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Chapter 4


I awake to the soft glow of the sunlight sneaking through the crack in the hotel curtain. Bella and I spent hours last night wrapped up in each other. I lost count how many times she screamed my name into the darkness.

I feel totally euphoric and totally blissed out. Bella's surprise appearance last night at the game was perfect. It felt as if a weight was lifted off my chest and I could breathe again. It sounds so silly that I can feel so much for someone only knowing her for a short time, but I never bet against true love. I have seen its work with my parents and I have always known I would find it one day.

I look to the gorgeous woman lying in my arms. Her porcelain skin makes me think of a china doll. She looks so fragile, but I know she is tough under that fine skin. She is my tiger after all.

Speaking of my tiger…I cannot help but think back on that morning she woke me, sucking on my cock. My lord, just remembering it is making me hard. Well, I think it is time to pay her back.

I gently slide from her arms and slither under the covers. I slowly move her legs, spreading them so I have access to her perfect pussy. I feel like whimpering at the sight of this beautiful flower that is all mine. I draw my finger over her soft folds causing a quiet moan from Bella. I lean forward and lick a line up her slit and she cries out. She is fully awake now as I pull her little clit into my mouth and slowly enter a finger inside of her.

"Oh Edward." Bella moans. "Oh my God."

I attack her pussy. Licking, sucking and pumping my fingers in and out of her hot cavern. Her juices are coating my fingers and collecting on my chin. She tastes so sweet. There is no teasing her, just giving her pure pleasure. Her fingers tangle into my hair pushing me further into her pussy as her moans become louder and she pants my name over and over. Her hips lift off the bed as her walls clench around my fingers. Hot liquid pours from her body and I lick up ever drop. It would be a sin to waste anything Bella.

Once she is thoroughly cleaned by my tongues standards, I slither up her body nibbling as I move. She kisses me hard and passionately once I reach her mouth. My hard cock glides against her beautiful butterfly pussy, coating in her juices before I slide into her body. I feel like I am home. I pump in and out of her body at a steady rhythm. Kissing her plump pink lips and confessing my undying love over and over again. I swear I will never get enough of her. Soon her pussy tightens around my cock and I yell her name as I pump my cum deep inside of her body. I drop my head onto her shoulder, lightly sucking on it as I try to catch my breath as she places small kisses on my neck.

"Holy shit Edward. Now that is a wake up call." Bella giggles under my body making her pussy twitch around my softening cock that is still inside of her. I can feel her walls pulse with her heartbeat. It is so amazing.

"Yes my love. I think we should make a vow right now to try to wake up like that every day." I kiss her neck and then her mouth. I look into her eyes and we just smile at each other. Both of us are so happy.

"You got it handsome." She slaps my ass as I roll off of her.

We take a shower together, but to my chagrin we only get in a few touches and soft caresses. We have to get going soon to head to Grand Rapids for our game tonight.

We meet Jasper and Alice for breakfast. We discuss the plans that Alice and Bella have for driving their rental car behind our bus to follow us to the next game. Jasper and I come up with a game plan so we can ride with them instead of with the team on the bus.

After breakfast Jasper and I catch up with the team. We have a team meeting and then head towards the bus. We sweet talk the coach into letting us ride with the girls. I think coach likes our girls because he makes a comment about how 'they are such loyal fans, blah blah blah. Oh, they are hot too, maybe they should be Ice Girls.' I hold back the growl that wants to escape my body when I think about the men who would ogle my half naked girlfriend if she was in one of those outfits. NOPE! NOT HAPPENING!

The four of us pile into their rental car. Bella rented an SUV saying she cannot stand the tiny rental cars that they always try to make her get. She is too damn cute. She lets me drive which makes me want to have my wicked way with her against the vehicle.

The four of us laugh the entire drive. We tell stories about growing up and the trouble we used to get in to. We each sing along with the songs on Bella's iPod. She is purposely trying to find the oddest songs to play, but damn-it if we don't all know the words to them. She plays Rodney Carrington's song 'Don't Look Now'. Oh my God! I had heard some of his comedic stuff before, but I never heard this song.

Bella shakes the top half of her body as she sings the line "when we heard mamma holler 'If you give me a dollar well I'll let you take a peek at these'." I swear I almost pee'd my jeans. We all sing the chorus "Don't look now your mamma's got her boobs out, showin' everybody in town." I swear I never had a better time on a car ride.

We get into Grand Rapids and head to the hotel. The girls are staying in the same hotel as our team and I cannot wait to spend the night in the arms of my girl again. The girls check in and we help them take their luggage to their rooms. Along with ours of course.

We head to the arena for practice. Alice and Bella sit quietly up in the stands and watch us like hawks. At some point Rose joins them and I can only imagine what they are talking about as I see them giggling and Bella blushing.


I swear the car ride to Grand Rapids was one of the best times I ever had. The stories alone were hilarious, but singing to the crazy ass songs almost made me pee my pants.

My lord…I could've died this morning when Edward woke me up playing my body like only he can. I thought I was having one of my luscious Edward dreams, until I woke with a start, realizing he was really sending me to orgasm heaven. That man will be the death of me.

Alice and I are having a great time so far and I am so glad we decided to surprise the guys. We sit together in the stands watching our sexy men practice.

"Oh Bella. Jasper was so sweet last night. We shared a bubble bath before we made love all night long." Alice gushes as she stares dreamily at Jasper.

Rose walks up and hears the last part of Alice's news. "Well ladies. I see Alice has been sexed up well. How about you Miss Bella?" I can feel my cheeks heat immediately.

Rose giggles. "Oh Bella. No need to be embarrassed. I can see just by the way you two look at each other that there is some major love there. And some major lovin'...Am I right?"

She nudges my arm and I cannot help but laugh along with her and Alice.

"Oh Rose. You have no idea what my man can do." I declare as I sit a little taller. He is my man and I am damn proud of him. Why be embarrassed?

The three of us chat as the guys practice. Rose proceeds to tell Alice and me about some of the roll playing games that she and Emmett participate in, and even though I want to scream 'too much information', I cannot help but think about some kinky little games to play with my Edward.

After the practice is over, we hang with the team and join them for dinner. They have it catered in since their schedule is so busy. I really like getting to know Edward's teammates. I feel like I have a bunch of big brothers. The ones who are married love to tell us all about their wives and babies and the single guys crack us up with their stories of bad pickup lines, horrible dates and the hockey hoochies.

Soon it is game time and the team heads to the locker room. Alice and I take our seats and prepare for another great hockey game. The Grand Rapids Griffins are not as tough as we were thinking. But what they lack in talent they make up for in being assholes. They take one low blow after another. I swear the referees are blind. I keep seeing tripping and hooking but the refs are turning a blind eye. It is really pissing me off.

After the second period, we are up four to one. The only reason the Griffins got a goal is because one of their players knocked Jasper down and it looked like a wrestling match in front of the goal.

During the third period, the players are rougher than I have ever witnessed. Edward keeps getting slammed into the glass by someone named Crosty. Every time Edward hits the glass my heart tears. I am so scared that he is going to get hurt and I just have a bad feeling in my gut tonight.

I want to scream every time one of our players gets body checked by a Griffin. I could seriously beat some of these guys upside of the head with a hockey stick.

With one minute on the clock the teams are heading towards our goal. Within a blink of an eye, Crosty bends down in front of Edward and flips him over his shoulder. Edward hits the ice flat on his back. I am out of my chair in a flash and I swear if I was Spiderman and I could climb the glass, I would be on the ice. Edward's helmet came off mid air and he is not moving lying on the ice.

I cannot breathe as I watch Emmett rush the ice. The team crowds around him. I can barely see Edward now and I am going out of my mind. Alice grabs my hand and drags me up the stairs. I try to fight her off. I just want Edward.

"Bella!" Alice yells at me. "Let's go to the locker room and check on him."

I stumble as I follow Alice blindly. My eyes are prickling with tears as I keep glancing back at the ice for some sign of hope. The love of my life is hurt, lying on the ice. He could be horribly injured. What am I going to do? I cannot live without him.

I am full on crying when we reach the back hallway. I see Edward on a stretcher being taken down the hall and I rush to his side. Some officials try to stop me, but Emmett and the coach tell them it is okay.

"Edward. Oh Edward." I cry as I touch his cheek with my fingers. I get no response.

Emmett grabs me around the waist as the EMT's head towards the ambulance. I try to push him off of me to get to Edward's side.

"Bells." Emmett whispers. "He needs to go to the hospital. I think he has a concussion. He also has a pretty bad gash on the back of his head. There was a fair amount of blood. We need to make sure there isn't more damage."

"I cannot lose him Em. I just can't." I cry into his chest.

"He is tough Bella. He will be okay." Emmett pats me on the head trying to sooth me.

Once the EMT's have Edward in the back of the ambulance and hooked up to the IV's and machines they let me climb in. I hold Edward's strong hand in mine.

"Baby, please open your eyes for me." I beg. "Please Edward. You cannot leave me. I love you. Just hold on."

We get to the hospital and they rush him out of the ambulance. I am taken into a waiting room by a nurse. Soon Alice and Emmett are in there with me. I cannot keep from crying on Alice's shoulder. I keep asking why. Why have I been given such a gift in Edward just to have it taken away from me? NO! No damn-it. He will not be taken away from me.

Time seems to drag before the doctor walks in to talk to us. Edward has a concussion and needed six stitches in the cut on the back of his head. Thank God it is nothing more serious. The thought of brain damage or worse scares the shit out of me.

We are let into his room. Edward is placed in intensive care for the time being until he regains consciousness. Soon Rose and Jasper show up along with Felix and some other team members. It is so wonderful to know that Edward has such a caring group of friends around him.

The coach holds a meeting and they decide to head back to Texas tomorrow on schedule. I am going to stay with Edward until he is released. Em, Rose, Jasper and Alice plan to stay with me in Michigan. At least until Edward seems to be out of the woods.

Everyone heads to the hotel and Edward's night nurse Carmen brings me a set of pink scrubs along with a small generic toiletry bag. She knows just by looking at me that I am going to stay with Edward in the hospital. They cannot blow me away from his side.

Carmen pushes a reclining chair in the room while I brush my teeth and change. "Bella, I brought you some pillows, a set of sheets and a blanket too. Let me know if you need anything else dear."

I cannot help but hug her. "Thanks Carmen. Thank you for taking such good care of him."

She brushes the tears from my cheeks and softly smiles. "Honey, it will be okay. He just needs to rest. He will be up and about soon."

I walk to Edward's side and gently brush the hair away from his face. "Baby, I am right here. I am not going to leave your side my love. Rest so you can come back to me."

I softly kiss his pink pouty lips and hunker down for the night. Sleeping in a hospital is not the greatest experience. Machines beep all night and Carmen does her best to be quiet when she comes in to check on Edward. I eventually fall asleep dreaming of Edward and the time we have shared so far.

I wake with a start, forgetting for a moment where I am. All too soon the reality of the situation comes back to me and my heart clenches. I take a deep breath to calm the tears I feel forming in my eyes when I hear the most beautiful sound.

"Bella shortcakes, are you okay?"

My head spins and I rush to Edward's side. He is awake. He is okay.

"Oh Edward I was so worried about you. How are you feeling?" My words are rushed.

"I have a splitting headache. But worse than that, I have not received my good morning kiss yet." He gives me his panty dropping crooked smile and the tears in my heart heal.

"Well captain, we would not want you to miss out on anything now would we?" I begin to lean towards Edward slowly so I do not hit any cords, but he is having none of that. Edward grabs my wrists and pulls me into his lap. His hands clasp onto my face and he places a searing hot kiss upon my lips. My heart is racing and I cannot help but let out a small moan from his intensity.

"Mmmmhmmm." Someone clears their voice behind me and we break from our kiss.

"Well, I was wondering what could possibly make those heart monitors go crazy like that and look what I find." Carmen starts laughing as she stands in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

I can feel my cheeks flame in embarrassment of getting caught mauling my boyfriend who is lying in a hospital bed. Edward just laughs and shrugs his shoulders.

"It's my fault." He says. "I could not go one more minute without kissing my gorgeous girl here." He kisses me softly on the lips before releasing my face.

Carmen checks his vitals and the machines and leaves. I call the gang and let them know he is awake. His doctor comes in and talks to us. Edward is very lucky and needs to stay off the ice for at least two weeks along with no strenuous activity. He grumbles at the instructions, but I do not plan to let him off the hook. He could've been hurt a lot worse than he was and I will not let him jeopardize his health.

Edward is moved to a regular room for the night for observation. Alice and Jasper arrive and we watch some TV as we wait for Emmett and Rose to bring dinner. Alice brought me a change of clothes too along with my toiletry bag, knowing that I was not going to leave his side. Edward hated the runny eggs they gave him for breakfast so I got permission to let him eat something from outside of the hospital.

Our friends leave for the night and I go into the attached bathroom to change into my pajamas, also giving Edward time to pee in his fancy plastic urinal. He was so mortified when the nurse showed it to him. But anything was better to him than being catheterized. Once I am finished getting ready for bed, I start to set up a recliner with the sheets and blanket.

"Love, what are you doing?" Edward asks.

"I am getting the recliner set up for me to sleep. Why?"

"You don't need it. Come here." He scoots over a little in his bed and pats the empty space.

"Honey, you need your rest and I do not want to get in the way." I whisper, even though I want nothing more than to be in his arms.

"Nonsense. Get that cute ass in this bed now." He gives me a stern look, but I catch the smirk appearing.

I climb into his bed, mindful not to pull on any of his cords. He wraps his arm around me and I cannot help but snuggle into his side. He kisses me on the top of my head. The reality of the last two days comes crashing down on me and a couple traitor tears escape my eyes. Of course Edward catches on.

"Bella. Honey are you okay?" He lifts my face under my chin forcing me to look at him. He brushes a couple tears off my cheeks and kisses them.

"I just thought I was going to lose you and I am just overcome with relief and gratitude that you are okay. I love you so much Edward." I sniffle.

He smiles and tenderly kisses my lips. "I am not going anywhere Bella. I love you too much to leave you in any way."

He runs his hand though my hair and I put my head back onto his chest. His other hand gently rubs my back, soothing me to sleep.

Edward is released from the hospital and we catch a direct flight home. He gets a little pissed that no one will let him carry his luggage or mine. My only answer to him is 'get over it'.

Once we land in Austin I have the gang drop us off at my house. It doesn't take Edward long to agree to stay with me so I can nurse him back to health. Alice and Jasper bring over some clothes and stuff for Edward. They stay with him so I can run some errands. Picking up his meds, hitting the grocery store and a little detour to a place called Cyndie's. He will shit when he sees what I bought from the lingerie place. I take him to the doctor after the first week back for a check-up and to get the six stitches removed.

The second week seems to fly by. It is so wonderful having Edward living with me. I adore waking up in the morning lying in his arms. I make him breakfast every day and he helps me with lunch and dinner. Emmett, Rose, Alice and Jasper come over regularly to watch TV, movies, play cards or just eat.

I get a lot of writing done too, even though I catch myself looking at Edward sleeping like a baby on the couch taking little naps. Edward and I go to his team's practices and games so he can still be a part of the team even though he cannot play. He says it is so weird watching the game from the side line. But he does get a kick being next to me as I get crazy yelling and screaming during the games.

Edward is getting restless by the end of the second week. He takes Max and Gracie with him on his runs. They just love the hell out of him. I am getting anxious knowing he will be fully healthy soon and will leave to go back to his place. I really am going to miss him.

Alice talks us all into going to the Broken Spoke for some dancing. Alice decides to play Bella Barbie, so the men folk head to the dance hall to get us a good table. The band tonight covers songs from the big name country singers and I cannot wait. It is going to be so much fun.

While dolling me up Alice catches me drift off into my thoughts.

"Bella, what has you so upset? And don't try to bullshit me, I know you too well." Alice pokes me in the arm.

I laugh because she is one hundred percent correct. She just knows things. "Alice, I am just upset because Edward will be as good as new soon and then he won't have to stay with me. I'm just going to miss him."

"Bells, just ask him to move in with you."

I give her a look like she is crazy, even though my heart leaps at the idea of him being a permanent fixture in my house. "Alice, we have only been together for about a month. Isn't moving together in a little fast?"

"Pshh Bella. Welcome to the year 2010. You two love each other. You are together all the time as it is. I know he would jump at the chance to live with you if you asked. Just go for it. Carpe diem."

"You are right Alice. What am I afraid of?" I smile.

"Of course I am right. I just know it will be fantastic." She taps her finger against her temple and giggles.

After my hair and light makeup is finished, I dress in my daisy duke shorts, red and white checkered button up shirt, tied in a knot in the front showing my belly, my black cowboy boots, finished off with my black cowboy hat. With a final glance in the mirror, I know I am going to knock my man off his feet.

Rose and Alice look just as sexy and we laugh on the drive over betting on how long it will take for our men to attack us. I also have a little surprise for Edward when we get back to my house later. It is going to be a great night.


Jasper, Emmett and I sit at a table at the Broken Spoke bullshitting while we wait for our women to arrive. They update me on the things I have missed since being away from the game. It has been nice to still be a part of everything even though I haven't been playing. I start back practicing next week.

Living with Bella has been one of the highlights of my life. I am sick over the thought of having to move back to my place with Jasper. I don't know if I will be able to sleep without her by my side every night. I want to beg her to live with me but it is crazy to move her and her two dogs in with Jasper and me. And I do not want to be a douche and invite myself to move in with her.

We are getting more impatient as time seems to crawl without the girls. I am watching the door like a hawk.

"Calm down Edward. They will be here soon." Emmett laughs as he pats me on the back.

Jasper heads to the bar to get more beer and that is when I spot her. The band is playing Travis Tritt's 'TROUBLE' when she walks through the door. And SHIT FIRE does it fit the way my woman looks.

Well hello T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Tell me what in the world you`re doin' A-L-O-N-E

Yeah say hey good L double O-K-I-N-G

Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Bella is a walking vixen in boots. Her outfit should be outlawed. I am rock hard in my jeans. I have never seen such small jean shorts before and she is tempting me beyond reason showing that little sliver of belly under the knot of her shirt. FUCK...JUST FUCK...

Emmett sees me stuck and follows my line of sight. "Holy shit Edward. Look at them."

"I know man." I immediately get out of my chair and make my way to Bella. I need her now. It is like a magnet force. I must touch her. She is looking around the bar and she smiles when our eyes meet.

Cause mama never told me 'bout nothing like Y-O-U

bet you're mama musta been another good lookin' honey to

Hey good L double O-K-I-N-G

Well I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E

I grab her into my arms as soon as I can reach her. I lean down to her ear. "Shit Bella. You look glorious. I want to fuck you right here until you cannot remember your name." I lick her earlobe before I pull it between my teeth and nibble on it.

Well a sweet talkin', sexy walkin', honky tonkin' baby

The men are gonna love ya and the women gonna hate ya

Remindin' them of everything they're never gonna be

May be the beginning of the world war three

Her breath hitches but she quickly recovers. She purrs in my ear. "Edward, dance with me first. I have plans for you later lover." She pulls away from me and just smiles. She takes me by the hand and we walk to our table. Emmett has Rose on his lap and Jasper has Alice's chair flush with his with his arm around her. After a few beers we hit the dance floor.

Soon we are sweaty from dancing and we are all having a great time. I notice Emmett and Rose are three sheets to the wind. Bella and I have had a few but neither of us are wasted. Alice and Jasper are in between the rest of us. Alice keeps giggling as Jasper spins her around the floor.

The band announces that they are going to slow things down a bit and I am ready to hold my girl in my arms and slow dance with her. The band begins with Garth Brooks' song 'When you come back to me again' and for some reason I am overcome with emotions.

Bella removes her hat, as do I, and we wrap our arms around each other. My entire world feels perfect in this moment. I have the love of my existence in my arms and I feel absolutely whole for the first time in my life. My empty hand holds Bella's head gently to my chest, with my fingers buried in her silky locks. Her empty hand is on my back clutching me like she is holding on for her life.

When the song changes to Keith Urban's 'Only you can love me this way', I cannot stop my eyes from stinging. I know I am where I belong.

Well, I know there's a reason

And I know there's a rhyme

We were meant to be together

And that's why

We can roll with the punches

We can stroll hand in hand

And when I say it's forever

You understand

That you're always in my heart

You're always on my mind

But when it all becomes too much

You're never far behind

Bella is my future and I cannot wait to live my life with her. I feel like crying for the first time in years. I want to tell her everything I am feeling. But all I can seem to voice is "Bella." My words get stuck as I hold in my tears of overwhelming joy.

And there's no one

That comes close to you

Could ever take your place

'Cause only you can love me this way

I could have turned a different corner

I could have gone another place

Then I'd of never had this feeling

That I feel today, yeah

Bella pulls away from my chest and I look into her melted chocolate eyes. Her cheeks sparkle in the glittery light reflecting from the shimmers from the disco ball hanging from the ceiling. I kiss her cheeks and she whispers. "Edward, I love you so much."

I bring her lips to mine and pour everything I am feeling into this kiss. All the love in my heart. Every future plan. My entire existence. "I love you my Bella. Forever."

She places her head back on my chest and we sway to the music. She leans her head back up and pulls my head down so her lips are next to my ear. "Edward. Move in with me. Live with me. Stay with me."

And you're always in my heart

Always on my mind

When it all becomes too much

You're never far behind

And there's no one

That comes close to you

Could ever take your place

'Cause only you can love me this way

My heart is beating wildly from my chest. "I would love to Bella. I never want to leave your side."

Her eyes light up and after a small kiss she resumes her place against my body while the song finishes. I fell like I am floating I am so unbelievably happy.

The band starts to pick up the pace with Josh Turner's 'Why don't we just dance' and soon we are laughing as we spin around the floor. After a few more songs we decide to call it a night. Truth be told, I need to get her home. I need to feel her skin against mine and I ache to be buried deep inside of her.

Bella and I take my car home and Jasper drives the rest of the gang home. We are quiet in the car, but hold hands the entire way. It is a comfortable silence, just happy to be where we are, together.

We arrive at Bella's home. Home. Such a perfect word. While she is unlocking the door I cannot stop myself from holding her against my body from behind and laying kisses up her neck.

"Edward, can you let Gracie and Max out to go potty and then meet me in our bedroom?" Bella purrs into my ear.

My dick has just hardened even more than it has been all night. "You got it love." I kiss her lips and smack her on the ass before she heads upstairs.

"Here they come." Bella yells down the stairs. Once she lets the dogs out of their cage they come barreling down the stairs to me, jumping and licking all over me, begging for some lovin'. It is such a great feeling having these two in my life. They are so funny and love unconditionally. Gracie is wrapped around my finger and Max has warmed up to me considerably. It might have something to do with me sharing my bacon with him at breakfast. Hey, you gotta do what you can.

After about twenty minutes of watching the two of them sniff the ground to find the perfect place to piss, they come back into the house. I make sure they have food and water and I give them both a chewy bone.

My heartbeat picks up as I slowly make my way up the stairs to our room. God the things that are running through my brain. The ways I want to bring her pleasure.

The bedroom door is shut so I softly knock on it. "Come in my lover." She purrs from the other side.

I slowly open the door and my jaw hits the floor. Bella is standing at the end of her bed, dressed in a nurses outfit. FUCK ME!!!!!

"Hello Mr. Cullen. I am your nurse for the evening and I am here to make sure all your needs are well taken care of."

Oh my lord in heaven. It is taking all my will power not to cum in my pants like a fourteen year old. "Oh nurse Swan, I am looking forward to your assistance."

My eyes cannot stop from scanning the goddess in front of me. From top to bottom she is a walking sex dream. A little nurses cap in her long, wavy mahogany hair. Her makeup is touched up to make her eyes look darker and more sultry. Her lips are red and luscious. Her white nurses dress has a zipper from top to bottom in the front and it is unzipped enough at her tits so they are pushing up and out begging for my face to be buried in them. The dress is tight, hugging every curve of her body. She is wearing thigh high stockings and white stilettos on her feet. Lord in heaven help me now. My heart is racing and I can feel my heartbeat in my dick I am so hard.

"Mr. Cullen, please undress and lay on the bed so I can begin my examination." She walks forward and takes my hands leading me to the bed. I remove my boots before I slowly unbutton my shirt and let it fall from my arms to the floor. I take my time unbuttoning my jeans, and little by little lower them and my boxers to the floor. I step out of them removing my socks at the same time and kick everything to the side.

I smile when I hear her breath hitch at the sight of me standing naked and erect in front of her. I crawl on the bed and lay on my back on the side of the bed closest to her.

Bella saunters over to me and stands at the side of the bed. "Oh Mr. Cullen, I see you have a rather large problem. Would you like some help with that?" She licks her lips as she stares at my dick, standing tall for her alone.

"Oh yes Nurse Swan. I am in desperate need of some assistance."

She leans forward and her tits squeeze even more from her dress. Her soft hand wraps around my dick and she gently strokes me. My eyes roll back when her other hand massages my balls.

"Is this helping Mr. Cullen?" She whispers.

I try to make a coherent sentence but all I can manage is "More".

She leans further down and licks my head, removing the precum that has accumulated there. My hips jerk up from the bed and she giggles. "Oh Mr. Cullen, I know exactly what you need. Please sit back and try to relax."

Bella takes me fulling into her mouth and I whimper. Oh my God it is soooo good. She doesn't tease at all. She sucks hard on my dick, licking my shaft from base to tip. My balls tighten as my cock hits the back of her throat over and over. Watching my cock slide in and out of her mouth is a sight I will never forget. It is so erotic and sexy. I feed my hand in her hair, holding it back so I can watch her.

"So fucking good." Is all I can say as my breath is panting at an alarming rate. I am trying to hold my orgasm back, wanting this feeling to last forever, but my girl is having none of that. She grazes her teeth up my shaft as she sucks hard, hollowing out her cheeks, and that is the end for me.

"Bella! OH FUCK!" I yell as unload in her hot little mouth. She swallows every bit and licks me clean. My body feels like jello I came so hard.

"Mr. Cullen. It seems you are feeling much better now. Am I right?" I look up to Bella and I smile seeing the sexy smirk on her face.

"Oh Nurse Swan, I am feeling much much better, thank you. I believe it is time for me to make my payment now for your serves." I grin as I sit up.

I drop my legs over the side of the bed and pull her to stand in between them. I run my hands up and down her body. "Oh nurse, you look so fuckhot in your uniform. Oh the things I want to do to you."

I run my fingers over her collarbones and down between the swell of her breasts. I take the zipper in my fingers and slowly lower it revealing her plump tits. I stop long enough to suck each nipple into my mouth. Her fingers latch into my hair and she whimpers.

I continue lowering the zipper and whimper myself as I find her sans panties. Her glistening pussy is begging for my attention. Once the uniform is open completely, I run my hands up and down her body. Her breasts feel so good in my hands as I squeeze them in my fingers. The curve of her hips and smoothness of her stomach makes my dick stir even more than it was. I reach behind her and grab her ass, kneading it. It is firm yet so soft. One hand slides around her hip and my fingers slip in between her pussy lips. I moan when my fingers are in her hot wet heat. I slide my fingers over her clit making her cry and her hips jerk. I gently slip one finger inside of her while my thumb rubs her clit.

Her fingers tighten in my hair as she cries out. My mouth latches onto her breast while I work her with my hand. No teasing for my girl, just pleasure.

"Oh Fuck Edward!" She cries out.

"That's it baby. Let me make you feel good." I whisper as I lick between her succulent breasts while switching tits.

I work her fast and steady until she is screaming my name. Seeing her knees weaken, I hold her against me. I stand as I lick her juices from my fingers and she quivers in my arms watching me. I run my hands up her body and lower her uniform from her arms and drop it to the floor. I reach up and unpin the little hat from her hair, dropping it onto the pile of discarded clothes, letting her breath return to normal.

She looks up to me and attacks my lips with hers. Her hands latch onto my ass and she grinds her body into mine. "Take me now lover." She breathes into my mouth.

I lift her up and place her on the bed. I groan looking at the gorgeous sight in front of me. Bella, flushed and naked, apart from the white thigh high stockings and stilettos. She raises her knees into the air placing her feet flat onto the bed, opening herself to my view. She is pink and wet and begging for my cock. She runs her hands down her body, stopping at her tits to squeeze them and pinch her nipples. They travel lower and she uses one hand to open her lips to me and the other tease her clit until she inserts a finger inside. My dick is standing hard again yelling at me that it should be him in there instead of her finger. And I agree completely.

"I am ready for you my love." She pants.

I crawl on top of her and kiss my way up her legs. I place an open mouth kiss over her mound slipping my tongue between her folds before I continue my way up her body. I stop to suck on her nipples until a little growl escapes her and she bucks her hips into me demanding action. I smile against her flesh as I continue to suck on her neck, her jaw and finally her lips. Our kisses are hungry and passionate.

I slide my dick between her legs and into her body. I want to cry at the perfection of our fit, as if we were created for each other. I move slowly in and out of her hot cavern. She moans with every intake, holding onto my hips pulling me closer. Quickly her pussy walls clamp onto my dick and she screams my name. She looks so glorious under me, flushed and panting.

Bella kisses me softly. "I have another surprise for you lover."

I slow down as she reaches for the end table drawer and pulls out a bottle of lube. My mind is racing a thousand miles a minute. She must see the question on my face and she blushes.

"I thought we could try something new. If you want. We don't have to." She seems embarrassed and I will have none of that.

I quickly kiss her hard before I remove myself from her body and sit up. "Bella, I would love to try anything and everything with you. Remember, we are learning together. I want to make you feel good." I lightly run my hands down her body.

She sits up kisses me again. "I was thinking of you taking me here." She takes my hand and guides it to her back hole. I swear I could cum just thinking about it.

"Oh God Bella. You have no idea what you do to me, do you?"

I grab a pillow and place it under her ass, lifting her in the air. I need to remember to do this the next time I go down on her. She is sitting so pretty for me. I take the lube from her hand and put some on my fingers. I take my fingers and slip them between her lips, moving over her clit, down to circle her vagina, before I make my way to her little puckered hole. I rub over her hole, gently adding pressure. I lean over her and suck a nipple into my mouth as I add more pressure and her body lets my finger in. Her body tenses a little and I suck harder on her nipple before I bite it. She cries out and fastens her fingers into my hair tightly. I gradually pump my finger in and out of her body. She start to breath harder and moves her hips.

I add a second finger and continue to work her hot body. I kiss down her stomach to her pussy. I lick her clit and she grabs her tits in her hands and starts squeezing them. I suck on her clit before I put my tongue inside of her pussy. She cries out and hot fluid flows onto my tongue.

"Oh God Edward. I want you in me now. Please baby." She cries. I tenderly remove my fingers. I take the lube and coat my painfully hard dick with it. I lean over her flushed body taking my dick in my hand and guiding it to her back hole.

"Relax baby." I whisper as I lick and suck on her nipples again. I push forward, trying not to cause my angel any pain. My head pops through and I swear I could cum right now. I stop and take a deep breath.

"Are you okay Edward?" Bella asks.

"Oh Bella. You feel so good. I am trying not to cum on my first thrust."

She smiles and pulls me in for a kiss. "I love you Edward."

"I love you too Bella." I push in farther and we collectively moan. Fuck she is so tight and hot. I am not going to last long.

I begin a slow deep rhythm and it is not long before I feel my orgasm pending. I really want her there too. I move one of my hands down her body to her pussy. I flick her clit before I slip a finger inside of her. She screams and her hips rise. I continue moving my finger inside of her and rub on her clit with the ball of my hand. Quickly her core squeezes my finger and her ass tightens around my dick and I cannot hold back anymore.

My head falls back and I yell into the air. "OH FUCK BELLA YES!" I fill her ass with my seed as her body drenches my hand with her sweet juices. We are both panting for air, but smiling at each other. I tenderly remove myself from her body and fall onto her. She wraps her arms around me, kicks her shoes off then wraps her legs around me too.

When I try to move off of her she stops me. "Wait. I just want to feel you on me."

I kiss her neck. "God I love you Bella. Thank you."

She giggles. "Thank you Edward. I love you."

We softly kiss before we walk into the bathroom and take a quiet bath together. We wash each other, taking great care to be gentle and loving. We dry each other off and snuggle into bed.

After a soft sigh, Bella asks. "When do you want to move your stuff in Edward?"

"Yesterday." I respond and we both laugh. "No, seriously Bella. I can move my stuff in as soon as possible. You are my home. Wherever you are is my home. I love you Bella. More than you'll ever know."

"As soon as possible sounds good to me too Edward. And I feel the same way about you. As long as you and I are together, I am home. I love you beyond reason."

We fall asleep wrapped in each others arms.

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