Switched Roles

Harry inhaled sharply and his eyes widened.

The room was lit by a thousand candles. All over his room. Most of them hovering above. They gave his room an ethereal glow, such that he'd never thought possible. He slowly lowered his wand, as his eyes swept around the room, taking it all in.

And then the love of his life stepped out of the shadows and his heart started beating like a madman.

"Ginny" he mustered.

"Hi" she smiled shyly and the creature in his chest gave a roar of acceptance.

To say she looked good would be a huge understatement. She wore a simple black dress, one he'd never seen her wear before, which stopped at her knees and was kept up by the sash thing which went around her neck. The dress wound around her slender figure just perfectly and showed enough of her legs to turn him on. But what he found the most endearing was that she was barefoot. Her long-red hair was down, which he liked better than when it was up and she knew that, it looking much like a halo around her head, the light from the candles bringing out the golden highlights in them. Harry had a sudden (but not unfamiliar) urge to touch them.

"W-What" he stuttered as he looked around and then back into her sparkling brown eyes, "what's going on?"

"I just..." she started only to stop and look down at her feet sheepishly, "I clearly didn't plan this" he heard her mutter.

"Plan?" Harry heard himself ask, feeling quite ridiculous, his hand shooting to his pocket protectively.

"Harry" she began again, "I have to do this. Don't say anything yet, please."

Harry's breath caught and his heart skipped at least two beats.

"Harry, I never in my life thought, I would be so lucky as to have you by my side. You, Harry Potter, The Boy-who-lived-twice, to love me as much as I love him. You, Harry Potter, the saviour of the wizarding world."

Harry opened his mouth to say something but Ginny held up a hand. "Please Harry, let me speak."

When Harry swallowed and shut up, she continued, "I had never thought you'd finally notice your best friend's little sister and like her for who she is, because I sure didn't and your love changed that. I know you regret the time we wasted, but I don't because it made me realize then, what I know now- that I love you completely and my love goes beyond the love for the Chosen one and that I want to spend the rest of my life by your side. If you'll have me." She was openly crying down, which she did quite rarely and when she did it tugged at something deep down in him, causing him much despair too. But just as he made a move towards her to embrace her, she went down on both knees and said words he'd never thought coming out of her lips.

"Harry James Potter, will you marry me?" her voice broke mid-way.

"Shit" Harry muttered, breaking out of his trance.

"That's certainly something I never expected" Ginny scoffed through her tears.

"Merlin Gin, I have created such a mess" Harry declared, exasperated.

"Oh No" Ginny mumbled covering her face with a hand, "No No No No", her voice rose.

Harry quickly joined her on the floor. "No Ginny, your misunderstanding" he took her hand away from her face, trying to look into her eyes, "I cannot believe I've reduced it to this. I'm such a cabbage Ginny, I wonder how you've kept up with me. Love, look at me" he tipped her chin back until her blazing eyes looked into his, "I can't do this if you don't."

"I love you so much, but you've beaten me to the punch and I must, must let you know. I had planned this too. I know this is what you wanted for your birthday. This was certainly not how I'd intended it and I'll bet ten galleons you mustn't have either. And I was ready to do this not just because you wanted this, but I did too, I needed this. I've just been too dumb to realize it. I was taking our relationship for granted. But now that I see it, dammit, I want it too. I want to be with you forever, you and me! I want to have you all to myself, without having to steal you from the Burrow every now and then, to have you take my name, to make love to you as your husband, to wake up every morning to you, to see you have my kids, to grow old with you, you name it! All those things that married couples do, because you understand me best, Gin, you complete me. So, yes Ginny Weasley, I will marry you!"

As he reached into his pocket to release the tiny grey box, he realized the wetness on his cheek was in fact him crying as well. He would be damned if he could remember, at what point of his speech he had begun leaking tears. Ginny gasped as he opened the lid of the box to reveal its content.

The diamond ring winked under the candle lights and Ginny covered her mouth to stifle another gasp.

"Oh Harry" she cried out before rushing into his arms to snog him senseless, causing him to just about fall behind, if he hadn`t shot a hand out behind him to stop the fall. His other hand which still clutched the box with the ring, wound around her, keeping her close to him, their tears mingling. He breathed in her hair, inhaling the flowery scent for a moment, before bringing a little space between the two.

"May I?" he asked tentatively, taking the ring out of the box.

"You may" she giggled and put forth her left hand. Harry slipped it in her ring finger and after embracing her once again, wiped her tears, while she returned the favour.

"Mmmmm" Ginny hummed in utter satisfaction as she laid her head on Harry's bare shoulder.

"I think I'm going to keep the candles for a while" Harry observed the hovering candles. Ginny chuckled softly.

"So", she started slowly "when did you realize...?" she trailed off as she looked down at her left hand which wore the ring.

"Oh, after an awkward and mind-boggling conversation with Ron" he turned his head to look at her. Oddly enough, she didn't look surprised.

"You knew?" he realized.

"Not directly, but I had a feeling he was going to do something like this" she smiled.

"Well it did make me realize, however...awful it was."


"Yes!" Harry confirmed, "He kept saying the same thing over and over again, completely forgetting his point" he shook his head. When he shared a glance with Ginny the two burst out laughing, causing the bed to vibrate.

"Blimey" Ginny squeaked out, wiping tears of mirth.

"Oh that reminds me!" Harry exclaimed, "What in the bloody hell was going on at your house?"

"What?" Ginny shot up on her elbows, the sudden movement causing their sheets to slip down just a little bit but just enough to make Harry forget his point.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Ginny continued, ignoring that something else had her fiancé's attention now, "I was here remember."

"Uhh err" Harry stuttered as he forced himself to look up at her face, "Yeah, but Hermione pushed me into coming here, although your mother and brother were yelling at the top of their lungs."

Ginny lay down on her back again, "Oh that was probably because I didn't bother to tell anyone why I was ditching birthday dinner. Hermione was the only one who knew and that was her so-called subtle way of getting you to come here."

Harry laughed out at that, "Ron knew too" he added, breathing a sigh of relief, "And here my mind was conjuring up horrible thoughts", he groaned.

"I hope they've cooled down" Ginny mused.

Having her say this made Harry get up suddenly, looking around, and possibly searching for his items of clothing.

"Noooo Harry" Ginny groaned, tugging on his arm as he knelt down to retrieve his boxers, "Get back here, you" she tugged more forcefully. Harry turned on the bed and looked down at her, smiling wordlessly. He bent down and kissed her forehead for a long moment.

"C'mon" he said, reaching for the wrist that was tugging on his, grasping it tightly in his hand, "let's not worry them more and break the news to them already."

"Aww, are you actually excited to tell them or are you being a suck-up?"

"A little of both?" he bit his lip guitily.

"Merlin, they already love you enough!"

He didn't comment on that but did decide to set a puppy dog look upon her, which she had yet to learn how to resist.

"Oh fine" she growled, throwing the bed sheets aside, stood up-stark naked.

"Uh Gin-" Harry began.

"No" she answered quickly, "don't you dare, The Chosen one! You missed your chance, spoiler! Now quit staring and get clothed!", finding his shirt, she tossed it at him, which he caught without batting an eyelash.

"Oh Whatever" Harry retorted, "I will get payback later", buttoning up his shirt.

Ginny rolled her eyes at him, "Yeah. Right"

"Oh I will" Harry promised as he neared her, his emerald eyes bright, "After all, I have the rest of our lives to do so" his voice softened.

Ginny could only grin back at him.

The End

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