Hi! I love this show, a lot, and this is my first fic for it. Actually, it may be the first fic, -AT ALL- for the show, so, I hope people enjoy it. I know it starts off slow and short, and it pretty much the same as episode 6, but there are some notable differences to set the scene of a new relationship.

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"Get out of the way! Nance! Nancy, I'm here! Don't worry, I'm here for you!"

"Rabbit, what the hell took you so long?" Nancy shouted as she grasped Rabbit's hand tightly.

"Next time you go head to head with a bus, do it somewhere where I can land huh?" Rabbit grinned. "Stats!" he directed at the EMT on the other side of the rig.

She rattled off Nancy's stats rapidly as Rabbit felt her ribs, checking for breaks.

"Rabbit, why does it hurt so much?" Nancy was sobbing.

"You'll be fine Nance, just hang on. We'll get you out of here."

Rabbit bit his lip as he continued with his examination, barking orders to the other EMT.

"Rabbit! What's wrong with me?" Nancy cried when he touched her stomach.

Rabbit's eyebrows furrowed, and he pulled up her shirt. "Shit, Nance, you're bleeding. Come on guys, get her out of here!" he yelled at the firefighters.

"Give us a couple minutes Rabbit!"

"She doesn't have a couple of minutes!" Rabbit shouted. He grabbed a coat and threw it over Nancy. "Stay with me baby," he whispered before he kicked out the window and lifted her out onto a backboard.

"Lets go!" he shouted as soon as they had her loaded onto the chopper.

"Rabbit. Rabbit!"

"Yeah Nance, I'm here!"

Nancy reached out and gripped his wrist. Rabbit glanced at her hand, then up at her face.

"Stop. Don't knock me out. Please."

Rabbit shook his head. "Nancy, you're in too much pain. I've got to!"

Nancy shook her head and pulled his hand away from the IV. "Don't. Please. I can't, I can't die without telling you."

"Nance, you're not going to die! Listen to me, you'll be just fine, we'll get you to the hospital, and you'll be ok, you hear me!?"


That stopped him. His eyes flashed to hers, and they locked there.

"I never told you this, not after the crash. Not after Terry, and Rotor." She coughed and cried out in pain as she gripped his hand.

"Nance, come on, don't do this. You're not gonna die," Rabbit shook his head.

"I'm sorry I never came to see you. I'm sorry, that I wasn't there for you, when you needed me, I'm so, so sorry," she sobbed.

Rabbit just looked at her, and saw the tears spilling down her cheeks, and couldn't think of anything else other than what he'd do if he lost this woman laying before him. She was all he had left.

"Nancy, I'm gonna knock you out now, and I swear, I'll be right there when you wake up in that hospital bed later."

"Damnit Rabbit, don't…please don't." Her voice was already fading as the drugs overtook her. "I love you."

Rabbit's heart wrenched. "Damn."