Sharon had been called to CID where they had a development in Jade Roberts case, they had tracked down the suspect and a couple of their officers had gone out to arrest him. "We've getting somewhere with the case Sharon." DI Manson said "we need you to go and tell Jade about the development." "But why me why not Nate?" "You've got a connection with her; she seems to trusts you more than anyone else." Neil replied "I'm sure she's sat at home waiting for one of us to go round with good news." he continued changing the subject "by the way has Sam mentioned that we want you to join CID?" Sharon was thinking about the post so hard, she had to do what was the best thing for her living in London wasn't cheap especially for a northern girl who had no family or friends in the city. "I'm still thinking about it Neil but I am considering it." She said heading off to see Jade.

Sam had a late night last night and was still suffering a very painful hangover, she sat in the canteen with Phil on a break slowly drinking a cup of coffee, she knew Phil would have an opinion about Sharon, he was one of the station's heart throbs and had been out with half of the women at Sun Hill, "what do you think of Sharon joining CID." She asked him, "she defiantly seems the type of person we could do with on the team, she seems to get people's trust straight away, a firm example is hw she's been with Jade Roberts this past week, she's won her over and that's what many officers don't have-people skills." He replied.

Sharon was preparing to tell Jade the good news; she was sat in the living room with her. "Jade they've arrested a suspect, they are about to start interviewing him as we speak." Jade couldn't hide her delight it was a lot off her mind as Sharon spoke Janette entered the room she had overheard what Sharon said and couldn't help but show her excitement "sweetheart that's got to be something at least they've got someone, Sharon can I have a word with you in private?" "Yeah sure what's the matter?" "I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for Jade, you have been a great friend to her she wouldn't be coping if it were not for you." Sharon thought she was just doing her job. "I'm just doing what I get paid for it's my job to be nice to people but I have been in Jade's position before so I know how she is feeling." Janette knew nothing about Sharon's rape and was shocked as she spoke, she couldn't understand why Nate hadn't mentioned anything when she spoke to him yesterday. "Nate never mentioned anything and I spoke to him yesterday." Janette said "because I asked him not to, it's got nothing to do with anyone else, I wanted to be honest with him if we are going to have a future together and Jade's attack just brought it all back to me." She replied. Sharon had to return to the station but she spoke to Jade before she left "I've got to go back to the station but I'll keep you informed." She said Jade was so pleased Sharon was there for her "you're a good mate Sharon and now you're with Nate you are going to be like a sister."

Back at the station Neil and Sam had started to interview their rape suspect, they had got a name for him-30 year old Darren Johnson. "You know why you've been arrested Mr Johnson?" "No" "you've been arrested on suspicion of raping an 18 year old woman who just happens to be one of our officers sister." Sam said "can you tell me where you were at 3am this morning?" "At home in bed with my wife" "well that's strange because we have a witness who saw you being a bit rough with our victim." Sam continued. She was convinced they had the right man she just had to get it out of him "we'll check your alibi with you're wife and if she tells us a different story then you will be charged with rape, interview terminated at 12.30pm." she continued leaving the room with Neil. "Get Nate and Sally to go and speak to his wife, they should be back by now I'll go and speak to Sharon" Neil said heading to Sharon's office. Nate and Sally had just arrived back from the drugs deal and Sam managed to grab them as they walked through custody. "Go and speak to our suspect's wife he says he was in bed with her at the time of Jade's rape if she says something different we are going to charge him." "yes guv" Nate said as he and Sally made their way back to the car.

Neil was updating Sharon in her office, "he has given us an alibi but we have sent Nate and Sally to speak to his wife and if his story doesn't match then he will be charged with Jade's rape" "that's something I suppose" Sharon replied. Neil could see something was up, " what's the matter you're really quiet today something must be bothering you?" he asked her sounding concerned " it's just my mum was supposed to be coming down from Manchester, she's just text me and told me she can't make it she's got to work." She replied sounding upset. "I'm sure she'll be able to come down again, you want to work on you're relationship with Nate before he meets you're mum." He said being supportive.

Nate and Sally arrived at the suspects house, they knocked on the door and his wife answered, "Mrs Johnson, I'm PC Roberts this is PC Armstong we're from Sun Hill can we ask you a few questions please?" Nate said. "What's this all about?" she replied "Mrs Johnson we just need to ask you a few questions about you're husband I can't tell you anymore than that I'm afraid, we've got him in custody for a serious crime, now can you tell me when you last saw you're husband?" Nate asked her "I've not seen him for 2 days he went out Saturday night and I haven't seen him since why what's he done?" "Mrs Johnson we really can't tell you the details but you have just helped us so much thank you, we'll be in touch later on and we'll need you to make a statement, we'll see ourselves out."