This is a complete rewrite of the draft version of this fic with minor/major changes. There is HIGH POTENTIAL OF HISTORICAL INNACCURACY, so for the enjoyment of this fic, please just consider the setting as an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE! If you view this with a real worldview standard, you're just setting yourself up for an ulcer. And also, please do no criticize me for making Yao OOC. As an author, I think I'm making the best possible characterization for him for his particular age.

Written for Dudi aka Weland aka Shadowshroom. It's a late birthday gift, but I hope you'll still like it~

"Yao!" Russia called out once the meeting was over, hurrying over to the smaller man.

China barely had time to register someone calling his name before he found himself being smothered into a thick, beige overcoat.

"Yao-Yao, did you miss me? You missed me right?" He held China closer as if he wanted to fuse their bodies into one, "We haven't seen each other in so long~"

"Mmmph, mmpf!"

"Did you say something, Yao?" Russia asked, looking down, completely obvious to the desperate clawing at his arms by the other nation.

China thought he was finally going to join Roman Empire in heaven. When they chit-chat about how their life ended, the only marginally acceptable thing for him say was that he got mauled to death by a bear. Luckily- just as he was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel- Russia loosened his hold enough for him to breathe.

China gasped for air, his eyes shooting a pointed look at the smiling blond. "You almost killed me aru!"

Russia had the gall to laugh, "Silly, Yao~ Why would I try to kill you? You're much more fun to play with alive~"

China narrowed his eyes menacingly while Russia just continued to smile. In the end, China sighed, letting the matter drop. There was no point in arguing with Russia over these minor issues, but as Russia bent his head to kiss him, he shot out a hand to stop the puckered lips. Not arguing, however, didn't mean he'll easily forgive the Russian. "What are you doing aru?"

His mouth still covered by the small hand, Russia raised an eyebrow, silently conveying, "Do you really even need to ask?"

"You know I don't like k-ki…doing that in public." China couldn't keep the blush from entering his cheeks.

He yelped slightly at the feel of Russia's tongue against his palm. "But you're always so passionate in bed! You'd hold me close, raking you're nails down my back, screaming, 'Har-'" Russia chuckled, holding his hands up defensively at China's death glare. If eyes could burn, he would have turned into a crisp by now.

The larger nation grinned down at the smaller man. "I can't help feeling insecure can I?" A finger reached out to stroke China's cheek, his eyes softening into tenderness; his actions, though, were the complete opposite of his next words, "You're getting old in years, Yao-Yao. I think I see a wrinkle on your face. Before I know it, you're going to develop memory lost!"

"You ungrateful brat," China grabbed onto the labels of the laughing Russian's coat. He was tired of these snide remarks about his age, of being an old grandpa, of being a pedophile! The other nations should admire him for lasting this long, for retaining memories of the past before they were even created! China blinked, an idea forming in his mind.

He quickly let of Russia's collar, smoothing it down. Smiling sweetly at the larger nation, China cooed, "Sad that you think I would forget you after a few years, Ivan, because after all these centuries, I still remember the face of my first love."

"Excuse me?" Russia asked, caught unexpected at the sudden change in conversation.

"You said I would eventually forget you right aru?" China did little circle motions with his fingers on Russia's chest, batting his eyes prettily up at the Russian, "but I'll always remember my first love because he was special to me."

Russia choked, "W-what?"

"Uh huh," China grinned – actually grinning like a love struck fool- "He was very sweet and cute. I liked him a lot aru. Enough that I gave him my first kiss." Russia couldn't believe his ears. China openly admitting out loud that he liked someone! Completely stunned, Russia didn't even notice China giving him a quick peck on the lips.

China sighed in disappointment, "I wish I could see him again aru. I really do miss him."

Russia watched China begin walking away from him, but oddly enough, did not follow the Chinese. Honestly, China should have known better; after all, they have known each other for centuries on end and lovers for almost half a century. However- happy getting the last word and imagining Russia's jealous face- China whistled nonchalantly as he walked down the hallway, completely oblivious to the dark aura surrounding Russia and the ominous chanting of kol kol kol….

3 weeks later, Russia joyfully found himself walking through the steppes, the plains, and Gobi Desert- all in an effort to reach China's current house. China never really told him where it was, but that was fine. He could always sense him. Nations could always feel the presence of other nations; that's how child nations are found and reared. Besides, around this time period, only a few existed. He closed his eyes, allowing a few moments to past before smiling, finding exactly what he was looking for. Of those he felt – some quite faint due to distance- he only knew one with intimate familiarity.

Russia increased his pace, excitement boiling through his veins. Almost. Almost there.

Just you wait, Yao. Be prepared for when I find you….

I didn't time travel all the way back to the Xia dynasty for just a measly kiss….

Do not underestimate Kol Kol magic….

ALL your first time will be mine…