Ginny and Harry huddled around George, and Ron started to pull the blankets off himself and tried to get out of bed. "Not you!" George snapped.

"This is outrageous!" Harry whisper-yelled. "You can't let this happen, George! You take away of all Ron's Hermione-orientated memories and he'll have nothing left! And you've heard about what Hermione's become, and that's all because Ron's not in her life! You can't go through with this!"

"The scary thing is I think he'll do it. That anger has been bottled up in him for so long, and now, after he almost dies, he has this impulsive feeling to do something big, to get rid of these horrible feelings he's got." Ginny said sadly.

"So, what are you saying, I should give him the memory charm?" George asked.

"Let- me- go!" Hermione grumbled.

"No!" Fred said, keeping his hold on her tight. "I can't! It's not what Ron wants!"

"He wants me!" Hermione protested.

"No, he wants you gone!" Fred objected.

"Ron, we've come to an agreement." George said. "I-I guess I'm g-going to have to give you a memory c-charm." He said, pulling out his wand. "W-whenever you're ready."

"I just want to say something. It's likely I'm going to be really rude and cruel to Hermione for the rest of my life. If she ever wonders, tell her it's not because I hate her, it's because I love her. I couldn't stand living like this, so that's why I'm making life easier for her." Ron said.

"Oh my god." Fred whispered, loosening his grip on Hermione, "He's actually doing it."

"And because I won't care anymore and it won't matter to me in the future, take care of Hermione. Keep her safe." Hermione had started crying. Fred again put his arm around her in comfort.

"Oh, and because I'm not in the picture, I want to help Hermione's love life. Set her up with Fred. She thinks he's the most attractive boy ever to walk these corridors, he thinks she's hot. It's all set." Fred quickly released his arm from around Hermione as if it burned.

"And now I'm ready." Ron sighed. "Give it to me."

George took a deep breath, and held out his arm with his wand in hand. He gave a nervous glance towards Ginny, who nodded through her tears.

"R-ready?" He stuttered.

"I think I'm readier than you…well, at least on the outside." He sighed, closing his eyes.

George raised his wand, and Hermione ran. This couldn't happen. Now she wanted him, and she couldn't have him taken away from her. "NOOOOOOO!" She screamed, and knocked George down.

"Whoa, Hermione, I thought it was Fred you fancied." George laughed as Hermione landed on top of him.

Hermione didn't even bother to help him up. "Ron!" She cried, running towards him.

"What?!" He said.

"Ron, Ron, you can't go through with this! You can't have you're memory taken away!" Hermione sobbed as she flung her arms around him.

"What do you mean? Wait, how do you know?" Ron asked hurriedly. Fred, George, Harry, and Ginny stared in awe.

"I was out in about, when I ran into Fred-

"Oh, this ought to be good." Ron snorted. "What were you doing, snogging in the broom cupboard?"

"I wish." Fred joked in an undertone to George.

"No, Fred told me that you what happened to you, how you had been poisoned and everything. I wanted to see you immediately. But I had to prove to Fred that I cared about you." Hermione explained.

Ron's eyes widened. "Is that true, Fred?"

"Yes." He said confidently. "Hermione was pulling my shirt in anger wanting answers. Then she confessed her deepest, darkest, feelings towards you. When I finally agreed to let her see you, she was practically flying across the corridors."

"I heard everything, Ron. All your confessions. And I think that is the bravest thing anyone has ever thought of. You're willing to get rid of all your memories of me just so can be happy, because it's impossible for you to be happy as long as you're away from me? That's, that's amazing." She said, teary-eyed.

"Well, er, yeah." Ron said awkwardly. He caught site of Fred and George's mischievous grins. He was never going to live this one down. He saw Ginny's knowing smirk. He wanted to slap her. And he saw Harry's face, mingled with confusion and happiness. He wanted to laugh. And then there was Hermione, looking determined, sad, pathetic, driven, and yet beautiful all at the same time.

"If anything, I owe you an explanation. Look, at the beginning of the year, when I had just gotten out of the Hospital Wing, my mind was filled with horrible memories of you, Ron. I hated you, I really did. I had my memories of you, and I hated the Ron I had gotten to know. But as time went on, you became just so hard to hate, you were so friendly and nice and funny. I started to hate you because I was given the idea of hate you. But Fred explained things to me that I was feeling but to scared to admit. He told me the truth; it's all because I'm stubborn and proud and didn't want to be proven wrong that I couldn't get past these ideas. But, as time go on, I started to like you. You're nice, funny, caring, compassionate, sweet, and you even inherited some of Fred and George's good looks." She laughed lightly, and Ron, Fred, and George joined in. "And deep down, I considered you my friend. And deep down, I'm really jealous that your dating Lavender. I don't hate you anymore, Ron, I don't. And I thought I liked you. And then I thought I had a crush on you. But after hearing what you just said, oh Ron, it's more than that. I think-I think I love you."

For a split second, Ron's eyes caught Hermione before she pressed her lips against his.

"Alright!" Fred cheering, and started clapping. "Whoo-hoo!"

"Well done, Ron!" George called. "Ow ow!" Harry and Ginny laughed.

"C'mon, guys." Ginny said, nudging Fred and George.

Ron and Hermione didn't part for several more seconds.

"You, you really love me?" Ron panted, catching his breath.

"With all my heart." She whispered, and kissed him again.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to that." He laughed.

"And I bet I've wanted to do the same longer than I can remember." Hermione said before she kissed him again.

So, Ron broke up with Lavender and immediately started dating Hermione. She was by his side every day in the Hospital Wing. Hermione's memories never came back naturally, but Ron told her all about their fun times they had together in the past, and Hermione realized that some of these memories had shown up in her dreams. Hermione continued to have these dreams and learned more about her past. And one day, Ron did something he should've done a long time ago; he showed her a pensive.

Did Fred and George's advice go unnoticed? Of course not! Ron still had a favor to cash in, and you better believe on Ron and Hermione's wedding day, George stood up, told a wedding speech, and read Ron's letters of love advice for all to hear.