More Angst Poetry, It's going in DPS because it's poetry and I don't know where else to put it

"Deep in Darkness"

I once was strong

Then I lost you

I once was trouble

Then you were gone

I once thought

Now I think no more

I once loved

But then was broken

I thought I died

When you did

But I was wrong

We'd just begun to live

I will speak no more

Darkness takes my place

You were our all

The Society speaks no more

Because society claims our souls

He has claimed your throne

But I am all on my own

You knew what we had gone through

And you left me alone

I died without you here

I fought so hard to keep him near

So he could have him for the year

I got expelled for thus

So I hope you're happy

'Cause my life's a bust

My family hates me don't you know

My sister thinks she's the perfect soul

Because of my poems

That I do write

By shimmering candle light.

Because you left me and they know

It's all because of me.

I know it's all my fault

Because you see

I was the cause of your misery

I was the ass who tried to publicize

What we did to try to survive

I make this silent vow to you

I will speak no more

And my voice

Will be silenced forever more.

I was thinking about my own life and Charlie Dalton when I wrote this because I used to be a HUGE loud mouth and it would get me in lots of trouble with my peers so I was thinking about the oath I made to my class that I broke and what I told my friend when I broke it. My sister is a huge ass about me writing poetry so I vented.