White Horse

Chapter Four

Darien entered the hospital the next day with a heavy heart. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to beg Serena for her forgiveness, and beg her to come back to him. After all, as far as she knew, it was a one time thing. It shouldn't be that big a request. Promise never to do it again and beg forgiveness should be a simple thing. But could he really make such a promise? He wanted to say yes, he could. But Gina was different from Serena somehow. A different that he liked. A different that he couldn't even really describe. As much as he loved Serena and wanted to be with her, he didn't think he could really give up Gina.

Speaking of whom. He wondered if she would even be speaking with him after last night. He had lied to her about being married after all, and totally humiliated her in front of an entire bar of people. He was really batting a thousand.

Just as he was getting his clipboard, a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. "Good morning Darien."

Okay, so that was one thing he didn't need to worry about. "Gina," he took her hands and twisted to look at her. "I am so sorry about last night and so sorry about lying to you about Serena."

"Hey, it's no big deal really. She's clearly a little young for you anyway, and not exactly your type." she whispered. "And now that the cat's out of the bag there's nothing stopping us from moving ahead with our relationship." she kissed him quickly on the lips. "But lets talk more about that tonight. We've got patients to see."


Rubellite was having a ball with his plan. His small stand was set up in a prime spot for luring in the pathetic humans. "Good morning everyone," he greeted joyfully as humans passed him. "Come and try my delectable chocolates right here. Once you do nothing else will quite be the same to your taste buds." And you'll be just another servant for Lord Jasper.

Rubellite remembered waiting with an entire army of youma in the bowels of the Earth. Waiting for Beryl to announce her victory over the senshi so that they could swarm the humans and finish their hard work. However, it wouldn't come to pass. Somehow Queen Beryl and Metallia had both been defeated through the power of the Silver Crystal. When they had been defeated, the portal between the Earth and the Dark Kingdom had been closed and they had been trapped there to make a life for themselves.

No one quite knew where Lord Jasper came from. On what should have been their day of victory, Queen Beryl had come to them with a young man. She claimed that he was her son although she would not tell them who his father was. He was to be her successor should things not go as planned.

It had been difficult. They were cut off from their families who had been sealed away in the Dark Kingdom. Rubellite hadn't seen his mate and three children since then. He didn't even know if they were still alive. Under the Earth wasn't exactly a wealth of food or other means for survival either. They had been forced to travel within the caves searching for such things to keep them alive. Within just a few months, their numbers had dwindled significantly.

It was Lord Jasper who had saved them ultimately. Somehow he had found a veritable land of plenty within the caverns. There was food and water abound, as much as they could need. Their prayers had been answered. They began to live again.

Now, nearly 10 years after their entrapment,

"My People!" Lord Jasper addressed them. "I have received a vision from the spirit of my mother, Queen Beryl. Our food and water will not last us much longer, it is time to take our place aboveground and take revenge upon the humans who trapped us here."

Lord Jasper was quite the speaker he was. Not just their leader but their hero who had saved them from starvation 10 years ago. Rubellite was proud to serve him. As part of their plan, it was his job to "recruit" and reform the ranks that had been desolated all those years ago.

"Oh, these do look yummy." came a perky voice, startling him from his thoughts. It was a fine-looking young woman with golden pigtails.

Rubellite pasted on his most dashing smile. "Yes, they are quite yummy. I dare say you won't find better tasting chocolates anywhere in this whole world. Try a piece." he held out a silver tray.


Serena eyed the chocolates on the tray. "I really shouldn't."

"Go on, free sample. Go on, one can't hurt can it?" Rubellite pressed.

Serena bit her lip. They looked so good but something didn't feel right. Maybe she just wasn't feeling well after all the commotion the night before. "Oh, alright." she took a small heart shaped one. "Thank you very much sir." Holding the chocolate in one hand, she pushed the stroller along the path in the park.

It was a beautiful day. Blue sky without a cloud to be seen. Golden sunshine warmed her and the chocolate in her hand too. She knew she should eat it now before it melted all over her but she couldn't get her belly to want it.

She looked up to see she had made it all the way to the pier where she had first met the future Reenie from all those years ago. How had she gotten here?

Just before she could attempt to answer that question a twinkling light in the sky caught her attention. The last time she had seen a twinkling light like that had been when Helios had left them in the form of Pegasus. He had promised all those years ago to come back someday. The twinkling grew closer until it was as bright as two suns, forcing Serena to close her eyes. A familiar whinny brought her to opening them again.

"Pegasus!" she all but shouted. "And…" her heart stopped in her throat. Could it be. "D…Diamond?"

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