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Antonio smiled as he checked the reading on the thermometer, "Looks like you're all back to normal, Lovi!"

Lovino, currently sitting on his bed, pouted and crossed his arms, "I would have been normal from the start if you hadn't left me in the rain for two hours in France, dumbass!"

He leaned over and kissed the young Italian lightly on his temple, extracting the blush that made him look so much like a tomato, "Whatever you say my little tomato."

Lovi is so cute… he thought as Lovino huffed and scooted down farther under the sheets, twisting around so his back was facing him. Chuckling to himself, Antonio slipped in after his new boyfriend. Carefully he wrapped his arms around the smaller body, letting out a sigh of contentment when he felt Lovino's figure relax into his own. Stretching, he gently kissed Lovino's pale cheek.


"Go to sleep."

"Do you love me?"

His query was met with silence. Apprehensive, Antonio hugged Lovino closer, "Lovino?"

"…Yeah, I do. I told you this morning, idiot. Can't you remember anything?"

Grinning he nuzzled his head into the curve of the other nation's neck, "I remember, Lovi. I was just checking."

"Fine. Now go to sleep already!"

"But Lovi, don't you want to-"


Antonio suppressed a laugh and let it drop. Lovino was probably exhausted anyways, even if he was only joking. Slowly he closed his eyes, and prepared to drift off into the land of sleep he had become so familiar with.

After a few minutes his eyes reopened. There was a question burning in his mind, and he knew there was no way he would be able to fall asleep without asking it.

"Lovino, I…" Antonio hesitated for moment, but it only lasted a second, "Does this mean you want to get married now?"

But Lovino did not answer. Antonio looked over the Italian's bare shoulder. His eyes were closed, his breathing even. Carefully he put his head back onto the pillow so as not to wake his sleeping partner. Oh, well. He could wait till morning to ask.

Shifting around to get comfy, Antonio started at the sound of Lovino's voice, drowsy and barely audible.

"I'm not wearing a dress…bastard."

Antonio reached over to turn Lovino's face. After giving him a kiss, soft and full of love, he put their foreheads together, supporting the Italian's head with his hand.

"That's more then I could ever ask for," he whispered into the night.

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