By: Emo Fox


"I hate you," Was becoming one of the worst lies Sasuke had ever told Naruto.


The heat between their bodies was almost unbearable but neither was going to stop.


Sasuke used to think of all the ways to inflict pain on Naruto, now, he wasn't so sure that was what he wanted anymore.


Naruto's dream was to be a hero, but if that meant he had to kill Sasuke, Naruto didn't think he'd ever live his dream.


"Naruto," Sasuke's voice was smoother than silk and it always caused the blonde's knees to buckle before they reached the bed.


Naruto was tied to the bed, blind-folded, spread out before the Uchiha like his own personal captive.


Sasuke craved power, but a new craving was developing for Naruto and he wasn't sure which would prevail.


"It wasn't my intention to fall in love with you," Naruto murmured in a mess of words, unable to meet Sasuke's eyes, "It just…happened."


"I love it when you smile," Naruto grinned stupidly causing the Uchiha to blush, "You don't do it enough."


Red was the color of Sasuke's eyes, Naruto barely remembered when they had been pitch black.


Sasuke wanted so badly to take Naruto's life, but he didn't think he would be able to anymore.


Naruto had no words for the emotion running through him the day Sasuke was brought to the village – dead.


"Breathe damn it! Breathe!" Naruto yelled hopelessly at the lifeless form of the Uchiha, his hands desperately fluttering over the open wounds trying to close them; Naruto feared he had already heard Sasuke's last breath.


Sasuke hated the color orange, but he loved the person always wearing it.


Sasuke's betrayal was finally becoming a distant, horrible memory.


Naruto kept a box of photos that Sasuke probably didn't know about under the bed; filled with old memories so he would never forget their youth.


Sasuke could out-run Naruto, he had on almost every occasion, but Naruto refused to give up the chase.


Naruto was never cold when he slept next to Sasuke, the man was like his own personal heater, but sometimes the heat was too much and Naruto would turn away wishing the Uchiha was an ice-box instead.


"Just one drink won't hurt," Naruto grinned, knowing exactly how Sasuke got when he was drunk, "C'mon, just one."


Naruto didn't know what to think when the masked man descended on Konoha, he didn't think it could be Sasuke, but the feeling in his guts told him it was; the final battle was beginning.


Their fights had become a deadly dance of blades and ninja magic; smoke and mirrors, neither would deal the final blow but neither would stop until the other gave in.


Naruto didn't suffer from basic sickness, but Sasuke wasn't so lucky.


Sasuke hated hospitals, completely hated them, but he always seemed to find himself in them.


No one can fight gravity, that point had been made when the last of Sasuke's energy had been used and he found himself falling from his perch towards the emotionless ground before him; he could have sworn he heard someone call his name before he blacked out.


They wanted to keep Sasuke locked up forever, he was a criminal, a traitor, but Naruto would have none of it – he was the Hokage god damn it and Sasuke wasn't going to wither and die in a cell.