February 6, 2005

It was another normal day of work for Damon. At least, it was as normal as it could get. Damon worked for the French government, in an (intentionally) lesser known division of the secret service known as "Project Zaia". He was one of the few people to cross over to this project from its predecessor, "Project Carthage", but with good reason. He was the reason the main events over the past couple of years transpired. Events that many people have forgotten; thanks to the white dome of light that has kept turning back the clock time after time after time. Damon was a man with secrets galore.

One of his secrets was that he was happily married and had a child. This was a secret in the sense that he did not like others in the workplace knowing about his personal life, just as he kept his work life away from home. His son, Curtis, was your usual technology obsessed teen. And, he just happened to be down the hall, walking towards the lab Damon was now working in.

"Any luck deciphering the chip?" asked one of Damon's colleges. "Not yet, but I am close" he replied. Damon was working on cracking a chip that he retrieved from the supercomputer that allowed people to access the territory now known as "Lyoko". This chip in particular allowed the user to take over someone's mind and body. He copied the data from the original chip into a SD card, and put the original chip back in its place in the supercomputer. While he had done this years ago, it was only now that he started focusing on the chip again, as it was only recently he discovered the supercomputer was reactivated, which was the reasoning for Project Zaia's existence.

Meanwhile, Curtis was walking down the hall towards the lab room. Curtis was always a fan of jackets, and today was sporting a red one. He walked down the hall, listening to his iPod. He walked up to the entrance of the lab and walked in. "Curtis, what the hell are you doing here?" Damon yelled when he saw his son, but Curtis did not respond immediately. He walked up to his dad and said "duck". Although, it was not him speaking. It was something else, and Damon's eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen, and he ducked.

After about 5 seconds of hiding under the table with ravenous noise around him, he stood up. His colleagues were all knocked out, and his son was standing in the center of the room, his hands flaring with energy. "Your not my son" Damon said slowly and quietly. "Very observant" said the entity possessing Curtis. "What do you want XANA?" Damon said with a little more confidence as he stood up. Curtis's body smiled as he approached Damon. "I need that chip" he said, pointing to the piece of hardware Damon was experimenting on.

"Why?" Damon asked simply. "I need it to continue my project" XANA said. "XANA, your going to far. You need to step back and stop interfering with people's lives" Damon said, though he immediately regretted it, as lightning shot out of his son's hands and shocked him. He fell to the floor in great pain. "I know I was a result of your feud with Franz, but that does not matter anymore. I have a goal to complete, and I am not going to let you get in my way" XANA said impatiently. XANA in Curtis's body walked towards the chip, and picked up. "What are you going to do with it?" Damon asked from the floor, still withering in pain. "I am sending it as a present to a dear friend" XANA said with a smile as he took the chip and inserted it into the back of a pendant. "It's all a part of the plan". "Just keep my son's body safe" was the last thing Damon said before he passed out from the pain.

May 24, 2008:

The day had finally arrived. Graduation day for the Lyoko warriors. Jeremy and Aelita sat together, now a couple, as were Ulrich and Yumi. Odd was still single, though he was not sitting alone, as he was stationed right between the two aforementioned couples. "Thank you for joining us today" said Mr. Delmas as he took the microphone from the stage. "This is a very important day in the lives of our graduating class" he said, and that was the start of his drabbling for the next 10 minutes, which all of the audience (except for Sissy, who was always finding opportunities to suck up to daddy) generally ignored.

"What do you want to do for dinner?" Ulrich asked Yumi. They have been dating for over half a year now, and things have been going great. The first 3 or so months after the shutting down of Lyoko were rough for the two of them, but after that, they started getting along better, and now, about a year after shutting down Lyoko, they were a happy teen couple. "I would love to, but my family is going out to dinner to celebrate" Yumi replied.

Things were also going great for Jeremy and Aelita. They were as smitten for each other as they were all those years ago when Aelita was devirtualized from Lyoko for the first time. "Your father would be proud of you" Jeremy said to her, and she replied by kissing him on the cheek, to which he blushed. Odd, who was in between the two couples, tried getting attention by acting being grossed out by the actions around him, but he was ignored.

Everything changed, however, when a gunshot came from the back of the crowd. "What was that?" Jeremy asked aloud as he turned around. Mr. Delmas dropped the microphone in shock, and Jim tackled the shooter of the gun. "On behalf of the French government, get off of me" said the intruder to the graduation ceremony. Jim backed off, and the intruder stood back up. "I am looking for a student by the name of Jeremy Belpois. Is he here?" the man asked. Jeremy looked towards his friends in fear. "He can't harm you" Aelita said quietly, and Jeremy stood up. "Who asks?" Jeremy said aloud. The intruder grinned the kind of grin you see on psychotic people.

"My name is Damon, and I work for an organization known as "Project Zaia". Jeremy stood there with a blank expression before he spoke. "I have been wondering what was taking you guys so long to find me" he said out loud. This conversation was happening with all the students, faculty, and parents of those students watching and listening. "Although Lyoko is gone, what could you guys possibly want?" Jeremy asked. Damon reached into his pocket and pulled out a small object, the size of a computer chip. In fact, it was a computer chip, the very one that possessed Aelita. "I found this in your room" Damon said.