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2008 (BPOV)

It was almost as if I were watching a movie. Time slowed down and the crowd parted to reveal the most gorgeous man I had ever known. My mind was demanding that I hate him; however, my heart leapt with joy at the mere sight of him.

From my perch above the ballroom, I openly appraised him without fear of detection. I stared at the profile of the man that used to lay next to me in bed every night and wished I could trace my fingers along his jaw one last time. It had been three years since I had last seen him in person and time had been good to him. Gone were the circles under his eyes and the hollow expressions on his face. I watched as he tossed his head back and laughed at a joke one of his companions told. Although I was on a balcony across the room, I could hear the velvety undertones of the laugh that used to melt my soul.

I watched him and remembered a time when his laughter, smiles, and kisses belonged to me. I could almost feel his arms around me and hear his velvety voice whisper sweet nothings in my ear. I longed to run my fingers through his gorgeous bronze hair while I assaulted his mouth with my tongue. I would kill to be the object of his admiration once again. It may have been three years, but the man still owned me. My body longed to be near him and underneath him once again. The mere memories of our prior sexcapades had me salivating at the sight of him.

My reminiscing was cut short when he looked up and noticed me appraising him. His body stiffened and his bright greens eyes widened in surprise as he recognized me. I could see the battle raging inside him as he tried to determine how to acknowledge my presence. The guilt, longing, and dare I say lust, radiated off him as he drank in the sight of me. I looked damn sexy tonight and I knew it. In a moment of courage, I lifted and tilted my champagne glass towards him. I threw a brilliant smile and a wink in his direction before I turned around and walked away from the balcony and him.

Let him wonder what the gesture meant. Let him stew over my amusement at his presence. As far as he knew, he was my ex-husband, the man who destroyed my life and shattered my heart. My prior gesture would be a contradiction to the role he supposedly played in my life. Little did he know that he was the inspiration behind my best-selling novel, "A Woman Scorned". The things that fictional me did to fictional him had made me millions. He should thank his lucky stars that I only wrote about my plans for revenge and that the real me had too much class to send sex toys to his workplace....

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