Coming Back

"HA-LLY! Wake up!"

Harry jolted awake. He groaned due to the weight on his back.

"Ted?" he rasped and peeked one eye open.

Four year old Teddy Remus Lupin drummed his fits on Harry's bare back (where he was settled comfortably) in response. Today he was sporting black hair just like Harry's.

Harry groaned again and tipped Ted to the side to get him off his back, "How and when did you get here?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes clear and fumbled for his glasses.

"Ginny" Teddy mumbled as he began to look for something under the bed.

"Ginny's here?!" Harry asked clearly surprised as he jumped out of bed.

"What you lookin for?" Harry grinned, already knowing the answer. He went to him and hugged him briefly, "Well it's good to see you" he said when a distracted Teddy didn't answer.

He began to go downstairs but was stopped when Teddy said, "Aunt Fleu says good boys go to the loo as soon as they wake up" in a serious tone.

"K fine" Harry mimicked him and turned to go towards the washroom, sighing "and here, don't do anything stupid. Promise?" he said as he threw his wand towards Teddy, which was what he was looking for. Teddy's eyes lightened up and mumbled a half-hearted, "Plomisss"

Harry grinned to himself before he let himself into the washroom.

After a quick shower, he bounded downstairs to the kitchen, to the heavenly aroma of bacon. He smiled when he saw Ginny working her way round the Grimmauld Place kitchen. With her vibrant red hair pulled up in a high ponytail and a simple t-shirt and jeans, in his opinion she looked amazing. She looked as if she belonged there.

"Gin?" he said softly.

She turned with an enigmatic grin on her face, "Harry".

He moved rapidly towards her but she stopped him with a hand on his bare chest. Gone was the grin now and was replaced by suspicious look and her hands on her hips, "Why didn't you tell me you had gotten a break from Auror training?"

"I myself was told only two days ago. Besides, I didn't wanna make a big deal out of it. You know you mother. I just wanted a day to myself. I promise I was gonna come to the Burrow later today."

Ginny's profile softened at that. "Aww, my baby" she cooed as she ran a hand through his raven hair and then put her arms around his neck "How was it anyway?" she asked soothingly.

"Tiring. But satisfying" he replied as he put his hands on her waist "Blah Blah Enough talk about the training. I'm just glad to have a break" he pulled her in closer for a kiss which started off gentle but soon resulted into a passionate, breath-stealing one.

When Ginny pulled back to take a ragged breath she said, "Why the heck are you shirtless? It's bloody distracting!"

"Or" said Harry cheekily, "we could put it to use".

Ginny's grin matched Harry when she said, "Hmmm tempting but no" when Harry pouted she explained, "Teddy's upstairs!"

She turned and began to take the bacon out of the frying pan and into a nearby plate. Harry snaked his arms around her from behind, and began to shower her neck with butterfly kisses. "Thanks for bringing Ted"

"My pleasure" she answered as she set up the breakfast table. Harry liked how well Ginny fit in with the place.

"What's all this?" Harry asked as he eyed all the food on the table.

"Breakfast. C'mon" she said as she gestured him towards him the table "it's the least I could do. Besides you deserve it" she smiled as she waited for him to settle into the seat.

"Alright, then" he said as he sat down and dug in.

"Teddy?" she called out from below the stairs.

"Oh he's very busy at the moment" Harry said in a mock serious voice as he swallowed.

"You gave him your wand" she said knowingly.


"Oh dear" she murmured, before raising her voice again, "Teddy, I'm counting until five, if you're not down until then, Harry is going to lock you in a room with no toys to play with."

"Thanks for including me in this" Harry commented sarcastically.

Ginny ignored him "ONE....TWO...THREE...FOUR"

Harry had to see this, so he turned on his seat for a better view.


At "five" Teddy emerged sliding down the banisters right into Ginny's arms.

"He does this often, doesn't he?" Harry observed.

She shot him a you-have-no-idea look as she set him on the ground. Teddy sprinted up to Harry and stood watching him eat for a moment until Harry nervously offered him his bagel.

Teddy shook his head and settled in the seat to the right of Harry where his part of breakfast was also set.

"Is it just me or has Teddy changed a lot? I mean I was only away for two months"

"Yes but, even though you have breaks often, you're away most of the time, it's hard to notice things like that"

"I guess" he said and then to Teddy he said, "Where's my wand buddy?"

"Upstairs" he answered, "I want one too" he said slowly.

Ginny and Harry chuckled in unison at that.

"Ohhh, you've a long way to go, buddy. You can always play with mine, yeah?"

Teddy mulled over this for a moment and then slowly mumbled an Ok.

"Aren't you eating?" Harry asked Ginny who was standing at the door, leaning on the frame.

"I already did" she answered.

"C'mere" Harry gestured to her, his hand outstretched.

She raised both her eyebrows but went to him anyway. He pulled her into his lap and nuzzled her neck.

"Harry" she warned lowly shooting a quick glance toward Teddy. But he had made dragons out of his bacon and bagel that were now at war, therefore satisfied that he wasn't paying attention she put her arms around Harry. He breathed in the scent of her hair, "I miss you every time I'm gone"

"You better" she smirked "Cuz you have no idea about the agony you put me through" she shook her head.

"Yeah?" he said against her lips not kissing her entirely yet.

"See" she murmured "you're doing it again"

"But Teddy's here" he whispered, repeating her words "Or we could always finish this upstairs" he added in a suggestive tone.

Ginny pulled back contemplating it.

"Oh c'mon I'll be really quick" Harry begged.

"K ten minutes" she tried to make a ordering face but failing badly and gave out a giggle.

"I'll be quicker than that" Harry grinned.

"And the best silencing charm you can think of" she said as she hopped off his lap and began to pull him upstairs.

Harry nodded and said "At your service Ms. Weasley" and then in a louder tone he said to Teddy, "Buddy we're gonna play the freeze game ok?"

"Yeah" his eyes lit up the way they always did at the word 'game'.

"K when I say freeze, you can't move at all, until I say so that you can. If you move you lose. Got it buddy?"

Teddy eagerly nodded.

"Freeze!" Harry yelled at him. Teddy taking the game seriously, stopped immediately with a bagel in his mind "Remember, you can't move" Harry reminded him as Ginny tugged on his hand.

"C'mon you, let's not forget the point of this game" she said.


Harry ran downstairs, halfway pulling on a shirt finally. As he entered the kitchen he yelled out "Release" when Teddy continued to not move he added, "it means you can move Ted" Teddy got over his statue form and gave a dramatic sigh as if showing that he had been holding his breath too.

"Did I win?" he asked

"Yeap you most definitely did" Harry smiled at him and went to retrieve the DAILY PROPHET from the front door.

"Hally. Can I play outside? Please? Pletty please? Please with chelly on top?" To enunciate the point he closed his eyes and went down on his knees.

Harry laughed out loud at that. He went and picked Teddy up in his arms. "Where did you learn to do that?" he asked.

"Oh please" voiced Ginny as she walked down the stairs, running a hand through her now down hair, "he has to do that with Mom every time. You know how she is. He forgets that he doesn't need to beg with you"

Harry shot her a knowing glance. Still carrying Teddy he proceeded outside into the large backyard. Teddy began to chase after a butterfly as soon as he was set down. Harry and Ginny settled on the chairs on the porch. Harry watched Teddy run around for a while. Ginny's eyes caught the front page of the Daily Prophet in his lap. She scoffed unhappily, "Even they knew you got a break".

He glanced disdainfully at the paper, "That's such an old photo of me" he commented as he eyeballed the front page.

"Yeah" Ginny giggled and ran a hand through the side of his arm "they have no idea of how buff you are now". If Harry wasn't mistaken she glanced a little southward as well.

"Buff?" Harry said weakly as he felt his face grow warm, "speakin' of buff" he said as he remembered something, "how Quidditch going?"

"Fantastic, we have a game next month against Puddlemere."

"Isn't Oliver Wood in that team?"

"Yeap. That's why training has been twice as long and harder. Reminds me of Ron's training sometimes."

Harry chuckled at that, "Hmm when can I come watch you?" he asked as he bobbed his eyebrows.

"We have one, day after tomorrow?"

"It's a date then", he was going to add something else when Ginny stood up and yelled out at Teddy.

"TEDDY! You can't pick flowers without asking! Come here this instant and apologize to Harry" she demanded.

"Gin?" Harry muttered.

Teddy stood watching her for a moment and sheepishly made his way to Harry with the yellow flower still clutched in his hand.

"I'm solly Hally, can I keep it?"he said quite sincerely.

Harry got off his chair and knelt down to Teddy's level.

"Ofcourse you can. Besides this is your house too, pick any flower you want ok?" he glared at Ginny behind him at 'any' and then added, "You don't have to apologise or even ask. K buddy?"

"Thank you Hally" Ted said.

"You're welcome. Who's it for?"

"Vic" he muttered shyly before running off.

"Vic as in Victoire?" Harry looked at Ginny with a quizzical expression on his face.


"When did that happen? And why? He's only four!" Harry exclaimed.

"I wish I knew but for some reason your godson is totally infatuated with the girl" Ginny answered "But then again she does have Veela blood" she added as she rolled her eyes.

"Oh wow"

"Don't go" he whispered as his hands slid dangerously down her back.

"You'll see me tonight, Harry" Ginny giggled.

"Yes but everyone is going to be around" he whined.

"Mom's gonna start getting worried"

"Ughh" he sighed frustatingly before Ginny leaned in and pecked him on the lips again.


Ginny sighed this time and pulled away from Harry, "No wonder he's having crushes on girls at this age. He gets to see all this" she gestured towards both of them. Harry chortled shamelessly.

"Poor kid's scarred for life" he commented.

Ginny rolled her eyes but laughed anyway.

"I'll take him with me after dinner. K?" Harry confirmed. This was a regular thing. Every time Harry got a week long break from Auror training he took Teddy to stay with him at the Grimmauld Place. Harry marvelled at how much attached the kid was to both places and never complained about missing the other when in one. Harry found himself more and more attached to the kid himself as compared to the place and enjoyed his breaks with his godson. Teddy kept him on his toes and he liked that.

The only reason Teddy was going back to the Burrow right now, because he had been insisting for far too long on presenting the flower to his newest infatuation.

"I best be going then" she said as she grabbed Teddy's free hand, while he still clutched the flower in his other as if it were something holy.

"Love you" Harry whispered.

"Love you too. See ya tonight" Ginny said and then grabbed a handful of the Floo powder.

Ginny stepped out of the fire place and brushed off traces of Floo powder left behind and then proceeded to do so to Teddy who was too busy squirming trying to get away.

"Ughh fine" she said as she let him go, "go find your darling" she said as she slapped the kid's bum.

But the kid hardly took notice as he ran around yelling "Victoire" at the top of his lungs, his hair turning a bright red.

Ginny watched as he finally found her in the living room, quietly playing with her dolls and building blocks.

"Victoire, why you hidin? Teddy been looking all over for you!" Teddy cried out.

"Hullo Teddy bear" she quietly answered as if that was the response.

"Look, what I got for you!" he thrust the flower under her nose.

She didn't take notice at first but when he shouted "Look!" at her again, she finally acknowledged it.

A small smile broke out on her cute face and tentatively she took it from his hands. Ginny watched the two with her head rested on her knees.

"Thank you" she pronounced slowly just the way she had been trained to by her overly-attentive parents. As she was busy sniffing it Teddy gazed at her with a proud and adorable smile curving his lips.

"You're my dah...dahh" Teddy frowned as he struggled to find the word.

"There you are!" cried out Hermione as she entered the room, making Ginny jump a little. Ginny put a finger to her lips and gestured towards the oblivious kids.

With an "Oh" Hermione shut up as she leaned against the doorframe to observe as well.

Teddy still seemed to be struggling with his word, "Dal...Dahl". He had succesfully lost Victoire's attention.

"Oh crap" Ginny slammed a palm to her forehead, "Oh I think he's trying to say darling!"

Hermione giggled, "You?"

"Unfortunately, it slipped. He's one heck of a quick child. I didn't think he had been listening."

"Ahh Teddy is much more" Hermione commented.

Ginny nodded wryly in agreement.

"So how is...Harry?"

"Great" she flushed slightly.

"You were there for long" Hermione said as she glanced at the wall clock.

"Err yeah...we got distracted" she said as she blushed to her roots. She tried not to smile widely but failing to do so. Hermione observed with a smirk and then said, "so I take everything is great?"

"Better. It's" she thought for a moment "Amazing. He's coming to dinner tonight."

"Oh good. We should let Molly know"



"How'd you sense there was a but."

"I think I've been your friend for way too long" Hermione smirked.

Ginny looked at her soon-to-be sister-in-law for a moment and then sighed, "Someone should kick me. Everything is perfect right now. He's perfect, even though he's away a lot, I know he'll always come back to me and he always makes up for the time when he's away. But I dunno, I really should be kicked at for wanting more. But I do. I want to take things to the next level."

"You mean this?" Hermione pointedly looked at her engagement ring in her finger.

"Yes. Am I wanting too much too fast?" Ginny asked quickly.

"Not at all you silly girl. It only makes sense. What do you think he feels about this?"

"I really don't know. But he's always so happy to take care of Teddy. And Merlin, Hermione you should see him with Teddy. Teddy has him wrapped around his little finger. I don't think there's anything that Harry says no to that Teddy asks for. I dunno I can totally imagine him as a father. I want to have a family now and want to live with Harry and do all those things that married couples do. I'll do it all."

"Wow. I guess you really want this. Yeah? You do realize that you'll have to give up Quidditch?"

Ginny bit her lip, "I'll do it, when the time comes" she said softly.

"You will?" Hermione asked in a shocked demeanor.

"Yes, I will!" Ginny confirmed.

"Oh dear! Something needs to be done then" Hermione in a tone that she usually used when something needed to be figured out.