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Inside the Rink

Chapter 1


"Bella, hey Bella!" Alice is bouncing up and down on the lawn.

I wave to her as I pull into the driveway of my new condo. I am officially moving to Texas to start a new chapter of my life. I just graduated college and couldn't pass on the opportunity to move to a sunny state where my best friend just happens to live.

Alice and I went to college together and she moved to Texas last month. She got a job at a design studio and raved about how wonderful Austin was. I came to visit her three weeks ago and fell in love with the heat and sun. The heat reminds me of when I lived in Phoenix with my mom. I love the heat. When I lived with my dad Charlie in Washington state, saying that I was miserable is an understatement. The wet damp weather sucks.

I park in the driveway and jump out and grab her into my arms. "Hi Alice."

"Bella I am so glad you are finally here. Come on, let's get you unpacked we have plans." She is bouncing like a ball all over the driveway. I just giggle. Thus is Alice.

We head into my condo to start unpacking my items. The moving company already dropped everything off yesterday. Alice was nice enough to let them in and as I look around, it seems she has already set most of my stuff up.

"Huh." Is all I say as I look around at her work.

"Oh Bella, don't start. We have plans tonight so we did not have time to unpack today. Your kitchen is set up along with your bathroom and bedroom. There is an outfit on your bed. We are going to the hockey game tonight." I really don't think she took a single breath during her entire speech.

I just laugh. She is so great. She can be overwhelming but I love her. We head to my bedroom and I see the hockey jersey, jeans and pretty lingerie set out on my bed.

"Alice," I pout. "Why do I need these?" I hold up the navy lace ensemble.

She just giggles. "Shut it Bella and get ready."

I take a quick shower and get dressed. Alice knows that I have a major weakness for ice hockey. I love seeing the players slamming each other against the glass around the rink. I dream about riding on a zamboni. I get the biggest kick from hockey games. I have gone to them as far back as I can remember and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I get a bit rowdy.

Alice and I drive to the facility that the new AHL team, the Texas Stars, play at. Alice is dating a guy named Jasper Whitlock who happens to be one of the goalies on the team. She is head over Louboutin heals for him. I met him when I came to visit her along with his sister Rosalie. She is one of the Ice Girls. I don't know many hockey teams that have cheerleaders, but, whatever works.

We walk in the door and Rose is quick to find us. She walks with us as we grab a couple beers and hot dogs. She is so damn beautiful it makes me feel like a hobo standing next to her. We were offered a suite from Jasper but Alice knows I love to be against the ice. We are sitting across the ice from the teams. Right next to the penalty box. I am lovin' life.

The referees hit the ice and the announcer starts to speak. I am getting more and more excited. The lights go down and the music starts. Their theme song is Nickelback's 'Burn It To The Ground' and I am on my feet. When they call Jaspers name Alice is hooting and waving. He looks over to us and gives her a wink. I think she is actually going to pass out she is so excited. They continue to name the players and Alice grabs my hand when they announce the captain Edward Cullen, who is the center.

"Oh Bella, that is Jasper's best friend Edward." She points him out to me, number 17, and from what I can tell he is hot. All I can really see is his face and that is plenty. He has a jaw that looks like it is carved from granite. Hmmm... I love hockey players.

The game gets underway and I am out of my chair for most of the first period. I bang on the walls and yell every time they are near our seats. I wave my hand in the air every time I hear the glorious beer man hollering 'Beer Here'. So I confess I am a bit tipsy. The Stars are playing the Chicago Wolves and it seems the boys on the ice have fire under their collar. One wolf in particular. His jersey says Black across his back. He is playing dirty and I want to go out there and bitch slap his ass. We do get two goals and I am up out of my seat singing "We're going to beat the hell out of you!"

The first period ends and Alice and I head to the bathrooms. After we take care of business, I walk to the souvenir stand and buy myself another jersey and a couple shirts. Alice hits the food stand and buys us another beer and some candy. We walk back down to our seats. Rose and the other Ice Girls are out on the ice and are throwing t-shirts to the fans. She waves to us and we wave back.

The zamboni's come out and clean the ice and I want so badly to jump the wall and drive one. Alice teases me about my obsession. She can't understand why I want to drive one of them but I don't want to drive her porsche. She really doesn't get my fantasy about wanting to have sex on one either. I am just that type of girl I guess.


Another game and I am pumped. We are playing the Chicago Wolves and I could not be more prepared. That fucker Jake Black is on that team. He and I have never gotten along ever since we were at training camp together. He always walked around like he owned the world and that he was better than everyone. Ass.

Jasper is riding high. All he keeps talking about is his new girlfriend Alice. I have seen her a couple times. She has come to all of our home games so far. Our athletic trainer is my brother Emmett. He is great at his job. He is dating Rosalie who is one of our Ice Girls and Jasper's twin sister. She is gorgeous of course, but none of them really do anything for me. I am not into plastic females.

"Edward man, I cannot wait for you to meet Alice's friend Bella." Jasper is bouncing in his seat. He keeps telling me about Alice's friend who is moving here to Austin. He keeps telling me she is perfect for me. Brunette with big doe eyes. Yeah, he and Emmett always want to set me up but the girls they parade around have not been up to my standards.

"Yeah Jasper. We shall see after the game." We finish getting pumped up and have our pre-game prayer and head out to the ice. I love our theme song. It gets us so pumped up.

We hit the ice and get warmed up. We sing the national anthem and then head to the bench to get ready to start.

"Edward man, look over by the penalty box. That is Bella there next to Alice." Jasper gazes in the direction for me to follow and I about fall on the ice when I see her. Holy shit. The brunette that is talking to Alice is holding a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other. I cannot see every feature but from what I see, daddy likes.

The first period goes pretty quick. That fucker Black is throwing cheap shots. He keeps holding and spearing when the ref isn't looking. I just know it is going to go down between us tonight.

I can't help but laugh when I see Alice and Bella screaming after we get our two goals. They look like they are having a great time. Bella looks so cute smiling and bouncing around. I also notice that she pounds on the glass like one of guys. She is very verbal when she doesn't agree with the refs.

When the first period ends and we head into the locker room, I cannot keep from looking over in her direction. I get to see her fine ass as she makes her way up the stairs. She has tight jeans on and her Stars jersey is tied in the front around her waist and I can see a sliver of skin. Fuck me. I gotta meet this girl.

During the second period Black pisses me off beyond reason and we scrap. Helmets hit the ground and punches are thrown. I get a great punch to his face before we are lead into the penalty box for our five minutes. I cannot help but smile when I see the girls out of the corner of my eye. Once I get seated, I turn to them and Alice is waving like a 5 year old at Disneyworld. She grabs Bella's hand and silently introduces us through the glass.

I am bowled over. I thought she was beautiful from afar, but that was nothing compared to up close. Her face is heart shaped and she has plump pouty lips that I just want to suck on. Her eyes look like they could show you the world and she is curvy in all the right places. I was right, you can see a little of her taut belly and I want to lick it. Shit Cullen, get it together. You cannot have a hard on during the game.

I decide to try to pay attention to the game and I am out of the box as soon as my time is up. I am even more pumped up as I keep catching glimpses of Bella and seeing her so into the game. You can tell she really is into it.


The team comes back to the ice for the second period and I am adrenalized for another period. This period seems rougher than the last. That damn Black guy gets called on high sticking Cullen and the next thing we see is a fight. I am cheering our boy on to kick his ass. And Cullen doesn't disappoint. He gets a great punch to Black's face and once they hit the ice they are pulled apart.

They are lead to the penalty boxes to serve their five minutes and we just happen to be sitting next to Cullens. I am trying to stay calm because the more I watch him the more I want to jump him. He has this crazy bronze hair and my fingers itch to run through them. Alice grabs my hand to get my attention. She introduces us through the glass and my panties immediately flood. I can now see his face and he has piercing green eyes. Holy hell on a cracker. He is all kinds of fuckhot. Suddenly this room full of ice is stifling hot. I catch a few glimpses of him before he goes back to the ice. Our Stars get another goal before the period is over. When the teams head into the locker room this time Edward looks my way and winks. He fucking winks. Sweet Jesus in heaven help me now.

Alice and I laugh our asses off as two guys who are dressed in big stuffed sumo wrestler outfits wrestle on the ice. Again, I love watching my zamboni's clean and shave the ice. The third period has a lot of action like the first two. Jasper is kick ass as goalie. He saves us from all 25 shots that the wolves take. We get another goal before it is all over.

Rose walks up to us as the game comes to a close. She takes us back towards the locker rooms. "Come on ladies, we can wait for the guys here."

I am so nervous to actually talk to that fine piece of man meat. This big guy with black curly hair and deep dimples walks out of the locker room and puts his arms around Rose. He nuzzles his face into her neck and whispers something causing a huge smile to cross her face.

"Bella, this is my boyfriend Emmett Cullen. Em, this Bella." Once she introduces us I reach my hand out to shake his and instead he lifts me into a hug.

"Hey Bella, I have heard a lot about you from Alice." He smiles as he places me back on my feet.

As soon as my feet touch the ground I lose my balance. I brace myself to meet my good friend 'The Ground' when a pair of strong arms catches me around my waist. I look up to see green eyes piercing into my soul.

"Well hello there Bella." Edward's voice sounds so velvety I just want to roll around in it.

I give him my best grin. "Nice to meet you Edward."

Jasper walks up and Alice flings herself into his arms. He walks over to me and gives me a hug. "Hey Bells. Did you like the game?"

"Yeah Jasper I loved it. I cannot wait until the game tomorrow night."

I notice Edward still has his hand on the small of my back. He looks down at me and smiles. "You are coming tomorrow night too?" He asks.

Alice giggles. "Hell yes Edward. Bella loves hockey and Jazzy hooked us up."

My heart skips a beat when I see Edward's face light up brighter than it was. I hope that is because of me.

We head over to Buffalo Wild Wings for beer and wings. There are fans from the game in here along with some players. I even spot some of the players from the Wolves here.

Our waiter is a young guy who looks a little awestruck at Edward and Jasper. But I cannot help but laugh when he blatantly flirts with Alice, Rose and me. Emmett is quick to put his arm around Rose and Jasper kisses Alice sweetly on the cheek. I feel like such a third wheel but then I notice Edward move his chair a little closer to mine. I can feel a small blush crawl across my cheeks.

We place our orders and the guys give me shit for ordering the Hot sauce for my wings. They think since I am a girl I cannot handle them. Hell.

"Emmett, have you ever taken the Blazin' Wing Challenge?" I asked hooking one eyebrow up.

"Yeah why? You think you can do it?" He bellows a laugh throughout the room.

"Yeah Emmy. I know I can. Want to make a bet?" Edward looks at me like I am crazy.

"You're on little girl. What should we bet?" He asks looking smug.

"Hmmm. Well Emmett. If I win you are my slave for a week. If you win, I will be your slave. Laundry, errands, cooking. Whatever is needed." He gives me a smirk. I swear I hear a low growl coming from Edward.

"Within reason assface." Rose slaps the back of his head.

He laughs. "You're on Bells. Bring it!"

We call the waiter over and he places our order for the challenge. I don't tell them that I have done this before and I have my picture hanging in five BW3's across the country. Hey, they don't need to know that right now. Alice grins at me like the Cheshire cat because she knows my record. The big boy is going down!


This woman is killing me. She is so damn perfect. My lord, when she almost fell at the rink, and I caught her in my arms, I never wanted to let her go. I felt alive when I held her. Like I am exactly where I am supposed to be. She loves my game that is for sure. I cannot wait to see her sitting in the stands every time I take the ice. I wonder if she would travel with us. Hmmm...

Sitting here at the wing place makes me want her even more. Fuck. She is ideal. stunningly beautiful, loves hockey and get rowdy about it, loves beer and wings and doesn't let Emmett give her shit. Where has she been? Why am I only meeting her now?

Our waiter is about pissing me off. I can handle a fan but he keeps eyeing the girls. Especially Bella. I have never felt so possessive in my life. I want to grab her and put her in my lap, but I don't know if she would take to kindly at that so I try to nonchalantly scoot my chair closer to hers. Maybe the prick will get the hint.

When we place our orders I almost cum in my pants. She is ordering Hot hot wings. She is a little firecracker my Bella. Hmmm MY Bella. I like the sound of that. I almost fall out of my chair when she challenges Emmett to the wing eating contest. He has done it once before and I cannot imagine her being able to handle something so hot. I cannot even stand smelling them. The burn my nose with one whiff.

When they make the bet for slavery I am on the verge of panic. I know Emmett too well and I can imagine the shit he would have her do. I lean towards Bella's ear. "Bella, are you sure about this?" Fuck...she smells like flowers and strawberries.

She looks into my eyes and my breathe catches. "Don't worry about me Edward." She gives me a sly grin and I just want to kiss her. I cannot help but notice Alice is looking all kinds of cocky. I believe we are in for a surprise.

The blazin' wings come out first and the waiter sits them in front of Emmett and Bella. Emmett is trying to stare her down but she doesn't budge.

"Alright everyone!" The waiter starts. "You have two minutes to eat all six wings. No drinking. If you make it, your picture will be taken and hung on our wall of fame."

Emmett beats his chest like he is Tarzan. I look to Bella and she winks at me. My dick gets hard as stone.

The waiter starts the time and they start eating. Jasper, Rose, Alice and I cheer them on. The other patrons in the restaurant start rooting for their favorite. Barely a minute has passed and Bella pushes her paper bowl away and folds her hands together on the table. I look over to Emmett and he is only half way through his basket and has sweat poring from his forehead. I smile at Bella as Alice holds her hands in the air yelling "We have a winner."

The waiter takes a Polaroid of Bella and she pins it to their cork board of winners. I slip the guy a twenty to take a picture of the two of us together. I hold onto the picture for dear life.

Emmett just sits there pouting, disbelieving she just kicked his ass. Rose is giggling with Alice and Jasper looks at me like 'Wow, did you just see that?'

"So Em, what are you doing tomorrow?" Bella asks.

Emmett groans. "Being your slave Bella. What do you need?"

"Well let's see..." She taps her finger on her chin. "Be at my house at nine am. I need some furniture moved along with some boxes."

He pouts about being there so early but she promises to make him breakfast. I am jealous as hell and I can't keep from offering my services. "Bella, I will bring Emmett to your house to make sure he doesn't bail on your bet." Perfect excuse to see her, right?

"Sounds perfect." She blushes as she looks at me. She licks her lips and I am mesmerized.

We laugh at Emmett being beaten and then we play some Texas Hold'em on the electronic game. Bella doesn't know how to play so I take that as my opportunity to bring her chair closer to mine and share a game controller. It isn't long before she is flush with my side and my arm is around her waist. We lean into each other when we talk so the rest of the table cannot hear our strategies. I'm loving the fact that I am so close to her.

Before we know it, it is closing time. We all start yawning and head for the door. We all stop to take a piss. Us guys make it out before the girls so we stand against the wall to wait for them.

"Edward, can you drive Bella home?" Jasper asks. "Alice wants me to stay with her tonight."

"Sure Jazz. Not a problem." My face feels like it is going to crack from smiling so big.

The girls come out and we head for the lot. I grab Bella by the hand when she starts walking towards Alice's car. "Naa aaa aaa young lady. You are with me."

She looks up at me and smiles. "Oh really Cullen?"

"Yup. Jasper is heading home with Alice and you're with me."

The girls hug goodbye and Bella gives Emmett the evil eye warning him to be ready for tomorrow. I walk her to my Volvo guiding her with my hand on the small of her back. Once in she tells me where she lives we head for her condo. We bullshit in the car. I laugh because I have never seen someone best Emmett like she did tonight. She confesses she is now a six time winner of the wing challenge. She amazes me more and more. I have her program her numbers into my cell phone and I do the same with hers.

We pull into her driveway and I get out to help her out of my car. I about shit myself when she punches the keypad and opens the garage. She has a black Ferrari and a white Hummer H3. I just stand in shock looking at her.

She laughs at my stunned silence. "What Edward? I like fast cars, hence the Ferrari. And I like the power behind the Hummer." She runs her hand over the side of the car and I fight back the urge to grab her into my arms and fuck her against the vehicle.

But I cannot stop myself from reaching for her hand and pulling her into my arms. I brush her cheek with my fingers. "Bella, I had a great time tonight."

"So did I Edward." She bites her lip and looks so innocent. My little kitten.

"So...I will see you in the morning? I promise to make sure Emmett is here on time." I smile as I brush my fingers down her neck and back up to cup her face into my hands.

Her hands slide up my arms, down my sides and wrap around my waist. "Yes Edward. I look forward to tomorrow."

I lean down and place a gentle kiss on her lips. She is so soft and she groans when her tongue moves along my lip. I bring mine out to meet hers and this time I moan. She tastes like sugar and spice. We get so lost in our kisses that I swear it seemed like we kissed for hours. We finally break apart for air and I pull her into my arms and hold her tightly. I smile as she grips me hard in her embrace too.

We pull away from each other and I walk her to her door leading into her house. I place a kiss on her forehead. "See you tomorrow."

"Bright and early." She smiles and I start back towards my car. I stop at my door and look back at her. "Oh Bella?"


I smile wide and give her a wink. "Tomorrow you need to tell me about this fantasy of yours in regards to zamboni's."