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AR after chapter 436 in Naruto. AR after DH, except a few differences in character deaths and no epilogue scene. Also, this takes place two years after destruction of Hogwarts. First year, Hogwarts was being magically rebuilt and the other year, Harry, Ron and Hermione took off to try and heal themselves after healing their 'adopted home' and taking care of the war prisoners; however, not all the Death Eaters were captured.

Orochimaru IS DEAD PEOPLE! The main enemy in this Fan Fic is the Death Eater's still at large, not the Akatsuki, not Orochimaru-NOT A NINJA. Period. You ask how is that possible? Well…all will be explained in time, I guess. *cackles evilly*

WARNINGS: OOCness, Dumbledork bashing, possible Ginny bashing, possible yaoi (not sure yet), abusive flashbacks?, SakuraXSasuke coupling?, semi-smart!Naruto, powerful!Sakura, independent!Sakura, depressed?Harry, less-self-absorbed!Sasuke…erm…I think that's it…




Inner Sakura talking/thinking, Kyubi talking

"Jutsu's/speaking in Japanese" ((Are written the way I want them to be written at the time I write them.))

Spells depend on if their spoken or not. "Spells" or Spells will be the format I use for them in this fic.


Disclaimer: Haven't owned, don't own and never will own Naruto or Harry Potter. (Cause if I did, they wouldn't be written the way they were… *evil grin emerges*)


Okay, let me clear up a question CrystalPrison asked, because I know it will come again. Yes, they can use wands in my fic, jutsu's in my opinion, are the same as magic; however, magic is just a VERY WEAK form of jutsu, which is why they'll be able to do all this stuff without feeling too much strain.

Magically charged environment = Easy chakra replenishing/manipulation. (Think the realm of the frog summon's home-then think of the pool. Think of instead of that pool, the pool/slime stuff actually being dissolved into the air and then the natural chakra that a body draws in being the magical aura of Hogwarts, and on a lesser scale Diagon Alley. So, in other words, the four just meditate for a few hours and replenish everything they've used and gained some for their stores. Basically that's the magical world…


Guards of the Students

Chapter 2: Get ready… Get set… GO!

Sakura sighed as she closed the door behind her, finally back inside Tsunade's office. She had been the last to arrive and was twenty minutes late. She glanced at the three men she would be working with before turning her attention to the Hokage.

"Sakura, you'll need to read this quickly seeing as the other's just finished doing just that." Tsunade instructed, passing the small scroll to hr former apprentice and glancing back at the paper in front of herself.

Sakura opened the scroll and started to read:

If you are now reading this that must mean you've accepted the job. First off, I'd like to say thank you. Now. On to business…

The scroll continued on to describe the situation thoroughly and everything else that the group may need to know for the mission stats.

Sakura's eyes grew huge when she read what they would be going undercover as. Students?! She screamed in her head, annoyed beyond belief at that part.

Are you fuckin' kidding me?! Inner Sakura screamed, starting to paint the town red in the form of swear words.

The medic nin ignored what her inner was saying and quickly finished reading the rest of the scroll; setting it down gently once she had finished.

Okay…magic. I can understand justu's but…magic?! Seriously?! Spells? The emerald eyed girl thought in disbelief.

"What's a long-distance teleportation jutsu? I thought you could only use summons to do those types of jutsus…" Naruto questioned. He was wearing an outfit that looked like the ANBU standard uniform, except there were a couple differences. His cloak was the one Jiriaya had given him instead of the standard black or white cloak that he had packed away in one of his two bags that were stored inside one of his scrolls. The second item that was different was his mask; instead of the white porcelain mask he had a black tinted mask with red designs on it. This type of mask showed a person was as powerful, or in his case, more powerful than the Hokage. Right now he was holding the mask like everyone else, instead of wearing it though.

"Geez Dobe. For being more powerful than you used to be, it's a shame to see you've still got the same amount of brains." Sasuke spoke up in a monotone voice. Naruto was really the only person who got him to talk, or even show any type of emotion since he had come back.

Sakura spared her two teammates a glance before turning her attention back to the Godaime. The same question had been about to emerge from her lips, but Naruto had been faster at voicing the question. She half wondered if instead of Naruto asking the question if she had, what would have been Sasuke's reaction then.

"Be quiet you snake kisser!" Naruto growled, trying to pay attention.

"A student of a pervert is a pervert himself." Sasuke bit back. The two men's full attention was on each other now.

Tsunade shook her head. "It's a secret ANBU classified technique, Orochimaru probably told Sasuke all about it just for that reason." Tsunade said with a wry look crossing her face. In the background Naruto and Sasuke were still going at it.

"I'm less of a pervert than you! And at least ero-sennin wasn't a pedophile!"

"At least that pedophile actually taught me."

"Here's how to form the signs…" Tsunade continued with, showing Sakura how to form the unusual combination and the new hand signs that the jutsu required, along with the order needed to produce the jutsu.

Ero-sennin did! He just…well…you-you chicken butt haired monosyllable idiot!" ((Wow… Naruto learned some new vocabulary! Yay!))

"Hn." (Just to be spiteful) Sasuke replied.

Once Sakura figured them out and quickly memorized them, the blond woman continued her instructions.

"They speak a language called English over there so I'm going to show you how to place the translation jutsu on yourself or another person. It should be easy enough to learn. You'll be able to speak Japanese and English. Therefore if you need to talk to one of your teammates you'll be able to do so privately in front of a group." Once again the former teacher showed her former student how to form the even more unusual hand signs.

Meanwhile Kakashi had been ignoring everyone around him and had opened his Icha Icha Paradise (Volume #24 now) again once Naruto and Sasuke had started fighting.

After Sakura was able to memorize the hand signs Tsunade taught her; Sakura quickly performed the jutsu on herself.

"Now, perform the jutsu on Sasuke and Naruto when you get the chance. Don't worry about Kakashi. He already knows about this technique. You can perform it on a piece of jewelry instead, so once you take it off you won't know English at all, or be able to read it. Then you could learn it over time and stop using a jutsu to understand what is being said. Here. One's for you, one's for Sasuke in case he wants to actually learn the language. Use the necklace I gave Naruto for his. I figured you don't have anything that you might be able to perform the jutsu on, so I took the liberty of getting Shizune to go buy something for you two that you would actually wear." Tsunade said, handing over the necklaces with a soft smile.

Sakura looked at the two necklaces, observing the details showing who's was who's. The first one was a pink cherry blossom. The petals were made out of the perfect shade of rose quartz while the two leaves were made out of jade. These stones were set in an almost insubstantial silver frame, with a delicate chain for her to put around her neck. The other necklace was an Uchiha fan set in silver, which made Sakura try to come up with a person who would have had this sitting around in a jewelry store and started to get a sneaking suspicion that her Shishou had specifically ordered to have these made earlier for an occasion of some sort. The stone inlays were seashell pearl, and what looked like a dark red ruby.

As the kunoichi went to open her mouth to address the issue's she was having with this current surprise, Tsunade beat her to the punch. "Now. Give Sasuke's to him when you get the chance to do it in private. Since you're the only one who knows the jutsu for long-distance summoning, you'll have to get everyone back here, because it looks like Kakashi isn't paying attention to anything going on and Naruto and Sasuke are at each other's throats, literally." The Hokage said with a smirk, knowing she had distracted her former apprentice.

Sakura nodded gravely and walked over to her two fighting teammates. Two smacks were heard as Sakura hit her fighting teammates, followed by two thuds as their bodies slammed into the ground with the force of her strength.

Sakura sighed and bowed formally to the Hokage as the two slowly stood up, shaking their heads like dogs to try and clear them.

"Okay, and you're off! Have a good mission and be sure not to kill without a real reason, or if you're not under orders. And remember that this is an undercover mission, so try to act normal…well as normal as you can." The brown eyed Hokage said cheerfully as she moved around the desk and slammed her hand down on the ground after flashing quickly through the signs she had just taught Sakura.

A script written in blood extended around her hand, a thin line jutting out to form a circle around the four shinobi. The thin line of script connected to form a type of circle around them. On the inside of this line intricate patterns started to form around the edges and a large kanji symbol blossomed in the middle, four lines extending from it in the directions of North, South, East, and West.

A loud pop sounded throughout Tsunade's office, accompanied by a light hazy smoke.

The Hokage grinned. "No more loudness for quite some time!" She chirped, practically crowing. Don't get her wrong, she loved Naruto like she would a grandson, however he was…how should it be said…annoying at times. Especially around Hinata lately. After she straightened she did a little jig of happiness, dancing about for a few seconds. And I can gamble again for awhile! She thought excitedly. Sakura had been the one to finally get her to stop gambling away everything so she hadn't really been able to play for quite some time.


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