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The Orb

Ranma Saotome was dead, no not dead really, more like destroyed. She would still need to become him at times for legal reasons, until she could create a new identity or change her old one.

It had all begun with finding a new magical item at an old shrine, the Orb of Understanding. She did not know a lot about the item even now, and much less when she found it. Well when he found it, it was Ranma that found it, but she was Ranko now in body and soul. She was a woman's woman now; she was more woman than any woman she knew.

Ranma had wished to understand the women in his life, it was a stupid wish, it was a wonderful wish, and it had destroyed him and created her. She now understands every important girl in Ranma's life, because she now had all her memories and the feeling that went with them. She knew her mother, Akane, Nabiki, Kasumi, Shampoo, Cologne, Ukyo, and several other girls intimately; she had been them. With all this knowledge of women of being a woman, Ranma could not exist as a man. She had been a woman part-time for a little over two years and now she had hundreds of years of being a woman against sixteen years of being a male.

She now hated her father, no he was not her father anymore, he did not deserve the title. The most she could say was that he was Genma. He had left her mother and caused her to go crazy. Genma had made that stupid pledge, promised to make Ranma a man among men. She had also, promised to come back between trips, so that she no Nodoka could see Ranma, but he had lied.

He had stolen her cart and taken her first friend Ranma away.

He had created and promised Ranma too many girls.

Akane, Nabiki, all the girls disliked him, he did not respect women.

She was smarter than Ranma now. She had all the knowledge of all the girls.

She loved and hated Ranma.

She was now Ranko Tendo and the schools had now been combined.