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Pokemon: The Power of Two

Prologue-Chosen Ones Summoned Again

Setting-over Viridian City. Building being shown-the restored Viridian Gym. What we see, however, is a lower setting below the Gym floors, where evil resides. Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket is also the Viridian Gym leader. What he gazes at captivates him, but he doesn't show it, at least not to us.

"The Legendary Pokemon-so rare, they could almost be invincible in their own way. No matter what it takes, I will capture them and with their combined strength, Team Rocket shall control the world…but I may need help in finding them, no matter where they are in the world, someone else may have the resources I need to find them quickly."

Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon! (Let's do it!)

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was (Ever was, ever was)

To catch 'em is my real test; to train 'em is my cause!

My whole life has lead to this-time to test my skills and I know I just can't miss-gonna show the world!

Born to be a winner (Johto!)

Born to be a champion

Born to be a winner

Born to be the very best (Pokemon Johto!)

Born to be a winner…Pokemon!

(Fanfare starts as Ash says the name of the episode)

Ash: Chosen Ones Summoned Again!

It's been at least three weeks since Ash defeated Gary during the Johto League Championships and he, Misty and Brock are taking the long way back to Pallet Town…

"Ash, I know your luck with ships and boats haven't been too good, but why didn't we just catch a ride back with your Mom, Professor Oak and Tracey instead of having to trek back through Johto?!" Misty demanded irritably.

"Uh…" Ash felt a giant sweatdrop on the back of his head as he struggled to come up with an answer to his significant other's question; Brock was ready to come in between them if he had to, whereas Pikachu was ready to shock them both into submission. "'Cause we've gotta get the GS Ball back from Kurt! How else would we get it back and find out what's in it?" Ash replied, pleased with two things-one, figuring out a quick and responsive answer to an otherwise confusing question, and two, avoiding another fight with Misty.

"Couldn't Kurt just use the Teleporter at the Pokemon Center?" Ash gulped, momentarily forgetting about the Teleporter used to teleport Pokemon to and from different places.

"Don't you remember, Misty-you can't teleport that kind of Pokeball." Brock said, pulling Ash's rear out of the fire for the moment.

"That's right-Professor Ivy told us about-oops!" Misty covered her mouth at the same time Ash and Pikachu made shushing noises with their mouths.

"That name…!" Brock was already down on the grassy ground, holding his knees locked in his arms, a blue mist over his form.

"And you say I'm dense." Ash muttered, trying to avoid laughing at that particular moment, and failing.

"You are-sometimes, when you aren't thinking."

"What do you mean by that?" Ash objected angrily, turning to face Misty a second later.

"That's our cue-prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!" Ash, Misty and Pikachu sighed as two figures popped out from behind a tree and stood on either side of the tree trunk.

"To protect the world from devastation…"

"…To unite all peoples within our nation…"

"…To denounce the evils of truth and love…"

"…To extend our reach to the stars above…"



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight, fight, fight!"


WHACK! Meowth flew in and kicked Jessie's Pokemon out of his way. "Cut that out! Meowth, that's right!"

"TEAM ROCKET!" Ash, Misty and Brock chorused. (A/N: Yes, Brock did come around during that annoying, and funny, motto.)

"Pi, pikachu!"

"What are you three up to this time? And do you know what time it is?" Ash demanded impatiently.

"It's around noon and you haven't had any lunch-we know this because the sun's directly above us and it's beating down on all of us like a fired-up Moltres during an erupting volcano." James explained. Ash, Misty and Brock fell over in shock, and Jessie hit James upside his head with a fan.

"They didn't want you to answer it, you dimwit! Anyway, twerp, we're here for the same reason as usual-we want your Pikachu!"

"I could have Charizard take care of you three with a single Flamethrower, but I need to train with Espeon for a while. Go!" Ash yelled, throwing a Pokeball in the air. A second later, Ash's newest addition to his team materialized next to his feet. Thanks to Ash capturing this powerful Psychic-type, a psychic link had been created between the Pokemon and her trainer.

"Golduck, go!" Misty yelled, sending her own Pokeball flying a moment later. Formerly a Psyduck, her Water Pokemon had evolved during the battle to free the Legendary Birds from Lawrence III's control.

"Pineco, go!" Brock demanded. Misty and Brock's Pokemon appeared in two flashes of light next to Espeon.

"Pineco!" Almost immediately, the Bug-type glowed brightly, preparing to use one of it's own attacks. Brock sweatdropped and picked up his Pokeball.

"Pineco, don't use Self-destruct on us! Return!"

"Well, if you twerps want a battle, then you'll get one! Wobbuffet, get out there!"


Ash gritted his teeth, remembering how dangerous this Patient Pokemon's attacks were, even if he couldn't learn anymore moves other than the ones he already knew.

"Ash, maybe I should use a Sand Attack to throw off Wobbuffet's accuracy so he won't be able to use any attacks." Ash grinned, knowing the psychic link was working well between the two of them.

"Go for it. Then, try a Confusion attack!" Nodding, Espeon kicked some sand in Wobbuffet's eyes, which definitely threw off his accuracy.

"Hey! Why didn't you use your Counter to throw that sand right back toward Espeon?" Jessie ranted.

"Maybe 'cause you didn't tell Wobbuffet to." Meowth said. A moment later, the red jewel on Espeon's head glowed as a beam of red light was sent flying toward the unsuspecting team.

"Golduck, use your Confusion attack, too!" Misty added. Two combined Confusion attacks sent Team Rocket flying skyward, as usual.

"Why can't we ever win for a change?!" Jessie cried as Wobbuffet finally got the sand out of his eyes.

"Who knows?" James replied.

"We're blasting off again…" (ping!)

Ash and Misty were about to celebrate with a kiss, when the sky turned a bright color of white and they could only see themselves-Brock, Pikachu and their Pokemon had vanished!

"Ash, what's going on?" Misty asked while clutching Ash's arm tightly.

"I wish I knew."

"I can answer that for you." The two looked up to see a very familiar Pokemon, only seen three times before this.


The most powerful Pokemon nodded, revealing himself and his home, restored to normal as best as possible due to Giovanni's attack against it.

"Why have you brought us here, Mewtwo? And where are Pikachu and the others?" Ash asked.

"Calm down, Ash. Your friends are fine. Only Espeon knows what is truly going on, since she is a Psychic-type like myself. The reason you are here is this: the world has need of the two Chosen Ones once more." Mewtwo said.

"What's going on?" Misty spoke up, finding her voice.

"Giovanni is once again attempting to prove he can gain control of any Pokemon he desires, but this time I am not his target. He seeks to find the Legendary Pokemon and capture them in order to use their powers to control the world." Mewtwo explained.

"You mean Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno? What about Lugia?" The Psychic Pokemon offered a rare grin and shook his head.

"Those Pokemon are finally at peace. Neither Giovanni nor the collector will try for those Pokemon again-for now. There are three-actually four more rare Pokemon that aren't even known about, much less seen. You, Ash, have seen three of them already, whereas Misty has seen two." Ash tried to remember when he'd seen three rare Pokemon throughout his journeys. That's when it came to him.

"The first time Pikachu and I started out together! I saw a Pokemon Dexter didn't even know about. And when Misty, Brock and I first got to New Bark Town-we saw a rare Pokemon that blended with the sky!" Ash exclaimed.

"And during the time Ash reunited with Charizard, they got to battle a rare Fire Pokemon-even though they lost." Misty said.

"Hey-Charizard tried his best! Besides, I don't remember you jumping in to help out!"

"The point is-" Mewtwo interjected at that time, reluctant to hear one of Ash and Misty's fights, however amusing Brock said they were. "You both remember the Pokemon you all saw. The first one you saw long ago, Ash, was Ho-oh, a Fire/Flying-type. The one you, Misty and Brock saw in Johto was Suicune, a Water Pokemon. I believe you are already acquainted with Entei, a extremely powerful Fire-type."

"There's one we don't know about, is there?" Ash said, grasping Misty's hand with his own.

"Yes. Raikou, a powerful Electric Pokemon. As strong as Pikachu is, this Pokemon could best him with a single Spark attack." Ash gulped, worry crossing his face.

"So, what do you want us to do about it?"

"The only way for you to save these Pokemon from Giovanni is to capture them." Mewtwo declared calmly. Both Ash and Misty facefaulted in surprise and shock, nearly fainting on the spot!

"Capture them?! If these four are as powerful as you say they are, none of our Pokemon stand a chance against them!" Misty objected. A second later, Togepi popped his head out of Misty's backpack, momentarily forgotten during the heat of battle against Team Rocket. (A/N: Thought I'd forgotten about this cute, little guy, didn't you?)

"True, but you could use the Psychic abilities some of your Pokemon-like Golduck and Espeon-have to put them to sleep, making it possible for you to capture them. Unfortunately, you both may have to give up two of your Pokemon for the time being."

Ash and Misty only eyed each other for a moment before responding.

"Definitely! Anything to save these Pokemon. We'll have to release them after we've saved them, won't we?" Ash asked.

"That will be a decision for you and the Pokemon to make. Until we meet again…"

Ash and Misty found themselves back with Brock, Pikachu, Golduck and Espeon a second later, both of them guessing that Mewtwo sent them back at the exact time he summoned them.

"Never thought Team Rocket would last that long against us, huh?" Brock said, holding back a laugh. For a response, Ash pulled Misty and Brock toward the nearest Pokemon Center, determined to reach it before sundown.

"What's going on here, guys? Did something happen that I don't know about?"

"We'll tell you on the way! Come on!"

"You are the one known as Lawrence, the collector, am I right?"

"Yes. What do you require from my services?"

"I think you and I could make a very good team-if we play our cards right…"

Ash and his friends are off on their latest adventure, but they could run into some trouble on the way! What could happen to our heroes as they start their search for four rare Legendary Pokemon? Find out next time!