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The Favor

"I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand. Why thunder lasts longer than that which causes it, and why immediately on its creation the lightning becomes visible to the eye while thunder requires time to travel. How?" Di Vinci

Chapter 28; Birth of Nephilim

Ichigo flash steps into the warehouse heading straight for the back room, ignoring Mashiro's taunt about his ass. He was too busy focusing on the reiatsu pouring out from under the door. Sliding the open the large metal door his eyes blaze in a fury.

"You son of a bitch!" Ichigo flash steps to Shinji pinning him against the wall. "Undo it!"

"Ryu has to do this Ichigo."

"No!" He walks over to the large barrier, his amber eyes flicking back and forth as Kensei pounds into Ryu's chest with his right knee. "Let me in there!"

"Tch. Ryu is fucking strong Ichigo."

"Doesn't matter he is my son."

"We ain't letting you in there." Shinji says pulling out his zanpaktou and pointing at the ground.

"He has only been gone for four hours why is he that far into hollowfication?" Ichigo presses against the barrier watching Ryu's hollow form roar.

"It's his bloodline. Having you for a father gives him the genetic link. That and he is the smartest shinigami to ever live." Shinji nods to Hachi to open the barrier and Kensei leaves for Ichigo to enter. "Soon as we cut Ryu's Chain of Fate... he changed into that." Shinji's eyes move to Ryu's hollow-form. "Must be a drag having a son who is the spitting image as you."

"Not really Shinji... That kid and his mother are my world." Ichigo stares wide eyed at his son going through the one thing he never wanted to happen to him. The mask is unmistakeably a dragon's head. The large bone structure covering his face drops low with a line of sharp teeth and four pronounced fangs and swoops high with three large arching bones on each of his face. They fan away from the mask like a menacing crown above his eyes. The blue markings trace a dark blue path around the eyes in a trefoil knot. Ichigo could see the dark glowing blue eyes glaring at him as he enters the barrier.

"By the way Ichigo..." Shinji bangs on the barrier drawing a glare from Hachi. "Soon as we cut Ryu's chain of Fate... Yachiru went unconscious." He points to a black clad figure with shoulder length pink hair laying just behind Ryu. "He won't let anyone touch her."


"Put your mask on King."

"Yeah... I feel it. Ryu wants to kick my ass." Soon as Ichigo materializes his mask his world shifts. "Fuck he got me." Ichigo shakes his head realizing Ryu has deprived him of his sword. Without his sword and his mask in Ryu's world things could get dangerous for Ichigo if he couldn't get through to him. He looks up and sees his pale pain in the ass standing next to the giant red dragon eye appearing like a sun disk in the horizon.

"Come on out Ryu."

"Already here." Ryu appears behind his father pointing his blue blade at his spine in his mother's signature move. Ichigo flash steps quickly backward as Ryu fires a huge Hadou four through the air. "Careful Chichuie. Thunder is my blood." The Pale Lightening streaks back to Ryu's hand forming a large arc of blue electricity around his hand.

"Ryu stop fighting me and talk to me! If you wanna join the Gotei you can!"

"The time for talking ended the moment you stopped keeping your promises." Ryu lifts his hands up gathering a massive amount of lightening from the atmosphere.

"Wait~! What are you talking about?! What promises didn't I keep for you?"

"Damn you, Dad." He shakes his orange head back and forth before glaring at Ichigo. "You don't even remember what you promised her."

"Her?" Ichigo lowers his hands racking his brain trying to remember who he broke a promise to. He sees Ryu suddenly vanish and knows he can stop him but refuses too. The strike hits hard knocking him too the ground.

"Fight back! I know you have gotten stronger serving the Black Lotus!"

"No, You don't fight your family. You protect them."

"You make me sick." Ryu moves to punch him in the gut when a pink blur appears wrapping a thin cord around his fist pulling it tight and another winding around his leg jerking him off his feet. "Shit!" He hits the ground on his stomach and Yachiru sits down in the middle of his back. "Albatross.."

"Blind spot!" She smacks him on the bottom grinning.

"Ya-Yachiru get off me this instant!" Ryu yells out struggling on the cords. "This isn't your concern."

"Thanks for the help Yachiru." Ichigo says leaning down to talk to Ryu. "So you wanna tell me what this is all about? Why do this too yourself and who did I break a promise too."

"Talk-to-Icchi." Yachiru says jumping up and down on Ryu's back.

"Pink haired traitor. I will get you back for this." He mutters dismissing his inner world and moving everyone's souls back to the living world.

"Alright you have my atten-" He doesn't see the fast right hook of Ryu hitting him across the face. "Oi!"

"She is sitting there right now alone and waiting for you." He shakes his head helping Yachiru off the ground. "Hoping that every time you come home it'll be for good."

"B-Byakuya?" Ichigo's face drops, his hand rakes through his hair. "She hasn't said anything. Or asked me not to-"

"Why would she? She knows you are fulfilling a responsibility to the Kurosaki clan."

"Ryu... is that why you did all this?" Ichigo reaches out and touches his son's shoulder. "To become a Zero in my place?"

"Of course. You don't see her and the sadness you leave behind. You don't see her tears."

"Byakuya cries after I leave?" He felt the wind sucked out of his lungs, his hand tightens around his sword. "I'm such an asshole."

"She doesn't think anyone knows, but I can see her anywhere with Soujouraimei's special ability." Ryu lifts his zanpaktou up dragging his hand over the blade. His blood streaks up the blade gathering into a red dragon's eye. "Ryuujin manako." The eye opens wide revealing a picture of Byakuya sitting on her bedroom floor staring at an empty bed with tears streaming down her face. "She never sleeps in that bed without you. Not once in all these years."

"Ryu... can we talk-"

"Go." He snaps his fingers instantly teleporting Ichigo's soul to the Kuchiki manor. "Idiot father."

"Kurosaki-san!" Kisuke waves holding up a sealed scroll. "That favor you wanted... ta-dah!"


"Hey Love." Ichigo slides open the door to his bedroom surprising Byakuya.

"I-Ichigo?" She swipes at her face trying to move into her changing room without him seeing her puffy eyes. "I can never sense you coming anymore."

"Sorry about that. It's reiatsu erasure. Just a habit from the Zero Squad."

"I see." She turns around to step through the double doors and finds Ichigo kneeling at her feet with his face turned up to hers.

"Byakuya I..." He furrows his eyebrows looking up at her sweet expression. "I let you down, Ryu down and the family down."

"Ridiculous, you have never once let us down." She tries to step around him only for his hands to wrap around her wrists.

"I have." Ichigo shakes his head still looking up at her deep blue eyes. "Otherwise you would have been able to share your feelings with me." He wraps his arms around her waist holding his face to her stomach with his voice breaking. "I made you suffer and feel alone. It's unforgivable."

"Ichigo." Byakuya couldn't take the anguish in his voice. "It's my fault for not telling you what I truly wanted." The regret and pain of his cries make her sink to her knees in front of him. "I love you, Ichigo. I would never make you choose between your family obligations or me."

"I'm on the dumb side Byakuya. I need you to knock some sense into me sometimes."

"Alright then." Byakuya knocks Ichigo down with her hands on his chest straddling his waist. She takes her belt off tossing it too the floor next to him. "Should I continue too knock some sense into you?" Her black robe slides halfway down her shoulders.

Ichigo's eyes suddenly blaze with desire. He nods his head licking his lips. The black robe slips away revealing her pale skin to the flickering lights in the room. "Oh I do love it when you are bad."

"Even after fifteen years? You aren't tired of me?" She asks acting coy lifting a dark brow at him. "I'm not too old for you?"

"Tch, you haven't aged a day. " He meant it. She hadn't aged a day since he married her and neither had he. That wasn't uncommon for shinigami's after all who can live thousands of years. "You are still the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on." Ichigo leans up to kiss her only for her to push him back down and slide her hips down around his legs.

"Hmm." Byakuya unties his belt setting it next to hers and opens his black uniform to gaze at his upper torso and chest. "You have gotten a little more developed in the past few months" Her pale hands travel up and down his tanned skin feeling the outline of his muscles.

"Ah!" He reaches for her again only to see her reach for the belts and tie one around his eyes blocking his vision. "B-Byakuya... I can't see you." Her light laugh floats around him as he hears clothes dropping to the floor. "Awe! Come on! I haven't seen you naked in seven months!"

"Your fault. Come home on time." Byakuya replies removing his hakama pants and underclothing. She settles over his waist pressing her hips to his stomach. Once again his hands reach for her. She clicks her tongue at him pushing them to his sides. "Do I need to tie your hands up until I'm finished knocking some sense into you?"

"Y-You wouldn't-" He feels her tongue slide up his chest making him suck in a deep breath. "I-I'll be good." Ichigo senses her leaning over him then her tongue flicks out over his right nipple. "Gah!" He begins to squirm from her licking around and nibbling. "B-Byakuya! Ha! Ha! Stop that it tickles! No not the other one!" The warm wet teasing tongue licks a circle; her mouth soon covers the hardening bud. "Ha! HA! Come on!" His hands start to move then drop back down clinging to his robe.

"Did you try to touch me?"

"What? Nooooo. I'm being good." Ichigo shakes his head completely in the dark. "I wanna touch... touch, touch!" With his vision taken from him. Her every move and caress makes him mad with desire. The soft hands move up his chest to his face slipping up into his hair, her breasts graze his chest making him moan. "Oh god." Ichigo is delighted when her lips lightly brush over his. He leans his head up pressing into her sweet petal soft mouth. His tongue darts out searching for hers.

"Mmm." Byakuya's face turns hot soon as his tongue snakes across hers. His need stirs her to give him more pleasure, her will reminds her to pull away from his delicious mouth to tease him further. She starts by planting kisses down his chest slowly moving down to his abdomen.

"Ohhhh, s-she's going to-" His mind goes white feeling her tongue slide up his shaft and her mouth cover the tip of his erection. Ichigo's orange covered head tilts up. His mouth slack, his eyes still shrouded in darkness only feeding more intense sensations to the tingling up his spine. "Byakuya, ah! T-take down your hair for me." A moment later he feels her silky locks tickling like tiny feathers over his waist. Her mouth continues rising over him slowly, carefully she slides her flattened tongue up and down the underside of his cock. How he loves her hair against his skin. Her sweet tuberose scent drifts over him as her warm mouth tortures his hard member. His hands clench into the black uniform simply pushed aside in her haste to explore him. "Aaah!"

Byakuya knows he is fighting his climax. His chest is heaving, his teeth are biting down on his lower lip. She lifts her head watching his mouth suddenly drop open in relief when she releases him. "You look incredible, my Ichigo." His head turns to the side revealing his flushed face despite the black belt covering his eyes. "Your body is shaking, your face bright pink and heavy with pleasure." She moves over him rubbing her slick sex against his. "Your breath is fast making your chest move up and down quickly." Her lips suddenly hover near his ear. "It's so sexy Ichigo."

"B-Byakuya... please?"

"Have you had enough sense knocked into you?" Her voice comes out in a purr. She lowers her hips over his throbbing manhood sliding him deep inside her in one quick thrust.

"Yes!" Ichigo's control snaps. He yanks the blindfold off and grabs her around the waist. He rolls her under him pressing his weight against her. Tilting his head he stops and smiles down at her. "You amaze me."

"That's not too difficult." She flicks his nose. "You are baka."

"You love my dumb-ass though." Ichigo moves his hips forward with a devilish grin on his face. He listen's to her gasp making his heart pound faster. Grabbing her legs he flash steps to the bed so she won't be cold or hurt her back on the hard floor. "Don't you my wife?" He discards his remaining clothes with a wide grin.

"Forever." She watches eyes amber eyes look down at her with an intense gaze.

"Tell me Byakuya..." He leans over her balancing his weight on one arm so he can reach out a hand to her. "Say it for me?"

"I love you, Ichigo." Byakuya answers as his thumb slides over her plump lower lip. She takes in his warm open smile fighting the urge to shed a tear. "Please don't leave me here in this place without you."

"Forever, Byakuya." He presses his lips to hers seeking out the refuge he only feels inside her. Sliding his hand down to her neck. Ichigo feels her pulse jump when he begins move in a gentle rocking rhythm. Soon the kiss intensifies. He knows her soft murmurers will shift higher begging him to move faster. Ichigo waits patiently for her pleading, keeping his pace steady, dipping his tongue inside her accepting mouth. He kisses harder, deeper enjoying the moist heat behind her soft lips. "Ah!" His head tilts up as she tightens around his hardened length.

"I-Ichigo." Byakuya manages to whisper before the first orgasm begins to stir. She feels the pressure build higher and higher ready to break only for him to stop moving denying her release.

"You are so beautiful right before you come." He whispers in her ear before nibbling on the soft skin of her groan in her throat signals for him to begin again with his slow deliberate strokes. Sliding deep inside the incredible warmth of her tight body then almost out.

"Ah!" Is the only response she can manage. The passion swaying her dark hair against the light sheets. Her body is about to peak and give her the pleasure she craves. Her chest rises quickly, her hands wrap around his shoulders bracing for the explosion.

"So close." Ichigo says breathing into her ear. He pauses long enough for her climax to vanish before lifting up her right knee opening her body up to him more.

"Don't stop, Ichigo." The delicious rhythm returns this time his rock hard erection plowing an inch deeper tapping something sensitive and undeniable buried inside her. She can't let this one go. Her hips crash against his controlled motions, she digs her fingernails into his skin and hears him groan loud. "Please!"

Ichigo listens as her panting voice finally call out to him. Satisfied with her reaction he releases a burst of reiatsu surprising her as he presses his weight into his hips giving her the nudge she needs. "Come for me Byakuya-sama."

"Yes." She was on fire from his mastered reiatsu and the quick thrusts of his body driving her higher, deeper and harder into longer orgasms. Only his white fire that stirs her to climax can sink into her soul. Byakuya can't stop herself, soon her voice is whimpering, her back arching high against him, as she comes over and over in tighter, deeper waves. Her own reiatsu drifts into him and she hears him begin to groan with every stroke. She knows he is close. Wrapping her legs around his waist she releases a large streak of reiatsu and watches his head tilt up, his mouth drop open with a loud cry. "I love you."

"Hn!" He fights the urge to snap his hips hard against her body. Instead he trembles with his release. "Ah! Love... you."

"That's a big one." Byakuya mumbles clinging to his sweat covered back. Holding on to him wondering how long they will let him stay this time.

"I still love those big ones." He pants turning so he is on his side pulling her up next to him. "Anything new happen while I was gone this time?"

"Renji finally broke down and got married."

"No~!" Ichigo jerks up with a crooked grin on his face. "Inoue wore him down eh?"

"Not exactly." She watches Ichigo pull up a blanket over her chilling body. "She died in the living world and appeared in Soul Society with her full memory and back as an eighteen year old."

"Eh, Inoue was immune to memory erasure it kinda figures." Ichigo runs a fingertip up her hip making small invisible hearts.

"Renji was so upset over her death and then so relived she was his again he married her that day."

"HAHA! What else..."

"Yuzu-" Byakuya's voice is interrupted by a knock at the door. "Yes?"

"Kurosaki-dono has a guest from the Zero Squad."

"No! He just came back!"

"Just a few minutes." Ichigo scrambles getting his clothes on and Byakuya pulls on an evening Yukata. Just as Ichigo slides open the door a formally dressed man appears with a missive. Ichigo opens it and his shoulders sag. "I just got home. Isn't there anyone else?"

"I am sorry Ichigo-dono."

"Tell them no." Ichigo starts to shut the door when the blonde man puts his foot down in it's path. "I said no." His eyes flash gold making the guard pull out his zanpaktou.

"Just a minute."

Both men turn to see Ryu and Yachiru suddenly appear from thin air.

"Welcome home runaway prince." Byakuya steps behind Ichigo lifting a cold glare at her son.

"Honorable Mother, I beg your forgiveness." He pulls out a scroll opening wide. "Please read the name inscribed here sir." Ryu motions to the blonde pointing a long fingertip to the official document.

"I, Kurosaki Ichigo take the name of Kuchiki and surrender my former life to honor my wife The twenty-eighth heir of Kuchiki House."

"That man..." Ryu rolls up the scroll with a grin on his face. "isn't a Kurosaki anymore. He took his wife's name when he married her. Forsaking any obligations of the Black Lotus Squad."

"Oh yeah, that's right I did. Karin and Yuzu did too." Ichigo replies feeling Byakuya's hand sliding down his arm to grab his hand. "So get the fuck outta of my wife's house."

"Our house Kuchiki-sama." Byakuya corrects him sending a glare to the guard.

"Get the fuck outta our house."

They watch the guard slowly fade before Byakuya gives Ryu a small smile. "Well done, you can marry that little albatross you are so fond of."

"Albatross?" Yachiru frowns curling up a fist. "Who is she? I'll kick your ass and then hers!"

"N-Now Yachiru." Ryu blushes giving his father a pleading look. "A little help?"

"You are on your own." Ichigo snatches Byakuya back inside the room and carries her toward the hot spring. "We should celebrate! What do I get a girl who has everything?" Ichigo sets her down at the waters edge and groans when she drops the yukata on the deck.

"How about... a little girl?" She smiles sweetly then lifts her brows diving into the water.

"Yes, Byakuya-sama." Ichigo jumps in the water discarding his clothes on the way down.


"Y-Yachiru, I'll tell you when I turn eighteen." Ryu dashes through the back alleys trying to escape only to come nose to chest with Kenpachi.

"Ya cheatin on Yachiru?" He lifts his blade up severing a nearby building. "That ain't allowed."

"No sir." Ryu unsheathes his blue zanpaktou.

"Ya gonna have to prove it, or ya can't have Yachiru. HE-HE!"

"Spark, Sojouraimei." His ash blue eyes blaze lightening blue. "Absurd, If I want her I'll take her."

"Take me!Take me!" Yachiru pops up only to be pointed away by Kenpachi.

"Let's see what ya got Chibi-Ichi." Kenpachi licks his lips slipping off his eye-patch. "Let's see if your man enough for Yachiru."

"Very well." Ryu lifts his blade up in front of his face showing the reflection of his sparking blue eyes. "Lightening is my blood. Bankai Sojouraimei; Harness and give me dominion. Slipstream. " He smiles crooked at Kenpachi shaking his head, with a blue ripple radiating from his blade. The sword's blade vanishes instantly reappearing at Kenpachi's throat.

Kenpachi reaches up to grab the sword with a big grin.

"I wouldn't touch it." Ryu holds out his hand taking Yachiru's. "Each blade contains the condensed energy of a Super-cell Thunderstorm."

"This one all you got?"

"No, but that's the one I'm allowing you to see." Walking away he snaps his fingers vanishing with her. Leaving a wide-eyed Kenpachi suddenly dropping into a hollowed out space the side of a football field.

"He-he. I like him."

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