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"Beautiful, aren't they?"

Flynn glanced over at his dark-haired friend, "Borrowed" bread filling his mouth. The dark night seemingly erased the cold, tiled rooftop they were staying on at the rather insistent request of the bread's previous owner, lighting bugs prancing around, performing an intricate dance just for the two of them.

"It's not like you to be so sentimental, Yuri," he chuckled, tearing off another chunk of bread. The dirt of his hands smudged the flesh of the bread grey, but he shoved it in his mouth anyway. Who knew when a street urchin would get another chance to eat?

Ignoring his light-haired friend, Yuri reached out to grab the firefly, only to have it flit nimbly out of his grasp. Not one to give up, he flung his arm at another one, earning the same results.

"Dumb bugs," he mumbled, obstinately stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth.

"Halt, thieves!" A loud voice rang out. Flipping around, Yuri let out a loud laugh as young knight LeBlanc entered his vision.

"C'mon, Flynn," he shouted, pulling his friend into a jump to the next rooftop, bursting through the crowd of awed lightning bugs.


"Yuri? Are you awake?" The raven boy blinked his sleep-ridden eyes as a doll-like face came into focus above him, ocean blue gems staring curiously at him.

"Go 'way," Yuri grumbled, turning on his side, grimacing as the sharp edges of the cobblestone poked into his side.

"Even the ground's siding with Flynn," he thought, curling under the tattered and hole-ridden blanket they shared every night.

"I have to go do something, Yuri," Flynn continued on, crawling out from their makeshift sleeping place. It was still dark, a thin layer of dew clinging to everything in sight. Out in the distance it was possible to make out a thin peachy pink sherbet cutting into the deep blue, but it would still be some hours before the sun claimed the sky.

Frowning at the warmth lost from Flynn's departure, Yuri simply yawned again and closed his eyes, secretly dreaming of his best friend.


As it turns out, fireflies are a lot harder to spot when they're not lighting up the skies with their cold glow. Squatting under the shade of a clothing shop, Flynn curled his body over the empty jam jar, his thin lips curling into a victorious smile as the five bugs inside lit their long abdomens. Letting his butt droop to the floor, the little boy let out a contented sigh as he watched the people pass, the sun rolling peacefully down the sky. With passing curiosity he noted that they all seemed very well dressed. Too well for the lower quarter...

His head jerked up as he heard a giggle, a pink haired girl kneeling in front of him. She was dressed simply, but with obvious wealth, as shown by the gold stitching up and down the elegant dress.

"Hello," she smiled, an innocent smile that knew no hardship. "I'm Estellise. What's your name?"

Clutching the jar to his stomach, Flynn forced a small smile. Talking with the rich kids was something that the grown-ups forbid, upon pain of a verbal or physical lashing, depending on the capturer. "I'm Flynn Scifo," he managed to squeak.

"Lady Estellise!" A booming voice that Flynn knew all too well rang out. The pink-haired girl turned around with a smile and a wave as Flynn tried to shrink behind a large potted plant.

"Who were you talking to?" LeBlanc asked sharply, slowly scanning the area for Flynn.

"I was talking to--" Estellise turned to face him, only to see he was rather busy pushing himself into a crack between the pot and the shop wall. With a small clink, the jar rolled out of his arms, rolling to a quiet stop at Estellise's feet. A cold sweat ran down his body as he watched her, fear shaking his head. Picking the jar up, she turned brightly to LeBlanc.

"I was talking to the fireflies!" She smiled, showing him the jar as closely as she could with her small stature. "Look! It's Lynn, Fly, Yin, Esti, and Lisa!"

"T-that's very nice, Lady Estellise," LeBlanc sighed, disgruntled at having to play babysitter for the princess. Again. "Now let's go back to castle, and you can bring Lyff, er, Lesti."

Alarm running through her eyes, Estellise looked around LeBlanc at the dawdling passerby, letting out an ear-piercing shriek and a waving finger.

Spinning around, the knight ran towards the direction of her pointed finger, leaving the aristocrat to shuffle back to Flynn, bending down to lay the jar in his arms.

"You're giving the lightning bugs to someone special, aren't you?" she whispered, smiling.

Flynn chuckled, in spite of his fear of being caught. "Something like that..."

"That's so romantic!" Estellise squealed, her pink pigtails bobbing. Looking up, she caught sight of LeBlanc turning around. "You have to go now. Bye for now, Flynn!"

Nodding, he darted out from his crevice, practically tumbling down the stairs to the lower quarter. He didn't dare look over his shoulder, but the absence of LeBlanc's voice rang through his ears.


"Flynn?" Yuri's voice held the slightest waver as he wandered through the darkening lower quarter, nimble eyes searching every nook and cranny. He had been looking since noon, even giving up the chance to steal a bit of milk from a dozing grocer, yet still no sign of his friend.

"Flynn?" He called again, peeking up at the stairs to the upper quarter. There was no way Flynn had gone up there, right?

Wrapping the tattered blanket around his shoulders, Yuri continued on his search, eyes reflecting the pale yellow moon. A single firefly flitted out in front of his nose, flying tauntingly about his face. Swatting it away, he continued on, only to be pestered by another. Pausing, he gazed out on the veritable bridge of fireflies, parting like a zipper to let him through.

Throwing caution to the wind, he broke into a dead run through the lit path, long dark hair flying behind him. A blonde head turned as his footsteps pounded at the ground, blue eyes smiling as the young raven threw his short arms around his best friend, squeezing his stomach.

"I was worried about you, idiot," Yuri mumbled, releasing the slightly bigger boy.

"I brought something for you," Flynn grinned, holding the glowing jar out to the other boy. Taking it uncharacteristically softly, Yuri peered at the bugs flitting round inside the jar.

"They're kind of ugly up close," he commented, a sprinkle of disappointment in his voice. Tucking the jar under his arm, he grinned. "Just like the Great Flynn Scifo, showing me up at everything."

"S-sorry," Flynn mumbled, his eyes downcast. "I just thought it would make a good present."

He very nearly jumped out of his skin as he felt arms wrapping around his torso again, a head settling on his shoulder.

"Thank you, Flynn," Yuri whispered into his ear, tickling his neck with a cold breath.

"Don't go soft on me yet, farmer," Flynn whispered back, snaking his arms around his best friend. Tomorrow would be another day full of empty stomachs and odd jobs, but for now his mind could flit on dreams held aloft by fireflies.


A/N: Inspired by the song Fireflies by Owl City (Which I do not own, either. Big shock, right?). I might make this a series with a reoccurring theme of fireflies (which, I am sad to say, I have never actually seen in real life). What do you think? Also, do you think Yuri and/or Flynn was/were too out of character in the ending? I wanted to make it sweet, but I might have gone a little overboard.