A/N: HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN! IT RHYMES! I wrote this poem for my English class as a final project at the last minute, since I didn't feel like making up a stupid board game. The poem is written from Anton's (and now Patty's) ring, after Anton is killed. Enjoy, r/r!

Disclaimer: Summer of My German Soldier is Bette Greene's, not mine. Please don't sue...'cuz you won't get anything out of me anyway ^_~

"The Ring"

By: Midnight

You loved her, but you left her,

She loved you, but she wept,

They killed you, but you're still here,

It's your love for her that she kept,

You gave her your heart,

She gave you her love,

Now it's all you can do,

Just to watch from above,

I see pain in her eyes,

I saw pain from the start,

She holds her hand to her chest,

I feel the ache in her heart,

It doesn't seem fair,

That they've taken you away,

It just doesn't seem right,

That just in one day,

They took a life,

The took a soul with a heart,

They committed a crime,

But it's war--that's the worst part.