Alright guys, I'm really sorry it took me so long to post this. This is the end of my story, I'm also sorry it's so short. For now at least it's the end. I may add more after the new episodes air, but we'll see. Thank you all for reading and reviewing!

"Oh, wow, Rabbit. When you said you cleaned up, you really meant you cleaned up…" Nancy stared around in wonder at the nearly sparkling entrance to Rabbits two story house.

"Well yeah, I mean come on, I can't have you living in my germ infested house with that incision still healing, now can I?"

Nancy laughed, having to clutch her stomach when she did, but never stopped smiling. She looked around the living room, and covered her smile, her eyes locking onto Rabbit's back as he pushed open the door to his 'junk room' and took her back inside. She followed him and saw that the room was completely empty of anything that belonged to him. Instead was a queen sized bed, a nightstand, and a dresser.

On the wall was a flat screen TV, and there were three paintings. Nancy frowned when she recognized them.

"Rabbit, I thought I threw those away years ago…"

Rabbit shrugged as he started unpacking her things and putting them in the dresser. "You did…I raided your dumpster…"

"You raided! RABBIT!" Nancy hit him on the shoulder as she sank onto the bed frowning.

"What? Your paintings are great. There are more upstairs," he shrugged.

"I threw them out for a reason. I didn't cut it as an artist…and it was never enough for my father." Nancy's eyes were sad as she thought of the demands her father had laid on her in college.

"Nancy, look at me," Rabbit said quietly as he knelt in front of her and gently lifted her chin so their eyes met. "Anything you do, as long as it's good enough for you, and only you, is the right thing. If art is what you love, you should do it."

"But I love saving people…just…not as a surgeon. That's all he ever wanted me to be…just like him." Her words were laced with venom, as her eyes began to tear. "And besides, would you still want to be friends with me if I was just an artist? There's nothing interesting about that."

Rabbit frowned, before he rose up a little and kissed her soundly. "Nancy, I will love you no matter who you are, and what you do, and I will love you because of that, forever."

"Really Reuben?" Nancy asked, her voice hitching.

"Really Nancy. Forever."