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"So" Kayley shrugged in an answer to Devin's attempt at convocation, "Rumier"

Kayley cocked her head, "what?" Garret nodded, "the man who revived Ruber" Kayley

sighed, "hold on a moment Garret" he stopped. "How do you know?" Garret chuckled,

"Rumier, is Merlin's teacher, back when Arthur was just a boy and was starting out as

king Rumier was the sorcerer once Merlin was no longer in need of a teacher Arthur

banished him, for reasons unexplained it is said he wanted to be king, and rule but I am

not quite sure, maybe it was for something else my point is Rumier swore to Arthur that

he'd take his revenge for the banishment, he said he didn't deserve what was dealt to him

because he had been so loyal to the king and both you and me Kayley know king Arthur

and we both know he is a just and loyal king he tends to the people not himself so you see

in Reviving Ruber Rumier has an another man on his side and he is getting his revenge

all in one" Devin and Cornwall looked at each other, "so your saying Ruber is back?"

Kayley nodded, "it's a long story" Garret smiled and took her hand, "we have a lot of ground to cover if we want to stay ahead, personally I think they are on to us"

"So what happened to you both while we were away from Camelot?" Kayley began,

"well my mother took me back to the farm to stay with her until she saw fit I was old

enough" Kayley paused, "oh my mother, I hope Ruber don't try to hurt her" Garret gave

her hand a gentle squeeze, "I'm sure your mothers not part of his scheme, and if she is-"

he looked at Devin and Cornwall, "once we reach the forbidden forest again you guys

turn back and find out what of Kayley's mother" Kayley hugged Garret, "thank you" she

threw her arms around Cornwall and Devin, "will you go back for her and stay with her if

she's there?" Devin nodded, "of course we will anything for Camelot and you guys"

Cornwall smiled, "while were walking please continue with the story of you both"

Kayley started again.

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