"I can't! I can't regret loving you!"
Kate's eyes were wild as she stared at the ranger across the fire "You have no comprehension of how much I wish I could change the decisions my heart has made, How much I want to hate you, but I can't bring myself to do it, I can't stop myself giving a damn about you, and I simply ... cannot ... " she sighed and shook her head, enraged by Aragorn's silence.
"In me ... You have a willing slave, and you know you do ... I hate it, and yet it's all I want ... everything I do... I do with you in mind..."

The chill wind blew through her hair, calming the fire in her face and the next thing she knew his strong arms were around her waist in a loose hug, and Kate collapsed against him.
She felt him take a breath and tightened her grip on him "Don't apologise, please don't ... It just makes it worse ... harder ... Just-Just don't say anything"

Aragorn rest his head against her mass of brown curls and sighed, Kate couldn't see the misery on his face as he agonised over the choice in his mind.
The Evenstar was dying, and to save her he must part from Kate. He knew that asking the half-elven woman to forget him had been a mistake, but he had only been trying to prepare her; if Elronds plan to take the Dimholt road failed, and he did not return he did not want this woman to despair.

"I must go..."
She was free of him arm a moment later, leaving them feeling cold, and empty, and she kept her face to the wind and her back to him.
"Kate ... I..."
"Please ... Don't make it hurt more... Leave before I cannot ... let you go..."
There was silence, and then a brush of his lisp across her cheek, finally causing the tears to fall before he moved past her and into the shadow of the night; Narsil reforged hanging at his hip, and looking every inch the King Kate had fallen in love with.