On a rainy night a woman climbed out her back window with only a bag and a letter in

her hand trying not to step on the dress she wore she tucked the letter back in her bag, the

letter was from a man and it read:

Dearest Kayley come back to me, I miss you much two years is far too long for us to be

apart, I won't force you but if you don't come to Camelot then I shall come to you, I will

be waiting all my love dear Kayley


Kayley could tell king Arthur's handwriting and knew he did it as a personal favor to

Garret she sighed and tucked it in her bag she was going to him two years has passed

since her mother had told her "Kayley I want you to come back to the farm with me until

you are old enough to be out on your own" Kayley had agreed but in that agreement it

meant she had to leave Garret behind. Garret protest, "Kayley please" he took her hands

in his, "please Kayley…don't go" he said breathlessly Kayley kissed him softly, "Garret

please don't make this harder on me please," she wept bitterly he reached his hand up and

wiped her tears, "Kayley. Love I am sorry I don't mean to make the burden you carry

heavier" Kayley closed her brown eyes as warm tears slid onto Garrets fingers, he pulled

her to him, "Kayley you're a fighter be safe love" Kayley ran to her mother Lady Juliana,

"mother why can't you let me be on my own from now on I am old enough!" she said her

mother sighed, "Kayley please we have discussed this please don't argue dear" Kayley

looked at her mother and sighed, Lady Juliana thanked Arthur and took her seat in the

wagon, "Come on Kayley" she said Kayley looked at Garret, "bye" she breathed through

tears her just nodded and kissed her forehead, "return to me love" promising to write him

she watched through the back of the wagon Garret stood by the gates Kayley though she

saw a tear run down his narrow stern face. Both were heartbroken in the end. Just as

Garret learned to trust her Kayley couldn't stop the tears flowing down her now pale face,

as the wagon pulled out of the gates she waved to Garret he stood there with an absent

look on his face, Kayley sighed as the gates closed leaving her love and her heart inside.

Thunder and lighting crashed as she hitched a horse in gear, a woman in an over

coat came outside a farm house door, "Kayley get inside would you" Juliana called

Kayley sighed "Mother I am going to see and stay with Garret, I can't live all my life like

this!" Juliana sighed, "but Kayley"

"Mother it's been two years since we saved Camelot and I haven't Garret since" Juliana

sighed, "Kayley" Kayley shook her head "mother I am now nineteen, I am not a baby

anymore" she mounted the horse as the rain poured down on her leaving before her

mother could protest "I love you mother. Ya" she said and the horse galloped away, "I'll

write you I promise" she called Juliana sighed, "be safe child" Kayley was off on her way

to meet Garret and her new home Kayley closed her eyes and pictured her self in

Camelot how she could see it now like her father she lived for the thrills, also seeing

Garret helped a lot, as the ride to Camelot got shorter with each day her heart got jumpier

and jumpier finally she could see the gates of Camelot and with seeing Camelot meant

seeing Garret, she tried to steady her breaths but it was no use she was too excited. She

remembered Two years ago when she left Garret and Camelot for what she thought was

forever, with every day that passed after that she had been dull and she felt so out of

place but as she approached the gates she felt her spark and heart coming back to her in


Approaching the gates the knights smiled and lowered the bridge Kayley rode on to it and

into Camelot, it looked so comforting and safe thought the rain didn't cease it was a light

mist now Kayley got off her horse and went to the stable where she hitched her there,

Kayley looked around she didn't see Garret, walking towards the castle she opened the

big doors and stepped inside, it was warm and toasty as a fire roared, she could hear the

sounds of her shoes on the stone floors, her blue dress was sewn only a few days ago and

it still looked decent she wondered where everyone was, as she got closer to the room

where the round table was she heard voices, King Arthur's a few other and, Garret's she

smiled "Well I think that covers those matters were done for the day I shall see you all

again" she heard chairs scoot back and men getting up Kayley made sure she was

presentable within a few seconds holding her breath the doors opened she couldn't breath

she could scarcely think about anything but Garret at the moment, suddenly she saw him

he was all alone in the room he picked up his staff as she walked slowly to him, he turned

for he knew someone was behind him, "hello?" he said Kayley smiled, "hello Garret" he

turned to face her and…………….