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The Favor

"The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself."Anais Nin

Chapter one; The price of freedom

Ichigo was nervous pacing back and forth in the large Kuchiki mansion. Rukia had delivered an envelope from her older sister asking he come for a visit. Ichigo couldn't fathom what the hell Byakuya wanted from him. They had barely spoken since the winter war. It was no surprise, they don't get along. Trying to kill each other over Rukia's staged execution. Is an excellent reason to harbor hard feelings for each other.

The stoic little princess is always looking at him out of the corner of her eyes. Like it would kill her to make direct eye contact! I mean really! What is so special about Byakuya anyway? She walks around like everyone is contaminating her sweet noble air. The stuffy, heartless, bi-

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

Ichigo turns around finding her standing behind him with her eyes closed. The long white captains haori floating with her green scarf as she soundlessly steps around to the desk.

"You asked for me to come so...here I am." Ichigo scratches at his head watching her sit down clamping her small hands together to rest on her lap. "What do you want Byakuya?"

"I find myself in a sensitive situation."


"One that requires discretion." She pulls an large tube from her desk drawer and sets a large ornately decorated scroll of her desk. "My clan is demanding a marriage."

"No way!" Ichigo feels slightly warm and the room looks a little smaller than it did just a second ago. Ichigo gets up to run far... far away when Byakuya speaks up.

"Sit down Kurosaki!" Byakuya's finger points at the red velvet chair with her smoky blue eyes glaring at Ichigo. "Let me finish speaking before you run off like a rabbit on fire."

"Fine!" Ichigo sits down in the chair and folds his arms in front of his chest.

"They are demanding a Kuchiki marriage from Rukia."

"From Rukia?!"

"Yes. As you are aware the Omeada family has the only-"

"Oh hell no! You can't let her be married off to that booger eating freak!" Ichigo stands up and leans over Byakuya's desk giving her a scowl.

"I, for once agree with you. So I negotiated with the elders, and have offered to take her place and remarry."

Ichigo's hands suddenly leave the desk and his eyebrow twitches up. "Y-you are are?"

"Yes, I would like you to marry me for two years."

Ichigo drops back into the chair as his mouth falls open. "Me? HAHAHA! Is this a joke? Where the fuck is Renji. I'll kick his ass for this!" Ichigo looks around the room for spiky red hair. "You are serious?"

"Yes, I would consider it a favor and I am willing to reward your time with any monetary amount you see fit."

"Why? You hate me!"

"Yes, I believe that makes it ideal. It would be for two years. Just long enough by my families standards to remove any further requirements they would make of Rukia."

"No way!" Ichigo puts his arms out in front of him making a large X.

"It's a simple favor, that's all. I harbor no romantic feelings toward you, and will not require a physical union with you."


"Two years is a very small price to pay, that will give Rukia freedom for her lifetime."


"If you do this, I will be able to arrange for your family to come and live in Soul Society permanently."

"My sister's can live here?" Ichigo froze in place. Byakuya had hit the one weakness the third division captain had left. His sister's are a constant worry for him living alone in the real world. Since his dad died in the winter war fighting Aizen.

"Yes, I will provide a home and servants for them. After the divorce, I will buy them a house and they may keep their servants and the titles."


"Yes I am willing to make them Kuchiki's." Her hand motioned to the adoption papers sitting on her desk with two large black swans embossed on the letterhead. "They will be privy to all the subsequent wealth and notoriety of my family. Without the obligations of course."

"Oh man. You know I've been begging that old-fart to let my sisters live with me since I became a captain." Ichigo looks at her sitting there holding the answer to all his problems with a disinterested look on her face.

"Rukia tells me Karin already has significant reiatsu for a human teenager. She will be given a seat in your division under my recommendation upon her graduation from the academy."

"I'll be able to make her sweep floors instead of going out and dying on some lame-ass mission." Ichigo pulls his hand down over his face peeking through at Byakuya's stoic expression. She looks like this is nothing to her. Just a simple favor between...horrible, bitter, I hope you fall on your zanpaktou and bleed out, enemies. "I have one request."

"I agree to your terms." His dark brown eyes notice her hands tremble just for a moment. What could go wrong?

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