Authors Notes: Um… hi? Second post on to and I want to say this is NOT THE WAY I WRITE. I wrote this story a long while ago and my writing style has developed a lot since then and I'm working on a sequel right now which I'm really, really proud of and I just don't feel like/don't have the time to rewrite this. Heh, heh… uh… right…. Sorry. I'll shut up now… Please don't think too hard about me orz.

Lovino let out a large yawn as he closed the door and threw his keys on the table. It had been a long weekend. Not only was there a huge meeting on Friday, but Antonio had made him stay at his place for the rest of the trip. Not that this was unusual. It happened every time.

Walking into his room he tossed his overnight bag onto the bed. He let out another yawn. What time was it anyway?

Rummaging through his bag, Lovino pulled out his dirty clothes and put them in the hallway to be washed in the morning. Opening his dresser, he pulled out a fresh set and stuffed them into the bag. Knowing Antonio, it was always good to be prepared for an unexpected visit.

Despite how drowsy he was, Lovino headed into the bathroom to take a shower. He always liked to be clean before he fell asleep. Years of living with Antonio had burned the principle into him and old habits were hard to change.

He stripped down and stepped into the shower, jumping a little as the cold water hit his bare skin but relaxing once it heated up. Picking up his shampoo, Lovino started to rub it into his hair, unconsciously avoiding that one strand. But something was off. He couldn't quite place it until… aha! He had accidentally use Antonio's shampoo. That bastard, he always forgot to take it with him.

Lovino took a deep breath of the familiar scent. Somehow it made him feel relaxed, safe. He wondered why. After all, it wasn't that important.

"Dammit," he said as he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, "Why do I keep thinking of that guy?" he dried off and slipped on a night shirt, frowning, "I just got away from him. Doesn't that mean I should stop thinking about him?"

Slipping beneath the covers of his bed, Lovino turned and reached for his alarm clock. Antonio had given it to him years ago. It was shaped like a tomato and ugly as hell, but for some reason he had never thrown it out. His frown deepened as he set it back on the table pulled the sheets over his head.

Running his fingers through his hair he breathed in the scent of Antonio's shampoo. Or he guessed it was technically just the way Antonio smelled…

Lost in his thoughts, Lovino got careless. His fingers brushed past his curl and he shot straight up, gasping. He could feel his cheeks redden and an instant layer of sweat form on his back. His heart beat against his ribcage.

Waiting to calm down, he thought about how many times Antonio had done exactly the same thing, both by accident and on purpose. Including this weekend. Lets see… they had come home, both beat from the meeting. They had gone into Antonio's room where his stuff was already sitting on a chair. He had wanted to go to the bathroom but Antonio had grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed. He tried to get up when Antonio had reached out, a smile plastered on his idiotic face, and gently tugged-

Lovino's eyes widened. His heart was beating even more rapidly now, like a million tiny birds trying to break free. His breathing was quick and the blush that filled his cheeks wouldn't go away. He was sure Antonio would be teasing him right about now… No! Wait!

He put one hand on his chest, and one on his head, "Oh shit…"

So uh… other chapters will be longer then this and I promise: THEY WILL GET BETTER.