ran with her in his arms knocking them down in the process.

The men rolled on to their stomachs and fired a few more rounds at their target "Drop the girl now!" They shouted into the darkened halls of the school at the young delinquent in a foreign voice

She looked up at the man that was carrying her to safety with visible concern in her crimson red eyes "Wh-what's going on? Who are these people?" she asked in her usual timid voice.

Although he wanted to know the answer to that question himself he was too focused on escaping from the assailants armed with live ammo. "I don't know but I do know they're play for keeps" he admitted however several faint silhouettes in the dark hallways of the school caused him to stopped at an intersection. 'Damn they're coming from all sides, there's only one way out of here but-'he looked down and shook his head 'This is no time to second guess yourself' he turned the his Desert Eagle on one of the school's many windows and fired a succession of roundsand weakened glass "Hold on to me we're going through the window." He looked down at Yakumo with a mix of concern and confidence.

"But…" she didn't sound sure about Harima's plan but nodded none-the-less.

As hurried footsteps echoed through the corridors Harima pressed himself against the far wall and held Yakumo close to him causing the cheeks of Tenma's sister to redden slightly "Just hold on tight" his voice was deep yet calm, the raven haired beauty got in close and held onto the former delinquent's shirt tightly as Harima crashed his shoulder into the glass he tucked his head down and rolled along the dirt ground while protecting Yakumo's own head "Are you okay?" Once they came to a stop he gently pulled her away from his chest and checked to see if she wasn't hurt from the fall.

She nodded imply at the question as the light blush still remained on her cheeks "Y…yes I'm fine but you're bleeding…" she used this chance to try and looked after the graze on his left shoulder.

He shook his head and looked back at the school with apprehension. "I've had worse they're more focused on us at the moment so we need to lead whoever they are away from the school." He then turned his attention to the school gates however his plans of luring the assassins away from Yagami High were soon interrupted by an earth shaking tremor "What the hell?" he looked up as the a bipedal machine suddenly appeared in front of the two.

The younger Tsukamoto sister blinked at the sight before "It's a giant robot…" her voice trailed off as the Arm Slave came into view and entered the school grounds.

The humanoid like machine leaned down and put out an open hand "Hurry! Give me the girl" there was a sense of urgency in the pilot's voice as it echoed over the speaker.

"Like hell I will!" He shouted back turning his back slightly to the pilot as if to protect the ravenette in his arms.

The pilot let out a frustrated sigh at how uncooperative the young man was being "I'm a good guy." He said vainly.

However due to Kenji's stubbornness refused to hand over the person in his arms to someone he didn't know especially someone who was piloting a tan colour robot that could crush someone in an instant. "Listen pal I'm not handing her over to no one." He shouted "Until I am told what the bloody hell is going on she's going no where…and it really feels friggin' weird talking to a freaking machine!" he said the last part rather admittedly and his cast his gaze down on the red eyed girl in his arms that was now blushing furiously and close to tearing his shirt off from how tightly she was grasping his shirt so she wouldn't accidentally fall. 'Wow she is sure holding on tight'

During this whole debacle the raven haired beauty couldn't read the delinquent's mind which obviously meant that he was protecting her out of a sense of duty and looked up at the man she admired "Ha-Harima-senpai!?!" her voice became shaky as soon as she saw another silhouette moving in the darkness of the night

"Don't worry Imotou-san I'm not handing you over" he obviously to see the threatening frame of another machine approaching but as soon as he looked up back at the one before him the threat was now fully visible to him. "What the…BEHIND YOU!" he called out to the pilot of the first AS.

The pilot of the machine heaved at the controls and turned the M-9 around to face the RK-92 and caught the frog like enemy's weapon that seemed reminiscent of the AK-47 assault rifle, both machines soon began to struggle for the weapon and had the same intent of getting their hands on Yakumo. "GET DOWN!!" the first pilot called to the pair as he was able to kick his opponent away from the weapon and into a nearby house before it fully crushed the house the 'Savage' fired off it's head mounted heavy machine cannons at the M-9, although it wasn't enough to do major damage the force and the unexpected move was enough cause the pilot of the first machine to lose his balance. Harima whom was no stranger to combat had long since moved out of the way and closer to the school building that they had previously had exited, as the melee continued the delinquent sheltered the Yakumo's body from the flying debris however this heroic act came at a price and Harima once again received another scar across his back.

On the roof Hanai began to stir from his slumber on the roof to the loud rumble of wood and concrete being crushed and screech of crashing metal "What's with the racket? This has to be some sort of weird dream! What's Harima doing down there? I better investigate this matter and find a way to resolve it!" he said in denial and began his descent to the stairs only to slip on an empty shell casing from the one assassin's PSS Silent Pistol and tumbled down the stairs head over heels "Whaa…oww…oomph…ouch!" he eventually hit his head against a wall in the corridor and again soon found himself in the embrace of unconsciousness.

"Oi Tinman are you okay?" His eyes narrowed out of impatience and the lack of movement the first machine was doing and eventually got fed up with waiting. "Wait here Imotou-san. How do you open this thing…here?" he began to search the machine for a switch or a lever that would open the canopy and grinned out of success when he found what had been searching for and was reward with the hiss of seals being released "Sweet…or not…hey are you okay bud? I better get you out of" ignoring the throbbing pain from his own wound he pulled the badly injured pilot from the M-9 and carried him to Yakumo so she could care for him.

"Oh…no" She gasped when she saw Harima carrying the bloodied man to her

Catching Yakumo by surprise the delinquent ripped off some of his uniform and folded it up neatly and pressed it against the worst of the wounds before gently handing the soldier's life to the raven first year. "Here…keep pressure on the wound I don't think our friend over there is willing to stay down." He glared at the machine still sitting in the ruined home across from the school and bit his lower lip 'If I don't do something everyone will…' he saw an image of Tenma getting hurt by the second machine and that was enough to send him running for the M-9.

The the first year looked up from the injured soldier as soon as she heard distant running and saw the owner of the sound scramble into the fallen machine "Wait Harima-sempai where are you going?" her voice fell onto deaf ears as there was no reply.

Quickly he looked over the controls noting the arm and leg braces inside the cockpit "Well it doesn't look too complicated to drive so I might as well take over from this guy. Legs go there and arms there…" he said place a limb in their appropriate place however his concentration was soon broken by the crackling of the on board radio.

"Urzu 10 Come In! Urzu 10 please respond!" a young girl's voice echoed inside the machine.

Harima looked about somewhat confused but leaned forward a bit "Urzu 10 was injured; I'm taking over for him." He responded to the girl's voice.

"Who are you and what have you done with the pilot?" this time it was a rather demanding male's voice

Harima was starting to get irritated by all the demands and questions "He's out cold but he'll be fine as for my name just call me Harima….so how about telling me how to operate this thing?" he tried to keep his cool but ended up sounding sarcastic.

Submerged under the waters of Yagami Bay the unique profile of the attack submarine Tuatha De Danaan lingered silently as events unfolded at the High School, on the bridge of the privately owned submarine an elderly man turned to his superior in both shock and also disgust at the thought of someone other than a soldier in control of one of Mithril's machines "Captain we can't allow a civilian pilot an M-9" he almost sounded like he was pleading rather than stating a regulation.

He interrupted the Commander by coughing audibly "Excuse me I can still hear you and if I can't get this thing moving the red guy is going to not only kill me but also everyone in my class so how about…" he spoke as the Soviet built AS in front of him began to move "YOU TELL ME HOW TO MOVE THIS THING BECAUSE HE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THE LET'S SIT DOWN AND TALK TYPE!!!" He quipped as the pilot of the 'Savage' now was searching for its weapon.

After considering that having Harima pilot the AS as the only viable option an elderly man with a beard and moustache cleared his throat with unshakable resolve in his steely eyes "First of all you need to login as a guest, grab hold of the levers on you left arm is a keypad on your right is the throttle, once fully inside cockpit will close automatically and adjust to suit your body." His instructions were confirmed by the sound of the onboard AI announcing that the ECS and an actuator within the right leg of the M-9 were damage as well as confirm the mode that it was in, Harima's ability to follow the instructions eased the Lieutenant Commander "Once fully connected to the Arm Slave you can move the controls as if the machine was part of your own body." He said with finality.

The commander turned to his superior still not believing what he was witnessing "Captain!" he shouted in concern.

Twirling her hair the young female captain turned to her executive officer slightly with a look of equal concern on her face but it soon relaxed "Mr Mardukas, Sergeant Sagara is still in Tokyo and they wouldn't survive long enough even if we mobilize other units. After this threat is disposed of we will be in a better position to resolve this issue until then I'll allow this." She assured the commander that she had considered other options.

Richard Mardukas let out sigh of disbelief and relented to his captain's wishes "As you wish." He looked at then looked back at the main monitor.

The radio crackled to life again "That's done it thanks! NOW LET'S KICK SOME ARSE!" Harima cried over the radio in eager confidence.

Kalinin smirked at the young man's attitude "He certainly is a loud one…" he commented light heartedly turning to Captain Testarossa.

The young girl smirked with the Lieutenant Commander, from what the captain could tell by his crass attitude that this Harima maybe just as entertaining as Sergeant Sagara "Yes but it is also somewhat refreshing don't you think?" she said in a cheery tone intrigued if the young man on the other end of the radio would be able to survive.

Back at Yagami High the boyish Akira Takano walked out onto the field where Yakumo was taking care of the wounded AS pilot as she approached the raven haired girl Harima's classmate threw an unconscious KGB agent onto the ground and startled the young Tsukamoto girl whom looked back at her senior in astonishment "Akira-sempai did you take those men out all by yourself?" she asked her still in shock that the brown haired woman managed to walk out of the school without as so much as a scratch.

She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly at the question "No I had some help from Eri's butler and Osakabe-sensei but you should lie down." She replied in her usual monotonous tone of voice. Yakumo looked at her senior quizzically wondering what she meant by 'lie down' and her answer soon came when a she felt something press against the flesh of her neck and fell forward into Akira's arms and was soon resting peacefully on the grass.

While Harima's classmate watched over Yakumo and the wounded pilot the battle between the two metal giants raged on with neither of them backing down, although the RK-92 was outdated compared to the M-9 the pilot was exceptionally skilled in piloting an Arm Slave and was also frustrated at the stalemate and threw the delinquent tumbling into the street "You bastard why won't you go down?" he cursed as the 'Savage' fired its head mounted cannons again causing a hail of bullets to charge up the road towards its young prey. "That's it I've had enough!" Kenji roared after narrowly missing what would have been a fatal blow, turning his words into actions Harima swiftly tapped a series of buttons on keypad on the left and released a hardened anti-armour knife from a compartment in the torso, the Soviet made Arm Slave again locked onto Kenji's M-9 and fired another barrage of armour piercing shells at the humanoid machine but again missed its as Harima sent the M-9 into a roll across the street that threw the large glistening knife mono-molecular cutter at the torso of the blackened machine. "I win…. okay now that isn't fair." He said sarcastically but managed to use the first enemy AS as a shield that was quickly torn to shreds by the new opponent, using what was left of his temporary shield Harima charged the other 'Savage' and knocked over him over which sent a cloud of dust and debris into the air with the advantage now on his side the delinquent-turned-pilot fired the head mounted cannons of the commandeered M-9 at the main camera of his opponent then cautiously manoeuvred himself away from his disabled foe "Now to get some information from these jerks…" he said panting as the pain from his wound started to catch up with him.

The KGB agent however wasn't willing to give up so easy and wasn't about to allow himself to be captured and interrogated with a made up mind the Soviet reached for the leg of the M-9 and latched itself to Harima's machine and initiated a self destruct "For the motherland!"

Surprised by this action Harima stumble back and caused his machine to fall on its back "What the fuck? Get off me! Get off me!" the M-9 began to kick the RK-92 in an attempt to free itself from the vice grip of the 'Savage', although he wasn't much of a science fiction fan Harima remembered a line from situation similar to the one he was in. "DAMN IT! AI PURGE THE RIGHT LEG!" He shouted and his request was answered by a sudden jolt as the leg of the humanoid mecha was ejected from its socket but this act was to no avail and was soon engulfed in a ball of red and gold flame.

As Harima's machine was being rocked about by the shockwave from the Russian agent's machine the youth's head bobbled around violently until it was slammed against the head of the seat "Harima are you there?" fearing the worst for the temp-pilot the crew the Captain of the Danaan attempted to contact the delinquent.

"Yeah I'm here somehow…" He said weakly still in a daze from hitting his head against the seat.

"Good! A helicopter transport will be on its way soon to pick up the Arm Slave onto the platform stay onboard we'll need to talk to you." This time it was the elderly man that taught him how to use the Arm Slave speaking to Harima.

The delinquent chuckled lightly but the concussion to the back of his skull reminded him told that he wasn't allowed to laugh or move "Good I don't feel like moving but what about the pilot and the other thugs?" he asked weakly has his head hung limply in the air with the as the AS laid on its stomach.

There was a brief silence "We'll take care of that matter as well, you performed quite admirably tonight." Alerted to the disturbance in the area the distant whine of sirens could be heard approaching the school where the Agent had sacrificed himself in the attempt to kill Harima Kenji.

The cracks in his sunglasses finally gave way and the lenses fell to pieces "And just who are you?" he started to doze off.

"You'll know when we meet" the captain said with finality in her voice and with that Harima was soon embraced by the darkness of the unconsciousness.

As the night went on and the sun slowly rose above the horizon to signal the beginning of a new day our dark haired delinquent stirred from his concussion induced slumber "What the hell happened was it a dream? Wait this isn't my room." He said wearily as his surroundings came into focus, looking around he saw privacy screens, two medicine cabinets, a desk with files and charts, posters with the human anatomy and various other medical related objects in the room came to the conclusion that he was in some kind of medical facility but what he couldn't understand was that there were some exposed pipes and polished metal.

As the dark haired youth tried to sit up the door to the infirmary creaked open and a grey haired man dressed in military attire entered the room "I see that you're awake Mr Harima" the elderly man took a seat with splaying out a thin folder in front of him on a knee.

Eventually Kenji managed to get himself into a sitting position and was relieved that he didn't open the wound on his back, which he knew would become another scar. "Who the hell are you and how do you know my name?" he eyed the greying officer with suspicion.

The old man really couldn't blame Harima for being cautious, after all he was transported to an unfamiliar environment while unconscious "I am Lieutenant Commander Andrei Kalinin, the one who taught you how to operate the the Arm Slave." His voice was filled with authority and years of experience.

Harima then looked down at the foot of the hospital bed "How is everyone?" there was a hint of concern and regret as he spoke.

Kalinin closed his eys and a small smile crept up on his face for he felt sympathy for him and was starting to take a liking to the young man before him, but the smile sound left his face "They're fine for now." He said in a somber tone.

He snapped his head back so he was looking directly at the Lieutenant Commander "What do mean by for now? Do you mean they'll attack the school again?" he asked disturbed by what the man in front of him had said, yes he was able to defend the school this time but that was out of sheer luck however next time there may not be anyone to stop those creeps

"The school, mall and just about anywhere as long as they get what they're after and what they're after is someone you know quite well and that would be the young Tsukamoto." He stated in a cool and well rehearsed voice.

Usually Harima would burst out and ask if it was Tenma they were after but due to the fact the foreigners dressed in black asked him to drop the younger sister it was they were after Yakumo "Imotou-san!?! But why?" he asked out of curiousity.

Kalinin got up from his chair next to Harima and dropped the file he had been carrying with him on the young man's lap "That is privileged information and so was the M-9 before you were allowed to pilot it." He looked back at the delinquent as if he was planning something "I have a proposal for you that I'd like you to consider Harima and that would be to join our organization, for a novice you handled the Arm Slave quite well and from what our pilot saw during the 'survival game' you are a skilled combatant and show promise." He was trying to butter up the youth to convince him to join Mithril.

Harima scoffed at all the compliments he was receiving from the older man "Drop the flattery. Just tell me what is going on and what the hell is this organization and if I do join what is in it for me." He said wanting to get to the point of the whole conversation.

He cleared his throat and thought it best to tell him where they were at the moment "Right now we're on the submarine TDD-1 Tuatha De Danaan which is part of a paramilitary, anti-terrorist organization known as Mithril." He paused just incase the youth had any remaining questions

"So what are you doing here?" he was finding it hard to believe that Mithril and in fact any other organization would attack Yagami without some sort of reason.

Kalinin just stared coldly at Harima out of the corner of his eye and continued with his explanation of the events that had just transpired. "Our job is to protect people with special gifts that are known as the Whispered from those who would use their abilities to harm others. However due to miscommunication and out of desperation, hostile nations and organizations alike assume that Tsukamoto, Yakumo is a Whispered." He nodded to Harima to open the file that they had on the girl in question before continuing the explanation. "Whispered have an innate knowledge of advanced math, science, engineering and physics. They are also capable of producing machines and devices beyond the scope of present-day human comprehension and due to the difficulty of finding Whispereds governments are willing to go to extreme lengths to acquire them." He said matter-of-factly letting Harima know the full extent and the severity of the global situation.

Harima just looked at the Lieutenant Commander dumbly "That answers two of the questions…I guess."

"If you join you will receive special training not only that all expenses for the duration of the mission will be paid for and as a member of Mithril you will receive an income here is an estimate in Japanese currency." He handed the delinquent a sheet of paper with spreadsheet that showed how much money each soldier within the organization earned by rank which caused Harima eyes to bug out and earned an intrigued smirk from Kalinin "Training will start after your culture festival has ended and you'll be instructed by Sergeant Major Melissa Mao." He turned on his heels and walked out of the infirmary.

Harima looked up alarmed by the statement "But I didn't say anything!" he protested to the elderly officer.

The ex-Russian soldier looked back at the delinquent one last time "The look in your eyes was enough." They both have the same look in their eyes, they're both looking for a place to belong. He thought to himself as he walked down the hallway back to his office to finish off the last of his reports.

"Crap why did I have to freak out over how much I would be getting? Wait…he said paramilitary didn't he? Then I'd have to actually…" he gritted his teeth when he realized that he was going to be forced to kill again. "What about my manga will I still have time for it? But then again I'd be able to afford to get the items I need for it and I'll be able to get the new motorcycle I've been saving for." He began to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages, after pulling himself out of bed he walked over to some clothes that had been prepared for him and laid on the desk at the front of the infirmary then noticed that there was a new pair of sunglasses, albeit that they weren't like his old ones but they served a purpose, there was also a new white school shirt as well as tank top for him to wear. After taking some time to get changed into his uniform he then left the medical facility that was aboard the submarine.

As he was leaving he was intercepted by what he though to be a Chinese woman and a Westerner "You must be Harima Kenji" the male blonde said in a laid back tone

"Yes I am…what do you want?" Harima responded defensively

The male wrapped an arm around Harima's neck and hung off him as if they were already friends "I heard that you took out a pair of RK-92s not too bad for a rookie. Bye the way the name's Kurz Weber" he spoke nonchalantly as he leaned back and stood upright while pointing to himself

The Chinese woman put her hand out and shook Harima's hand which made him feel more comfortable with her greeting than Kurz's "I'm Melissa Moa and I'll be your instructor once you're done with everything but that's enough with the small talk, I should let you get on your and onto the helicopter that'll take you back to shore and you'll be needing these." Moa handed the delinquent a manilla envelope that had a bulge at the bottom

He tipped the folder on its side and a weapon slid out into his hand and noticed that the desert eagle he had been using for the survival game was heavier than before as if it was filled with live ammunition. "Uh…. alright…" he said as he slipped the weapon into the back of his uniform's pants so it would sit in the small of his back, he then turned to the documents in the envelope.

As Harima went over the documents the Chinese-American woman "Starting from today you will be living across from the mission target." She began walking the newcomer to the transport that was waiting for him.

I'll be living across from Tenma this has to be the luckiest day of my life…but I killed someone… I don't have the right to see her anymore…nor do I deserve her not after… In his mind he was in bliss at the thought of living across from the girl of his dreams however his thoughts were then brought to the night that now was playing a big and new role in his life, the new life he gained after being forced to take the lives of two people he hardly knew"What about my things have they been moved to the house?" he said in a depressed, dark tone.

"Yep and we've tapped their phone and all sessions shall be recorded, we also have cameras set up around the perimeter of their home." The blonde male said in a rather chipper voice thinking that the man on his right was lucky to be listening on a fine specimen of a young woman as Yakumo Tsukamoto

Harima sweatdropped at the comment Okay now I sound like a stalker… he shook his head and turned his attention to Melissa who seemed to be more level headed than Kurz "Isn't this a violation of privacy? Although I have no problem with cameras outside of their home I don't feel comfortable about listening in on them." He reasoned with her "I may be labelled as a delinquent but I do have standards and besides I can keep tabs on her when she's helping me to meet a deadline so there is really no need for the phone tapping by the way would it be possible to have me transferred to class 2-D?" that was the only major request he made.

The twenty-five year old woman sighed at the somewhat simple requests. "Very well. Concerning the training course you are to arrive at the Yagami Airport at 0800 hours where you will be led outside to a private plane that will take you to the Mithril Western Pacific Fleet Command Base, by the way Harima tell no one what you have seen if you do we'll kill you." She threatened and in response Harima went pale white, seeing his response Melissa and Kurz burst out laughing "It's okay but yeah don't tell anyone."

Again the delinquent sweatdropped at how casual yet also menacing the military peronel were being Creepy. He slid the door to the transport open and stepped in turning once more to the pair that had escorted them "Uh sure that's not a problem." He said unsure of whether getting involved with this 'Mithril' organization was a wise course of action.

The door of the MH-67 Pave Mare Transport Helicopter slid closed and the platform raised smoothly above the hangar aboard the submarine "Sound someone like we know?" Kurz commented on the Harima's response.

"Yep and they have a similar look in them too" Melissa said in a distant tone as she listen to the faint beat of the helicopter's blades as it took off and if Harima was like the person she was thinking of knew that sooner or later he would become attached to the mission target.

By the time they reached the school lunch had already finished and most of the day had been spent, through that time Harima had made the ultimate and hardest decision of all time and that was to give up on Tenma and on finding love again his reason may have seemed stupid to others but he knew that he'd never be able to look at Tenma with bloodied hands and knew that no matter how much he'd explain events she would never be able to grasp the severity of what he had done. Slowly like delicate leaf falling from a tree the 'cloaked' helicopter landed on the playing field of the school, causing wind and dirt to whip around fiercely as it hovered just mere millimetres from the ground, inside the cabin jolted slightly and brought Harima back to the real world "Time to disembark Harima-san" the pilot turned to the youth in the back, not wanting to be later than he was the delinquent nodded and slid the door open then closed and off to class with the envelope under his arm which contained the deed and keys to the new residence that he'd be staying in.

After walking the halls he eventually reached 2-C for he knew that the transfer request would take some time to be submitted and approved. "Hey Harima!" A pig tailed girl called to the delinquent that just entered the room.

He waltzed over just to humour the rich girl his hands buried deep into the pockets of his pants "Yeah what is it?" he asked bluntly.

She felt her cheeks warm up but managed to regain some composure so she could speak "Um…Soba noodles?" she said abruptly to the young man in front of him.

He eyed the blonde girl suspiciously wandering what she was talking about and why she would even say something so random "Huh?"

She turned slightly away from him and placed her left arm on her hip "Please forgive me for not knowing what it is like to be poor and helpless" she sounded insulted by his dumb reaction to what she said about Soba noodles

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about." He turned away from her feeling that his time was being wasted.

Eri slammed both hands on the desk frustrated by Harima's blockheadedness "Yes you do!" she blurted out startling most of the class by her outburst.

Kenji just huffed and walked away from her "I don't have time for this…" he said low enough so that only Eri could hear and left her wondering what was wrong with Harima he was about to leave when he saw Hanai in his way.

The over zealous Hanai Haruki glared at the delinquent indifferently and also disapproval "Harima this is not the time to be late for school with the…" he started rather enthusiastically in an attempt to assert dominance over the man before him but was cut off when Harima raised a hand in front of him.

"Listen Hanai I have no romantic intentions towards Yakumo so you can drop the act…but as she said last night take her feelings into consideration" he said in a low yet calm voice

Hanai looked at him confused and wondered what Harima was talking about "Huh? You already told me that you weren't going out with her last night, remember?" Hanai was in denial and the impact to the head after colliding with the wall helped to block the events of the night before.

At this point he didn't care what rumours were floating around and who people thought he was supposedly dating "I'll help with the construction." Harima stated dryly.

Hanai nodded and produced a box of tools and pointed to the far corner "Very good Harima, here's some tools, paint and over the wood, do your best." Hanai was impressed that Harima volunteered to help out. Through out the night Harima worked hard and remained focused on the work at hand as nothing eventful happened save for the odd line of questioning that Eri had posed to him and so just to humour the rich girl Harima answered as truthfully as he could and ignored Tenma's presence for the last question Eri had asked him by saying that 'Hair style doesn't really matter as long as they're themselves but pig tails are kinda cute' he added which caused the blonde girl to turn a light shade of red and was about to say something when Yakumo entered the classroom 2-C with her own hair in pig tails who was congratulated by Tenma thinking that it was a sign of fate however Eri saw it as an indirect challenge.

Eventually the class of 2-C found themselves at the local bath house to wash away the sweat and fatigue of working all night for the culture festival Haruna whom had taken a seat purposefully next to his former love rival turned to the mysterious Ooji Karasuma "Hey Karasuma" he said in a depressed tone after swallowing his pride.

The bowl haircut boy turned to Harima with regard "Yes?"

"Do you like Tenma-chan?" he said plainly as he washed his developed forearm muscles with a soapy sponge.

Karasuma looked down in thought still curious as to why Harima would be asking this question and why he was being so direct "Yes" was his only response.

The delinquent sighed and ignored the gawking males who thought that Yoshidayama was a girl. "I see…are you going to tell her? Well?" he asked impatiently.

The dark haired boy shook his head regret in his eyes "I can't" although many would have though it was indifference or a lack of caring Harima could almost hear the pain of not being able to say those three simple words in his voice.

Harima placed the sponge in the murky water and then his hands on his knees and cast an anger filled gaze at Karasuma "Why not…? What's wrong with you?" he said gruffly while clenching and balling his hands into fists as he was on the verge of punching the guy "Listen although it pains me to say this but I'll dedicate the next one to you and Tenma, I'll give it to her and explain that it is how you feel." And it really did hurt Harima after he made the promise.

"Why?" He wanted to know why the budding mangaka was asking these personal questions and why Harima was now instead of trying to get Tenma's feelings was in fact attempting to get the two together.

He closed his eyes "I don't deserve her…and she'll only be happy with you" he said in a low whisper to his now former rival 'especially not after that.' He continued to dwell on the events of the night of the survival game where he was forced to take not just one life but two. His attention was then drawn to Yoshidayama who now looked even more feminine than before which pissed Harima off greatly but in truth all he wanted to do was blow off steam. "WHAT KIND OF LOSER BLONDE PUTS THEIR HAIR INTO FRIGGIN PIGTAILS?" he shouted after punching the delinquent wannabe in the jaw.

Yoshidayama rubbed his bruised cheek with a tear in his eye and looked up at the brute that hit him "WHAT ARE TALKING ABOUT I DON'T GET YOU?" he whined.

Before Harima's outburst Eri had been relaxing in the large bath with her back against the wall and allowed her mind to wander but the peace of mind wasn't to last when Tsumugi Yuuki approached her "Hey there Sawachika what's up? So now that we're all casual like this, what's the story are you seeing Harima?" she inquired with a hint of cheek in her voice

Immediately she blushed at the comment and shot under the water and stood up covering her chest "What Harima!?!" she retorted taken aback by the direct question

Megumi Sagano approached Sawachika and sat next to Tsumugi "Hey yeah, I've been wondering about that to and it's been driving me crazy" and soon began to chase Eri who tried to get away from the interrogation

Tsumugi nodded with her friend "Yeah come on you can tell us." She said pleadingly

Eventually the two managed to corner Eri and forced to stop running from the questions she was being bombarded "Okay if you want my opinion you two would be great together." The blonde's golden eyes darted from side-to-side embarrassed by the questions.

Tsumugi nodded "Yeah I totally agree you look totally natural when you're talking with him." She said matter-of-factly

"So what's the scoop are you two are an item?" Megumi leaned in waiting for Eri's reply as Akira watched on intrigued by what was happening and wondered if her friend would finally stop lying to herself.

Eri looked at her friends half dazed about what they had said wondering if it was possible for her and 'Whiskers' to have a relationship 'Wow I never knew. Is that how Hige-san and I look to everyone else. It's true when I talk to him their isn't any pretence or fake smiles to be honest I'm surprised by it myself' she thought to herself affectionately of all the times they shared "To tell the truth I think Harima…I think Harima is a disgusting pig" Whatever positive or romantic thoughts that she was going to share with every girl in the females side of the bath house was destroyed after Harima's rather loud public outburst all that was left was nothing but contempt however as the night drew her feelings for Harima became even more confused after hearing from Tenma that Yoshidayama had his hair in pigtails similar to her style but with a bruise on his face like someone had punched him.