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It was a hot summer day on the road through a forest in the Hoenn region. Walking down the well traveled dirt road was a twelve year old boy with green hair named Drew and his abnormally tall Roselia. The pokemon was lagging behind her trainer as she was quite dehydrated, and it was becoming harder and harder for her to catch up with his larger strides. It did not make it any easier for her, that the rare, light winds that blew across the path also tossed up enormous amounts of dust, causing her to become even more dehydrated and miserable. She caught up with her trainer after a small sprint and looked at him with pleading eyes, while softly making a noise that sounded like a small whimper. The boy's emerald eyes met with her pleading black ones and he immediately understood what the pokemon wanted. He started to look around looking for a place to sit and rest.

His eyes fell on a medium sized rock big enough for him and Roselia to sit on. He went over to the rock and motioned for Roselia to follow him. She smiled and made her way over to him holding her stubby, rose-like hands out to him, as he pulled out a water bottle from a small backpack that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. He handed her the bottle, but as he did, something red fell out of his backpack. "Her trainer didn't notice the object fall, as he was staring in the opposite direction, towards a small field of wild flowers that seemed almost out of place in the fairly desolate area where they had decided to take a break." She made her way over to the mysterious object while still drinking the refreshing water from the bottle. As she got closer she realized the red item was a ribbon.

'Why would he keep this?' She thought as she picked up the ribbon from the grass with her hand that had a blue rose on it.

The ribbon itself was nothing special as it was slightly dirty and starting to fray slightly on the ends and it really stood out among the blue of her rose hand. She looked at the ribbon and then looked at her trainer who was now busy studying a book that held all the information on various contests. Finishing off the water, she walked to the boy and made a noise that sounded like a cough to get his attention. He looked up and she thrust the ribbon up to his face. He blinked a few times, unable to see what she stuck in his face but she started questioning him in her language that consisted of her saying her name in various ways.

"So Drew", she asked as she took the ribbon away from his face,

" What are you doing with this ribbon?". She paused for a second looking at him with a gaze that reminded Drew of a doctor examining a patient.

She then smirked almost exactly like him, "I hardly think red is a good color for you."

She giggled as his face became he faintest shade of pink as he replied , "It's not mine".

She put her hands on her hips with a hint of amusement on her features,
"Well obviously, I couldn't imagine you with your hair in pigtails and ribbons...."

She paused and smirked again, "Actually now that I think about it, I can."

She pictured her trainer, his short green hair held up in tiny pigtails with little red bows. She looked at him and fell on the floor laughing as he looked on his slight blush returned as he muttered,

"Stop imagining me , it's not funny".

She sat up wiping a tear from her eyes, "If only you could see what I saw, you'd laugh too."

He frowned at her as she recovered her normal composure. "If you must know Roselia, it is a memento from my first childhood crush, happy?"

Roselia stared at Drew with a sense of shock that she tried to mask,
"First crush?" she asked.

Drew nodded and she suddenly smiled, her eyes started to sparkle and Drew suddenly felt very uncomfortable. She smiled widely and ran up to her trainer and started bombarding him with so many questions so quickly that he couldn't even understand what she was asking, much less answer the questions. So instead of even trying to answer, he simply sat on the rock and started to smirk. Roselia, finally noticing he wasn't answering stopped and looked at his smug face.

"Talkative today aren't we?" he teased as he started to get up from the rock while placing the ribbon back with his other supplies.

"What? I wanna know!" He looked at the pokemon, a mix of mild amusement and annoyance evident in his eyes

"You are not gonna leave me alone until I tell you huh?"

She nodded, smiling, "Yup! So tell me already!" He sighed in defeat, he knew all too well that the little thorn pokemon would not leave him alone until he told the story.

"All right", he told her, "I'll tell you the story as we head toward the next town, Deal?"

She smiled, "Deal"