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The sun was now setting in the sky, painting the sky lovely shades of orange, red and pink. Roselia looked at her trainer looking as though she was about to cry, her eyes watering.

"AWWW!!!", she squealed as Drew shifted away from her nervously as he sweat dropped, "That was too cute for words," she cooed putting her hands together in a dreamy way.

"Sure…. Whatever you say Roselia", he said playing along with her, a bit embarrassed, but taking care to hide it.

"So", she said, completely calm and serious now, "Did you ever find her again?"

Drew looked up to the sky, "When we got back to La Rousse, all I thought about was her.", he chuckled, "I was confused at the time, not realizing what her actions meant and regretfully, not even knowing what her name was.", Drew looked at Roselia with one of his rare smiles, "but as the years went by I slowly forgot about her".

Roselia gasped, "WHAT!", she practically yelled, "You FORGOT about her?! Then how did you tell me that story with such clarity?!"

"Well, when I was packing to start my journey I rediscovered the ribbon. It was in a small box that my mom told me to put all the important stuff in, you know, kinda like a time capsule."

She nodded, urging him to continue.

"At first, I stared at the ribbon," he said, holding the ribbon, fingering it's silky texture in his hands, "and wondered what the heck I was doing with this ribbon, and whose was it. I asked my mom, but she had no idea either and my dad was also of no help. It drove me insane.", he shook his head at the memory , "But my mother told me something that made me hold on to it."

*** Flashback***

"It must be something connected to when you were little. Aww! That's so cute! ", squealed a woman who looked like she was in her mid thirties, with brown hair, said to a ten year old Drew.

Drew looked his mother in a weird way, "Why do you say that and what is so cute anyway?", he asked her. His eyebrow arched nearly to his hairline, a little confused at his mother's sudden look of girly giddiness.

"Well", she said, her emerald colored eyes sparkling, " I can deduce that it is from your childhood, as I told you to start that box when you were six and a half, and I KNOW you stopped putting things in there when you were eight or so."

She smiled at him as she saw the look of slight shame on his face, he loved his mother dearly, and tried to do everything she wanted him to. However, putting stuff in this box seemed so stupid, he didn't understand why she wanted to do this.

"Second of all it's cute because unless I miss my guess, that ribbon belonged to a little girl, and she must have made a BIG impression on you.", she winked at him, "Maybe she was your first crush!"

Drew blushed. Him, have a crush? Was his mother on some sort of drugs? Him, have a crush? The idea was absurd

His mother sighed at this point and he turned his attention to her, "Although I wish you had told me about her…" she said, her voice suddenly very sad.

Drew looked her in disbelief, "Mom, I already told you, I don't HAVE any crushes", he said, but his words were to no avail, as she was rambling about what a flirtatious and precocious little boy he was.

He sighed, this conversation was going nowhere and he was wasting time. He looked at the ribbon again, 'Why was this ribbon so important anyway?' he thought.

He looked around, found the trash can, and made his way over to it. It was one of those hands free kinds, and as he looked at the ribbon he decided to end his misery by throwing away the troublesome item. However, when he was about to drop it in his mother caught it in mid fall.

"Andrew", she told him in an oddly stern and serious voice. The boy looked at her oddly, she NEVER used his real name unless she wanted to make a point. He looked at her as she held the ribbon in her hands.

"Don't you wonder who this ribbon belongs to?", she said, peering at him, "Clearly it isn't yours as I would NEVER have put my only son in ribbons at any point in his life. Something tells me even if it wasn't your first crush's ribbon, the owner of it clearly had made a big impact you. You weren't the kind of child to keep something that you didn't need."

Drew couldn't argue with his mother's logic. She knew him to well

"So, keep the ribbon.", she said, folding it and putting it back into his hands, " and try to remember the original owner because once you meet someone, you really do not forget them. It just takes a little while for your memories to come back. I'm sure you will meet her again if you were similar ages at the time when you met. Wanna know how I know?"
He shook his head, and she smiled.

"Simple, if this girl is like most, she will leave home at ten just like you and you are BOUND to run into each other. Even if your head doesn't know it, your heart will, and certain characteristics will come back to you. You are a smart boy, I'm sure you'll put the pieces together soon." She smiled at him gently, and softly kissed him on the forehead. "Now go and finish getting ready, you will set out on your journey tomorrow."

"The first year of my journey, I didn't really feel anything in my heart as my mother claimed but…" He trailed off here as he came in front of a Pokémon center.

In front of him was a sight that made him involuntary smirk. It was his blue eyed, brown haired rival, May. She was a ten year old coordinator who he first met in Slateport City after her contest appeal training mishap. It was that first meeting that he felt something odd. Her eyes, so full of fury when he mocked her, seemed so oddly familiar to him. It was awfully funny to behold, and even kinda cute. Over the next few months, she felt more and more familiar, until memories finally started to reemerge, and he put the pieces together. He even went back to Petalburg City, and through some detective work, finally realized the little girl who made such an impression on him was none other than May. Even before he remembered her, he had grown a certain affection, for his clumsy rival, but just a small one, mind you…

"Drew!", May's voice rang out, breaking him away from his thoughts as he smirked, hoping to hide the fact that he had been lost in his thoughts for a while.

His smirk infuriated her to no end, ""What's so funny, grass head?", May demanded, her voice sounding very angry

He ignored her demands and cut right to the chase, "So, what you are doing here all alone?", he asked her looking down to her, knowing full well that her friends and younger brother were somewhere nearby.

"I ran off after they decided they were gonna wait in a small line to get a time reserved to battle the gym leader."

He chuckled at her, as she pouted at him, "You are such an airhead."

"HEY! That is not very nice you meanie!", she fumed, crossing her arms over her chest as he smirked.

Roselia watched this exchange with a new interest. She heard this kind of argument before, but this one seemed oddly familiar. The words sounded like the argument in Drew's story, almost word for word.

Her thoughts were interrupted with May's huffing,

"UGGH!!! I'M GONNA GO TO BED!", she yelled as he smirked some more, as she stomped into the Pokémon center.

Drew turned around and smiled at Roselia, "It gets more fun every time. She's just too easy."

Roselia gave him an odd look "Is she..." Roselia started.

Drew nodded and then stood at her level looking directly into her eyes, "Roselia, you must swear to me that you will not tell May anything I have told you today. I will tell her... someday."

She looked at him skeptically.

"I know that face", he told her, "do not even think of doing anything."

She sighed, "Fine", she said, "I will not say a thing. I'll forget everything you told me, ok?"

Drew looked at her intently and she sweat dropped, "Shake on it and swear it Roselia."

"Fine, fine.", she raised her flowery hand and put the other on her heart, "I, Roselia, swear not to tell May of anything that took place today." She said in a serious voice and then she shook his hand.

"Good girl", he said, patting her head.
He started to get back up, but she tugged on his purple jacket

He looked down at her, "Well since you are making me swear something, can you swear something to me?"

He looked at her with a face of caution, "Depends," he said.

She sighed, "For awhile I knew you liked her, even before I knew of this story. Heck, I knew that after the first rose, you started liking her," Drew blushed here but she continued, "don't try to deny it Drew, I have my ways of knowing. I'm in tune to this kinda thing...and the fact that you mention her name quite a bit in your sleep is a good tip off.", she said, winking.

Drew had nothing to say to this as he cursed her for being such a light sleeper.

"So, you must promise me this. When the perfect opportunity knocks, don't blow it with your arrogance. You can only keep her on the string for so long before someone else will try to get her.", she said in all seriousness

He looked at Roselia, and knew she was right . However, he didn't want to encourage her any further than he already had.

"I'll think about it.", he told her, as she sighed in defeat, this wasn't gonna be easy.

"Let's just head to a hotel, I'm tired and I want rest.", she told him.

"You read my mind.", he told her.

'Ha, I wish.', she thought bitterly as they walked to the nearest hotel.


The End

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