White Horse

Written by Ceara Ivory

Summary: A new drama-fiction for Sailor Moon. Serena discovers that Darien isn't working late at the hospital as he claims. Can he make up for his blunder or is this the straw that broke Serena's back?


In their small apartment, Serena was just putting the finishing touches on her cleaning. She looked at the picture of her beloved husband in his handsome tux beside her. The past few years had been absolute bliss for them. Oh sure, they had their typical married-people problems, but otherwise, it was as though the honeymoon had never ended. She still remembered their wedding day.

Before she could get far into the memory, a piercing wail got her attention. She smiled. That wail, as annoying as it really was, was music to her ears. They had their Reenie back, this time for good. She went to feed the little pink rabbit.

As she popped a warmed up bottle of breast milk into the infant's mouth, the phone rang. She answered it, propping it between her chin and shoulder. "Hello, Chiba residence."

"Serena?" it was Raye, and she seemed a little upset.

"Raye? Are you alright?"

"I don't know. Is Darien there?"

Serena replied. "No, he had to work late. He said he wouldn't be home until after midnight. Why?"

"Can you possibly ask your mom to babysit and come out with us. We're waiting just outside the building."

Serena looked out the window. Sure enough, the girls were sitting in Mina's new used orange convertible. They waved up at her.


"Please, Serena. We'll take you by your parents' so you can drop Reenie off. It's really kind of important."

Serena knew that something really must be wrong if Raye was being so insistent. Was everything okay with the girls? Was it Grandpa Hino? She sincerely hoped not. As annoying as he was, the man was like a grandfather to all of them and they all adored him and his antics.

"Alright. Let me call her real quick and ask."

Naturally, Ellen and Ken said yes. They always any opportunity to see their little granddaughter. The ride to their place was quiet, scaring Serena.

Once Reenie had been dropped off, she eyed them. "Now what is this all about? What's wrong guys?"

Lita rested a hand on Serena's hand. "We have something to show you."

"Has Darien been working late a lot?" Mina asked.

"Yeah. He said he's been assigned to help in ER until they can hire more help." Serena answered. "Why? Is something wrong with him?"

Mina stopped her car and turned off the ignition. "Serena, look in that bar parking lot over there."

As told, Serena looked over at the parking lot and gasped. "That's Darien's car. But why is it there?"

"We went to hang out here for a while, and we saw this. But there's more, inside." Ami told her and handed her a hooded sweatshirt. "Put this on, hood up."

Once sufficiently hidden in the hood, Serena let the girls lead her into the pub.

AN: Short little prologue. This story is largely inspired by Taylor Swift's White Horse and Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats". Please read and review. I was listening to the latter and couldn't help wondering what the girls would do if they found out that Darien was having an affair.