Warning: This fic is now M-rated. If that's not your cup of tea, please consider the fic to be already completed and turn back. If you don't mind the rating bump at all, read on. :D Yes, this was supposedly to be part of chapter 2.

I wrote three-quarters of this before the release of the OVA. So please ignore the inconsistent bits. This is one of the few things I hate about continuing series—you need to edit a hell lot and keep updated. I'm already ignoring some manga chapters … soon I'll be ignoring the second season. D:


"Whoa, you actually got here on time!" Ritsu remarked when Yui huffed her way towards them. The other three girls gave more ordinary greetings to the exhausted brunette.

After she had gotten her breath, Yui smiled wildly. "It's thanks to Azu-nyan for being my alarm clock! I told her to call me."

"Huh? Doesn't your phone have its own? Alarm clock, I mean."

"I always sleep through it."

Ritsu gaped. "And how did you hear Azusa's call then?"

"Her ringtone's 'Fuwafuwa time'. It always wakes me up!"

The four girls stared at her, all agape.

Yui blinked at them. "What?"

"That's so sweet," Tsumugi said finally.

"See!" Ritsu pointed, "That is dedication! What happened to the rest of us?"

"Off swimming, I guess," Azusa muttered. Her eyes widened at the implication. "I mean," she added, "I-I'm not saying that I'm not going to slack off today. I…." She gave up and frowned at herself.

Mio patted her head. "It's okay, Azusa. You just finished your summer course. You should enjoy your break." Seeing how Ritsu was smirking, she directed a look at her. "Don't start."

Ritsu ignored the terse warning. "So you're not a party pooper after all," she said, earning a glare.

Tsumugi looked at her wristwatch and gasped. "We need to get going, everyone. The train will be coming in under a minute."

"I haven't bought my ticket yet!" Yui cried. She pushed her guitar case towards Azusa ("Please hold it, Azu-nyan!") and dashed off. "Hold the doors for me!" she yelled over her shoulder, "I'll catch you later!"

Tsumugi reached for Yui's trolley case but was stopped by another pair of hands. "You're carrying too much, Mugi. Lemme take it," Ritsu offered.

"Thank you Ricchan."

"C'mon you guys," Mio called from the other side of the turnstiles, "Tell Yui to hurry! The train just pulled up."


"Ah, made it!" Yui sighed, flopping into her seat. She looked at Mio and Tsumugi who were lifting all the bags onto the luggage rack. Unlike the other two, their tall height made them able to do this. "Thank you, Mio-chan, Mugi-chan. Sorry I can't help, I'm too tired."

Mio, after lugging the last bag of her share, breathed out in exertion and sat next to Ritsu. "It's no problem."

Tsumugi sat down next to Yui with a smile. Even though she had to move a couple of more bags than Mio—for she was adamant in moving her own luggage—she didn't seem out of breath.

"You know, Mugi," Ritsu said, "Why are you always carrying more stuff than us? You know, during trips like these."

Tsumugi blinked at her before tilting her head to the side. "It's a secret," she said cheerfully.

"That's not fair! We're your friends! Tell us!"

Yui laughed. "If Mugi-chan doesn't want to tell us, Ricchan, we shouldn't force her."

Ritsu looked at the lead guitarist, complete shock written all over her face. "What happened to you Yui?"


"You sound so … so freakily mature."

"Eh? !" Yui cried in dismay. "I-I could say the same back to you!"

"Mugi-sempai, I heard your father owns 10GIA," Azusa said, ignoring the bickering of the two brunettes. "Does that mean you're usually carrying instruments around at home?"

Tsumugi nodded. "Yup. People often come to our house so they can use one of our studios."

"One of our studios," Azusa repeated. She looked at the other three to see if they shared her disbelief. Apparently, they were already used to it.

"Hey," Mio muttered, directing a look at Ritsu and Yui. They were in the midst of an arm-wrestling match, and they didn't seem to hear her. "Oi!" The two stopped and turned. "Quiet down, will you? People are staring."

Mio arched an eyebrow when the two stuck their tongue out, acting cute, in unison. Yui also raised a gentle fist to hit the side of her head. "Sorry Mio-chan."

"Yeah," Ritsu acquiesced, "Sorry mum."

Mio frowned. "Don't complain when you don't get a kiss, then."

Ritsu immediately latched herself onto her, apologising profusely. Mio pushed her away half-heartedly, mumbling, "People are staring. Stop it."

Tsumugi and Yui cooed.

Azusa propped her elbow by the window sill and rested her chin against her palm. She smiled. "They're really like a married couple, aren't they?"

Mio and Ritsu froze. "Married?" they spluttered.

"When's the wedding?" Yui teased. "Be sure to tell us before it happens. We do need to go and buy a dress for it."


Tsumugi sighed happily. "Imagine their children. How beautiful they would be."

"Stop planning our future without our consent!" Mio shrilled. When she felt the eyes of strangers on her, she felt she might stay red forever, and hid behind Ritsu.

After a long while in coaxing Mio out of her hiding, Ritsu brought up a new topic. "So, any of you got any ideas for our band name?"

"Why are we talking about this again?" Mio asked, sighing.

"Houkago Teatime is too long to say!"

"It really is a mouthful," Azusa agreed.

All five girls hummed in thought.

"Why not H-Teatime?" Ritsu suggested. "Kinda like P-Model."

"Um," Tsumugi said, "I don't really think that's a good idea, Ricchan."

Ritsu pouted. "Why?"

"Well, whenever I think of the Roman letter H, I think of 'hate'."

Ritsu blinked. "Oh, okay. Let's not use it then."

After Tsumugi had turned away, Ritsu looked at Mio and whispered, "What does that mean again? It sounded really familiar."

Mio leaned towards Ritsu's ear, explaining it. Ritsu frowned after Mio had finished. "How weird," Ritsu whispered. "I was thinking of 'hot', not—what's-it-callie?"


"Yeah, that."

Mio turned to the others. "You do know Sawako-sensei has already shortened it for us, right?" she reminded. When she received four faces, none of them carrying a hint of recollection, she continued, "HTT, remember?"

"Oh," Tsumugi said. She then added in embarrassment, "I can't believe I'd forgotten that."

"I don't even remember it," Yui said.

"Same here," Ritsu agreed.

They turned to Azusa, who flushed and shook her head.

"Well then," Ritsu continued, "that's settled! We do need a new one!"

"Why don't we use Go-Teatime?" Yui suggested.

"We're quite insistent on keeping 'Teatime', aren't we," Azusa remarked quietly.

Ritsu threw a look at Azusa before lifting the ends of her fringe to her lips. Azusa glanced at the brunette and snorted. She doubled over in laughter.

Yui slammed a fist against her palm. "Goatee!" she exclaimed in English.

The other girls gave her blank stares.

"It was a moustache, Yui," Ritsu said finally.

Yui shook her head violently. "I mean the band name. Let's call it Goatee!"


"Why?" Yui whined.

"It's so random."

Yui's face went blank. "No it isn't."

"Where the heck did you get the idea from?"

"Think Pokémon."


"Oh," Mio said in understanding. "It's a portmanteau of Houkago Teatime."

"Yup!" Yui said, nodding happily. "See, Mio-chan knows what I'm talking about!"

Ritsu stared at Mio. "How the hell did you figure that out?"

Mio raised an eyebrow. She didn't answer.

Yui looked over at Azusa and Tsumugi for support. "Hey, hey, so is Goatee good?"

"It sounds perfect, Yui-chan."

"I guess it works."

"And Azu-nyan," Yui continued, "I think Ui's going to join the Light Music Club next year."

Azusa brightened up. "Is that so?"

Yui nodded. "Yup. Ui's been playing with Giita a lot recently." She snickered and added, "I think she's falling in love with him."

"Lemme take it back," Ritsu said, also snickering. "You're not mature at all."

"How mean, Ricchan!"

Azusa suddenly gasped in awe, drawing their attention. When she saw their questioning gazes, she pointed to the window. They turned. A smile latched on each girl's face.

"Ocean! How I missed you," Ritsu and Yui cried.

"Ritsu. You just went to the beach several days ago," Mio said.

Ritsu turned around and leaned towards her. "And you missed me after several days," she whispered. "So what?"

Mio pointedly looked the other way.

"Yui! Let's open the window!"


"One, two!"

There was a click. They proceeded to holler.

Mio watched them lean over the window sill. Then, for some inexplicable reason, her heart jumped to her throat and she grabbed the hems of Ritsu's and Yui's shirts. She pulled them back.

"What, Mio? !"

"Mio-chan! What…!"

"It's dangerous," Mio hissed.

The two pouted. "Party pooper," Ritsu mumbled.

"What'd happen if you did fall off, hm?"

The two blinked at her. Ritsu ah-ed and replied in a rush. "Were you thinking of the scene where this kid jumped off the train and got his limbs—"

"Stoop! Stop!"


This year, there were no arguments if practice or play came first. Azusa and Mio had grudgingly accepted the fact that their club did not work that way. All of them were changing in the same room, having worn their swimsuits under their casual attire.

Ritsu stared at the mirror with the ubiquitous, yellow hair accessory in her hands. "Do you like me with the hair band on or not?" she asked, having seen Mio walk up to her.

There was a pause before Mio replied, "I don't mind either way."

Ritsu tipped her head to the side. "You sure?"

"Just wear the hair band," Mio said, sighing.

Ritsu tipped her head the other way. "I knew it. I do look weird without it."

"It's just that your hair will get in your eyes! Didn't I tell you that…."

"I look cute without it?"

"Yeah," Mio murmured, averting her eyes, "cute."

Ritsu smiled. "You look cute too," she said, making Mio mildly blush. Ritsu's smile widened. She nodded to herself. "Yup, very cute," she clarified. She slid the hair band on and turned around. "What should we do first?" she asked, addressing the rest of the group. "Volleyball? Swimming? Being stranded on an island?"

"The last one, Ricchan!" Yui cried.

"Well, you guys do whatever you want," Mio said, rummaging through her bag. "I'm going to read a book in the shade."

"How sad," Ritsu commented. "Didn't you say 'enjoy summer break' a second ago?"

"I am enjoying it. Unlike you, I enjoy reading books."

At the other end of the room, Azusa said, "Why are you putting that around me?"

"It's a tube, Azu-nyan."

"I said why, not what it is, Yui-sempai."

"Mio-chan," Tsumugi called out, just as the girl was going to leave the room. "You should play with us. Volleyball's quite fun."

"Don't bother, Mugi," Ritsu said. "She sucks at sports."

Mio, almost imperceptibly, bristled. "I'm not going to fall for that obvious trick," she scoffed.

Ritsu gasped. "Azusa! Mio just called you stupid!"

Azusa stopped fighting against Yui's attempts in decorating her. "Eh?"

"Don't put words in my mouth!" Mio fumed, waving her book about. "Do you want this to be thrown at you?"

Ritsu glanced at the book and saw it was a hardcover. She gulped and repeated her statement. Mio swung her arm and Ritsu instantly fell onto the floor, clenching her eyes.

There was no sound of impact, only laughter. Ritsu peeked an eye open. She watched Yui bend down and reach for her arms. "Mio-chan tricked you!" she snickered, pulling her up.

After she had gotten to her feet, Ritsu ran after Mio. She noticed how the other three were at her heels so she spun around in mid-step and yelled, "Let's tackle Mio!"


"Get off me!" Mio managed to huff, victimised by a fit of giggles.

Azusa stood up first, having been the last to jump onto the pile. Tsumugi and Yui got up next. All of them were fellow victims.

"Ritsu," Mio said, "get off me."

Ritsu rolled over until she lay on her back, laughing.

Yui looked at Azusa. She then stopped laughing. "Azu-nyan," she said in disappointment, "what happened to the tube I put you in?"

Azusa puffed out her cheeks. "I took it off back inside. It's hard to run with that on."

"I run fine with it."

Tsumugi pulled Mio to her feet. "Sorry for that, Mio-chan," she said meekly, "I hope we weren't too heavy."

Mio shook her head. "All in good fun, isn't it?" She turned and watched Ritsu lay suspiciously still with her tongue hanging out. She kicked the sand towards her and didn't receive a response.

Yui knelt beside the drummer, and after a moment, began to pile handfuls of sand on top of her. Azusa, who wore an uncharacteristically devilish smile, helped her.

Mio and Tsumugi glanced at each other. They joined in the burying.

Several moments later, Ritsu's eyes flew open. She regarded the mountain of sand before her. "What did you put on me?"

"Boobs," Yui answered.

"You make it sound like I got none."

Ritsu watched Azusa's and Yui's face become amused. She scowled and added, "I'm gonna get you for that."

The sand was shoved and brushed away.

Yui gaped. "Mio-chan…."

"Sorry," Mio said, with a smile that contradicted her word.

Azusa squeaked as Ritsu sat up. Hand in hand, the two guitarists ran away from the freed drummer. Following them was the laughter of the other two band mates.

"It seems like it will be an enjoyable time for us," Tsumugi commented.

Mio nodded. She tried not to feel guilty when she chortled, having seen Yui trip over her own feet.

Tsumugi glanced at the sky. "Mio-chan, can you help me set up?"

Mio retrieved her book, which had fallen after she was attacked. "Of course."

They went back for the umbrella, blanket, towels and Yui's swimming tube.


"Are you getting turned on, Mio?" Ritsu asked.

Mio's hands froze. She was in the middle of applying sunscreen on Ritsu's back. "No," she grounded out.

"Aw, I'm hurt."

The hands moved again. Ritsu gave a long moan.

"Don't do that!" Mio exclaimed.

"I can't help it," Ritsu said, her voiced muffled. Mio knew she was trying to hide her snickering. "C'mon Mio, keep on rubbing … wouldn't mind if you went lower too."

Mio pulled away in a huff and closed the lid of the lotion bottle. She was immensely glad that the other three had hurried off for a swim.

"Mio. I'm going to get sunburnt if you don't finish."

Mio cringed. She didn't want that. A whiney Ritsu was worse than a devious one. So she grudgingly went back to work and tried to ignore the continued moans. Quickly checking for any skin that she hadn't gone over, she moved away. "There. Done."

"No you're not."


Ritsu moved her face to the side. "You need to put some on my bottom."


"C'mon Mio! My adorable bottom is going to get burnt if you don't put some on."

Too flustered to notice Ritsu's swimsuit covered that particular body part, Mio shoved the bottle towards Ritsu's face. "Then you do it. You can reach there."

"Ah, you want to watch me touch myself? Oh you naughty girl!"

"I am going to kill you."

Ritsu sat up and pulled Mio in for a quick kiss. "No you're not."

"That's cheating," Mio mumbled, turning away.

"I'll make it up to you, since it's your turn now."

Mio faced her. "Eh?"

Ritsu gestured towards the ground.

Mio felt something twist in her stomach. "Uh, I'm fine. I'm going to stay in the shade anyway."

"No you're not. I'm gonna pull you out there later. And I don't want my Mio getting sunburnt."

The possessiveness caught onto her and before Mio knew it, she was laying on her stomach. She had second thoughts, though, when she sensed a foreboding aura from the drummer. "Um," she stammered, "don't do anything weird, okay?"

"I'll try."

"No. You don't try. You don't do anything weird." She felt something cool on her back and she tensed. Relaxed when a warm hand spread the feeling onto more skin. She stared down, at the blanket, until her sight blurred, wondering what exact hue the green was. The hand went lower. Mio held her breath. Ritsu stayed within the appropriate bounds.

"Okay, I'm done."

"Huh? Oh."

She sat up and stared at Ritsu. She stared back. Mio watched her eyes flicker and her mouth curl into an ominous smile.

Mio read her eyes and looked down. A moment later, the realisation hit her and she crossed her arms, turning scarlet. "Sh-shut up! I just felt cold!"

The smile widened. "It's 34 degrees today, Mio." Before Mio could regather her argument, Ritsu continued, "But there really is a nice breeze, huh?"

Mio nodded with more head shakes than necessary.


"Azu-nyan, are you okay? You're not sunburnt, right?"

Azusa checked her reflection on the hand-held mirror. Her skin carried splotches of red and she knew they would peel later. "I'm sunburnt," she replied, grimacing.

"Ow," Yui said softly.

"There's not much we can do for that, is there?" Tsumugi said forlornly.

Azusa gave a quiet sigh. "No. Nothing works. I get burnt so easily." She tried to cheer herself up by turning to Mio and asking, "So how was volleyball, Mio-sempai?"

Mio smiled lopsidedly. "It was fine. I guess. Yeah, great."

"You sucked," Ritsu said.

Just as Mio was going to smack the drummer's arm, Tsumugi clapped her hands together. "Time to practise, everyone."

Ritsu and Yui melted to the floor. Mio and Azusa tried to revive them.

"Yui-sempai," Azusa said, "Please get up."

Mio poked Ritsu on the side. "Oi, get up."

The two brunettes remained on the floor.

Tsumugi's lips twisted in worry. "I have some cake in the fridge—"

"I'm up!"

"And Azusa-chan," Tsumugi continued, "I think you can take off the tube now."


Mio sat on a chair outside the bathroom, finishing off the chapter she had started in the morning. A towel was around her neck and she would every so often reach up and ruffle her hair with it. She was waiting.

Ritsu and Yui had followed Tsumugi to the kitchen for their cake, leaving Azusa and Mio to take advantage of the two bathrooms. When they had finished their showers, Ritsu and Yui were still eating. It was until Tsumugi had returned, with a towel wrapped around her head, did they pick themselves up from the ground.

Mio frowned. Another speck of water had landed on the page she was reading. She gave up, closed the book and looked up at the resounding footsteps.

Ritsu had finally left the comfortable running water. Wearing nothing but a towel.

Mio concentrated on observing at her freed fringe, finding how interesting it looked when damp. As if Ritsu had shared the thought, she shook her head and ran a hand through her hair, attempting to dry it out. Mio blinked as a water droplet fell and landed near a collarbone. It then travelled over it, crawling down until it disappeared behind the towel.

Not realising how her eyes had derailed from Ritsu's forehead, Mio stared unblinkingly.

Ritsu continued to mess with her hair. The towel looked as if it was going to unravel.


Ritsu turned to her. "Yeah?"

"I hear Azusa screaming at Yui in the hallway."

"Oh. Well let's go before she turns on us."


Ritsu dropped the towel and threw on a top and shorts on. Ritsu was a quick dresser, Mio had learned. So she didn't look away.

It was when the drummer had slid her hair back and made for the door did she address Mio again. "C'mon."

"Go on ahead. I'll catch up later."

There was a surprised raise of the eyebrows. "Azusa'll be disappointed with you."

"I'll take care of that."

Ritsu tilted her head. She then shrugged and left.

Mio threw the book at the chair's feet. Two showers in a row wouldn't hurt.


Surprisingly, Ritsu didn't have to be asked thrice to practise. She immediately picked up the drumsticks and settled behind the drum set, waiting for the guitarists to tune their instruments.

Yui, seeing how her fellow procrastinator was not slacking off, decided she should follow. She quickly fixed Giita into perfection and waited for Azusa to finish. As soon as the latter placed her tuner away, she was engaged with some chit-chat. But it was quickly interrupted by the taps of sticks. Yui turned around and stared at Ritsu. She stared back.

There was a standoff. And Ritsu tapped her sticks again.

The practice went smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that Mio was starting to feel unnerved. She glanced at Azusa. She was looking a bit jittery as well.


Ritsu: "I give up! Let's take a break!"

Yui fell onto her back. "So hungry…."

Azusa knelt beside the guitarist, looking regretful. "Yui-sempai, please get up. The ground's dirty."

"I'll go and fetch the food," Tsumugi announced. She turned off her keyboard and made for the door.

"I'll go too," Mio called out.

"Me three!" Ritsu yelled.

"Me three," Yui mumbled from the floor.

Azusa stayed behind. She continued her quest in prying the guitarist off her backside.


After Tsumugi had nicely interrogated Azusa on her revival of Yui, the latter swung to Mio and Ritsu. She asked around her chopsticks, "What did your parents say?"

Mio swallowed before she replied. "What do—"

"Say what?" Ritsu asked with her mouth full.

Mio gave her a reproving look.

"You know," Yui elaborated, "when you told them you're together."

Mio watched Azusa and Tsumugi stop eating. A tense silence settled.

"We haven't told them yet," Ritsu finally said.

There was a pause.

"Would you like some seconds, Yui-chan?" Tsumugi offered.

"Yes please!" Yui only passed her bowl and an appreciative glance towards their feeder. She seemed to be having problems with Ritsu's response. "How come Ricchan?"

Ritsu played around with her food. "Isn't it obvious?"

"What's obvious?"

Azusa answered in place of the drummer. Her voice was quiet. "Their parents might not approve, is what Ritsu-sempai is trying to say."

Yui accepted Tsumugi's refill of rice. Her face, all the while, carried a mild frown. "Why wouldn't they approve? Mio-chan and Ricchan love each other." She then grinned. "Ricchan can be forgetful sometimes, but she's a good person!"

"Says the one who forgets her chords," Ritsu snorted. Her laughter was strained.

"And," Yui continued gracefully, "who cannot like Mio-chan?"

The youngest guitarist looked at her half-empty bowl. "I don't think they share your views, Yui-sempai," she said.

Yui turned to Azusa, freeing Ritsu from her concentrated stare. "Are you saying you don't like Mio-chan and Ricchan?" she gasped.

Azusa's human reaction at being cornered overrode her logical mind. The fact being that Yui's sudden line of argument did not make sense. "Of course I like Mio-sempai and," she made a split second's hesitation, "Ritsu-sempai!" She looked at Ritsu and forced a grin. "Even though she's a bit irresponsible."

Ritsu copied the notion. "Why, aren't you a disrespectful midget?"

Mio watched on, floundering over what to say to ease the tension.

Tsumugi presented the answer: dessert.


"Mio-chan, Ricchan, your room is over there," Tsumugi said calmly, pointing to the door across from her.

Mio and Ritsu looked at the given direction and then back at the blonde. "Why?" they said simultaneously.

Yui, who was behind Tsumugi and in the room the two girls were trying to enter, giggled. "We have to give you lovebirds some space, you know."

"Go back inside, Yui!" Ritsu yelled.

Yui snickered at her.

Mio gave a pointed look at Tsumugi. "You don't need to do this, Mugi. Isn't that room used by…."

"The guests," Tsumugi said simply. "It's a guest room. There are three bedrooms in this villa."

Azusa's head appeared above Tsumugi's shoulder. "Didn't you say this villa was the smallest, Mugi-sempai?" she asked.

"Yup. It's the smallest."

Azusa paled.

"Mugi," Mio started to say, but she was cut off.

"Five people can't fit in my bed, Mio-chan."

"We're sleeping in your bed?" Yui exclaimed. "Yay!"

Mio and Ritsu watched Azusa about to say something, but Tsumugi ushered her and Yui inside. Tsumugi then looked over her shoulder and smiled at them. "Good night."

Mio and Ritsu stared at the closed door blankly.

"You heard her," Ritsu said, turning around. "Let's go Mio."

Mio followed silently.

Ritsu had been looking contemplative and almost sad whenever she wasn't talking. She still hadn't found what to say but, as she watched Ritsu, she decided that as soon as they entered their room, she would bring up the topic. Somehow.

And somehow, before a word could escape Mio's mouth, Ritsu made a bee-line to the bed and keeled over, fast asleep.


She sighed at her recent ability in being late in things and closed the door, also locking it as it was her habit. She then shifted Ritsu in a more comfortable position and placed her hair band at the bedside table. Flinging a blanket over the drummer and herself, she drifted off to sleep uneasily.


"Well, don't let me bother you two."


Mio awoke and wondered, for a brief moment, if she was blind. After a minute of staring, she recognised where she was. She grabbled for her phone on the bedside table and watched the numbers. It was 3:35 a.m. She looked at the window across from her. Its blinds were closed, but it still allowed a few rays of moonlight to pass through.

Mio turned onto her other side, searching for Ritsu's form. It was shaking and, Mio felt something inside painfully constrict, she sounded as if she was muffling her sobs. Mio reached out and softly tapped Ritsu on the shoulder. Ritsu was instantly silenced and stilled.

"Ritsu?" Mio whispered. "Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh fine," Ritsu replied, her voice oddly strange. Mio watched the slight movements of Ritsu's arms, as if she was discreetly brushing away her tears. "Uh, go back to sleep."

Mio hesitated. She bit her lip and went ahead. "Are you crying?"

"What? No!"

"As if," Mio murmured. She moved closer. "I heard you."

"Just drop it."

"Don't make me turn on the lights," Mio said, hoping it sounded like a threat.

"Okay! I'll tell you."

Mio hummed in encouragement.

"I was," Ritsu moved her head and Mio didn't fully hear the rest.

Mio stared, wondering if she had heard her right. "You were…?"

There was a huff and the ground seemed to bounce around for a moment. The rocky motions threw Mio's senses off until she realised she was on a bed, not a futon, and Ritsu was lying on top of her. She knew the expression on Ritsu's face. There were no tears at all.

"No," Mio said, with mild panic and embarrassment.

She was kissed and ignored. Mio felt for Ritsu's shoulder and nudged her away. "Ritsu," she hissed, "do you realise where we are?"

"The door's locked."

"They'll hear."

She was kissed again, longer and harder this time that she had trouble breaking away.

"C'mon Mio, it's been ages."

"We just did it on…," Mio trailed off when Ritsu pulled off her shirt.

Ritsu threw the clothing behind her and smiled. "On…?"

Slate grey eyes went over Ritsu's skin. Mio had trouble remembering now. "Uhh," she answered.


Cool air grazed her stomach. Mio snapped her head up, almost head butting Ritsu, to see what was going on. Ritsu was removing her clothes.

Mio placed a steady hand at the hem of her shirt. "Not now."

Her mouth was claimed again. Ritsu kissed her hungrily, and her hands were busy. Mio fought against them and lost. Ritsu broke away, grinning, and then met her lips once more. Mio also lost her shirt.

Kisses were pressed along her jaw and neck. And Ritsu's body was pleasantly pressed against Mio's, that she half-wondered why she was resisting in the first place. She stopped thinking when the kisses reached her breasts.

"How long did you wait?" Ritsu suddenly asked.


"Or did you touch yourself after I left?"

"What are you," Mio stopped speaking, interrupted by Ritsu's curious tongue. She shivered when she felt Ritsu sigh.

"Thanks for ruining my fantasy, Mio."

That's it, Mio thought. She grabbed Ritsu and pushed her onto her back.

Ritsu smirked. "What?"

"Shut up for once."

"Why—" Mio pressed her mouth on Ritsu's neck, turning words into whimpers.

There was an insistent hand at the back of her head. And Mio easily continued, licking and sucking the pulsing skin. Her own hands were blindly pushing the rest of Ritsu's clothes to her knees, for impatient hips had grinded against hers.

"Ready?" Mio whispered.

There was another whimper. The hips continued to be impatient.

Mio kissed Ritsu on the mouth briefly before she returned to her neck. She slid a finger in. And quickly added another when Ritsu moaned and moved against her. She paused. Adjusting herself so she didn't lay directly on top of Ritsu, she felt for that sensitive spot. There was a gasp, followed by moans when she started to rub. She adjusted again. Her other hand lay at the other side, stroking Ritsu every so often. Bringing her closer and closer.

There was a choked groan and Ritsu pressed against her, shuddering violently and panting.

Mio carefully slid out her fingers, and wiped them with a tissue she snatched from the bedside table. She pushed herself up with her elbows. Ritsu's eyes were closed, but there was already a smile on her lips.

Mio tilted her head. The smile looked awfully familiar and before she could recognise it, she was flipped onto her back and kissed. She shivered when she felt cold air against her thighs and groin. She closed her eyes. Only to open them when she felt a mouth around a nipple. She lifted her head and watched Ritsu move lower and lower. Then the realisation slapped her when the moonlight made its appearance on Ritsu's outline.

"Hey," she stammered, "I don't think that's a good idea—"

"Why?" Ritsu whispered as she lifted Mio's legs over her shoulders. "You love this."

"B-but we're not at—" Mio hastily covered her mouth with a hand. The other was gripping the bed sheets, hoping the struggle would help in keeping her quiet. But as Ritsu's own mouth and tongue kept busy, both hands were clenching and pulling at the fabric. Gasping when Ritsu twirled her tongue, she glanced at the door in panic.

"Lemme hear you Mio." A long lick accompanied the breathy request. Then another. And when she felt her inside and a tongue at that tiny but sensitive spot, her self-control almost completely snapped. Whimpers escaped, and Ritsu pressed on, abandoning her teases and taunts. Mio hissed in delight. She was close already, and she lifted her hips and clenched her fists, unsure if she should hold it out or give in. There was no time to decide, though, as intense pleasure and an unrestrained moan ripped through her.

When Mio recovered, Ritsu was laying next to her, looking as if she was going to laugh. Mio figured she might have made a face, because she was snuggled into almost defensively. She then remembered what had happened earlier. Hours ago.

"You can laugh if you want," Mio whispered.


Mio considered whether to drop it and pass it off as nothing important. She dismissed the thought. "I said you can laugh."


"Because … I don't know …."

I don't want you to be sad.

"Mio doesn't know something?" Ritsu murmured, stroking Mio's hair, "That's new."

Mio's eyelids lagged to a close. Before she drifted off, Ritsu spoke again.

"I'm glad to have met you, Mio."


Ritsu awoke with the feeling of light kisses on her lips, the corners of her eyes and forehead. She smiled and watched Mio, who had apparently woken up before her. And, unfortunately, hadn't left the bed. The kisses continued and Ritsu brushed away the idea of teasing Mio about her morning breath.

There was a strangled murmur.

Ritsu blinked slowly, still laden with sleep. "Wah?"

Mio blushed a bit. "I said, good morning. And…."


"I love you."

Ritsu laughed dryly. She cleared her throat. "Love you too." She then yawned, stretching languidly. Smacking her lips, she added, "I need to pee."

Mio poked her shoulder. "Then go. And brush your teeth. Your breath stinks."

"And yours doesn't?" Ritsu muttered, flinging off the blanket.

Mio threw a pillow at her. Then she loudly gasped. Ritsu looked across. Mio was off the bed and rummaging through her bag. Moments later, she hurried over to her.

"What?" Ritsu asked finally.

"First, I'm really, really sorry."



Tsumugi watched Azusa and Yui below her half-opened eyelids. They weren't doing anything particularly interesting—just sipping their tea and talking.

"I'm surprised I'm the one that has to be woken up by you, Yui-sempai," Azusa said, muffling a yawn. "How come you manage to be late on other times?"

Yui took a bite of toast and hummed. "I guess it's because I know we're going to do something fun straight away."

"Eating breakfast with us is fun?"

"Yup! It's fun."

"But didn't you say that if Azusa-chan hadn't called you yesterday, you'd be late?" Tsumugi asked.

Yui threw the last bit of toast into her mouth. "Running to the station isn't fun."

"Um, if you had woken up early you wouldn't need to run, Yui-sempai."

"Walking alone isn't fun either!" As if to show her point, Yui leaned towards Azusa for a tight hug.

"Yui-sempai! You're going to spill my tea!"

Tsumugi was in bliss. As if the gods above were in her favour today, Mio and Ritsu stumbled into the room. She promptly stood up and served them their tea.

"Did you get a good night sleep?" Tsumugi asked. Ritsu was looking livelier than the last time she'd seen her.

"Did you sleep the wrong way, Ritsu-sempai?" Azusa asked.

Ritsu flew a hand to her neck, where a heat patch lay. "Yeah. Slept the wrong way."

Tsumugi watched Mio, who refused to meet anyone's eyes. "I guess it was a good night then, yes, Mio-chan?" she asked.

For the first time, she received a glare from her friend.

Tsumugi smiled. She knew there was a hint of thanks in there.


A/N: So I didn't end up trolling you again with the M thing. Ahaha. Enjoy the post-coital fluff in this one. It's my apology for trolling a few of you with Chances are.

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— Goatee (ゴーティー)
Houkago Teatime (ホウカ[]ティータイム)

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