Guards of the Students


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This story is AR - Alternate Reality. This differs from AU in that it takes place in the canon universe, but I've twisted facts to change the realities of the universe (s?)... You'll figure it out as you read.

Also, I have decided that this story will take place in the Naruto-verse after chapter 436. However. Several things have changed. That is why it is an AR. In the HP-verse it takes place after the 7th book, which is also AR cause I have a few char.'s that I really don't care if you want them dead-they. Are. Alive. Though that rule excludes Dumbledore-manipulative-bastard-jerk. I hate 'im so he can stay dead. XP

WARNINGS: OOCness in the following characters: Itachi (cause-sorry about this fans-he's married and starting to restore the clan), Sasuke (cause in the manga he's a teme and a mary sue), Naruto (cause I actually want him to be a tad smarter and fall for Hinata!). I am ignoring that Itachi died in the actual manga along with Ero-sennin, and maybe some of the Akatsuki-I'm not really sure about that one though... Mentioned romance between several different characters.

Orochimaru IS DEAD PEOPLE! The main enemy in this Fan Fic is the Death Eater's not the Akatsuki, not Orochimaru-NOT A NINJA. Period. You ask how is that possible? Well…all will be explained in time, I guess. *cackles evilly*

In the Harry Potter Series, this fic takes place post Deathly Hollows. However, just like the Naruto series I'm changing a few things… Possible Dumble's bashing. I really hate the manipulative bastard he turns out to be. I literally smiled and started laughing when he was killed in the movie… (yes I am that crazy, think of me like a less killer/evil Bellatrix Lestrange) Several character's are going to be fine-I don't care what you say again. They. Are. Alive. Minerva is now Headmistress, Snape is dead still (U.U poor Snivi!) and his place in the school will be filled, by someone surprisingly familiar. DADA position will be filled.


Pairings: You'll find out later! ^_^ Though the main pairing is Sasuke X Sakura. Sorry folks, I'm a fan of neither, which is why the fan fiction's AR, cause I changed them. Just a tad.




Inner Sakura talking/thinking

"Jutsu's" (Are written in English for my benefit, sorry people, I can't spell really well in Japanese…yet. I'm working on it…and it's not going to be the stupid way that they do it in the manga, I'm going to actually translate it literally to English not say something like "Art of the doppelganger-solid form. I find that very stupid for the English version…)

Spells depend on if their spoken or not. "Spells" or Spells will be the format I use for them in this fic.


Guards of the Students

Prologue: There's been a change of plans…

"You have a new assignment Kakashi." The Godaime Hokage told the silver-haired shinobi.

"Who's taking over the one I'm on right now?" The temporarily reinstated ANBU operative asked, putting away his ever present Icha Icha book for once. He had a very bad feeling that he wouldn't be reading it that much in the time to come...

"Kurenai, however, that isn't too important right now." Tsunade said, frowning. For once there wasn't any type of alcohol in sight.

"I have a C-ran to an A-rank mission, which was just received. The payment depends on what happens during it, but the base line of a C-ranked mission's pay was received with the information and the rest of the payment will be sent in if or when the rank increases. It was commissioned by old friend. The mission will be from six months to thirteen in length. A basic undercover recon, protection, and possible assassination from what I understand." She explained her frown deepening.

"How many shinobi are to be hired?" The man asked.

"I've already decided who's going, but the total is four." The blond replied. "The three others will be going undercover as students, while you will go as the replacement for one of the teachers to" Tsunade said to Kakashi. She cleared her throat before continuing. "Go home and get a good night's sleep. Report back here tomorrow at nine am, you'll meet up with the rest of your team then, and get most of the rest of your mission specs then."

"Yes Hokage-sama." Kakashi replied, leaving the office, and heading straight for his home.

Tsunade sighed and looked over at the letter, tears glimmering in her eyes at the news it had brought along with the mission. She shook her head and wiped her eyes. "Shizune!" She called out, knowing the young woman would come running. Sure enough, that's just what she did.

"You c-called Tsu-Tsunade-sama?" The black haired female asked, panting lightly from the run. She stood in front of the Godaime's desk, waiting to see what her orders were.

"I need you to tell the people on this list to arrive here tomorrow at ten-thirty am. I have a mission for them, but don't tell them who they're working with...I'm not sure one of them would show up if she knew... But also, I want to see their faces when they find out!" Tsunade said gleefully, handing Shizune the list she had quickly written up while waiting for her former apprentice to arrive.

"Yes Tsunade-hime." Shizune replied, taking the list. As she looked over the names she frowned. "Do you think she'll be able to work with him?" The woman asked, worry creeping into her voice.

"I have complete confidence that she'll be able to handle the mission, even with the few problems that may occur due to her...teammate. Though, he won't know what hit him if he tries anything." The Hokage replied with a grim smile, before nodding to Shizune as a signal that she could leave. The Hokage's assistant bowed and left to fulfill the Godaime's wishes.

This is certainly going to be very interesting... The medic-nin thought, grinning at the trick she had pulled on the copy nin.



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