Teen Titans Season 6

Episode 1: Investigation

Author James the Lesser

Warning, I do not own these characters, or the other DC and/or Marvel I may use

A/N This is my first try at the Teen Titans after writing for Code Lyoko for YEARS.(3 of em) So hope my regular fans like it and any new ones will also!

The Titans prepare for bed. "Another day of no crime." Cyborg places his hand on the lockdown cover. "I'm glad we froze every one but it made life a little boring."

"Yeah Cy but it means we have more free time."

"What have you been doing with it? You don't spend any time at the Tower."

"I've uh, been busy." Beast Boy yawns. "Night Cy."

"Night BB." Just as Cyborg starts leaving the room the alarm sounds. "Now what? Every villain has been frozen or arrested!"

"Maybe it's not a villain? There are still some regular punks out there looking for money." Beast Boy right hand punches his left palm. "Let's go."

"Really? Why not let the police handle it?"

"No." Robin walks in to the room. "It could be an escaped villain."

The Teen Titans follow the signal too a bank. "A bank robbery? Not some high tech computer chip?" Robin looks around suspicious.

"Maybe they want the green paper so they can buy a high tech computer chip?" Starfire sees movement in the shadows. "Come out!" Her eyes and hands glow green.

"Whoa wait!" A man steps out from the shadows. "I don't want to fight." He raises his hands. His clothes are dirty and torn. He has long hair and some facial hair. "I come in peace, or what ever." He smiles a little. "Peace man, brother, sister, the message is peace? Please don't attack."

"Did you break in to the bank?" Cyborg points his sonic cannon at the stranger.

"No I just broke a window so the alarm would go off."

"Why?" Beast Boy turns in to a Rhino.

"Your tower doesn't exactly have a doorbell on it." The stranger laughs.

"Why are you here then? What do you want? We do not have time for games." Raven's eyes start glowing.

"I need help. And who better then the Teen Titans?"

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The Teen Titans surround the stranger. "Help with what?" Robin gets closer.

"I just got here from the Brotherhood of Evil's lair. Some one ransacked it and I don't know who." Raven backs away and powers down.

"Why were you there!?" Beast Boy gets closer and he morphs in to a Tyrannosaurs Rex.

"I heard they had been defeated. I left my bunker too make sure the stories were true. With them gone I didn't need to hide any more."

"Why were you hiding?" Starfire powers down.

"The Brain wanted my body."

"Why?" Cyborg lowers his arm.

"It's a long story." He shivers a little. "And it's a little cold out here. Got any place warm we could talk?"

"Maybe, what is your name?"

"Logan, just Logan." He holds his hand out. "You must be Robin."

"Yes." Robin doesn't shake his hand. After a few more seconds he lowers his hand. "We can't trust you."

"Of course not. I'm some stranger who broke a window of a bank then told you he was at the Brotherhood of Evil's lair. I wouldn't trust me either." He spreads his arms showing he was hiding nothing. "But I trust you and I need help in investigating. Who ever ransacked the place was looking for some thing and we need too know what it was and who."

"Go find some one else. It is very late and we should be in bed." Raven starts floating away.

"Wait Raven." Robin steps back. "If what he says is true some one was at the Brotherhood of Evil's lair. This can't be a good thing."

"That's what I was thinking. So will you help me?"

"Uh, maybe you should stay here." Beast Boy has turned back in to himself. "You need a bath."

"Hey I just spent several days swimming and walking from Paris to here. I didn't have the time or money for a bath."

"Then you can come and take a water soaking in our home."

"No! We can't trust him Starfire."

"Once again Bird Boy is right. We're near the ocean I can just soak in it for an hour or so while you prepare."

"No we'll help you. The Teen Titans have some funds for guests." Cyborg flinches when Robin yells.

"He's not a guest." Robin glares at Logan.

"I'm not letting him in the T Car or the ship smelling like that. Wait a few minutes and I'll get you enough money for a hotel."

"Thank you Cyborg. You are more human then the newspaper and news stories showed."

"Do not forget the clothing. His clothes also smell like the end of a Dunrack from my home planet."

"Thank you Starfire. You are even more human, and beautiful, then any news report could ever show." She blushes.

After a shower and buying new clothes from a pawn shop Logan meets the Teen Titans near the shore. "Wow, that is cool." He stares up at the ship.

"Built it myself. It was originally a submarine but we needed to go a bit farther some times and I fitted it," Logan interrupts Cyborg.

"With Class Two Hydrogel Fuel Rockets, brilliant. Have you shared this with NASA?"

"Uh, no. Although we have done a couple missions for them." Cyborg gets in.

"You should really look in to sharing this with them. You would save NASA millions every launch." Logan leaps on to the ship. "Which pod is mine?"

"Uh, good question."

"Maybe he should stay since we don't have room." Robin's tone is not unnoticed by the others.

"I can change in to a fly so he could sit in my seat." Logan smiles at Beast Boy.

"Thanks for trusting me with your spot." Beast Boy turns in to a fly as Logan gets in his pod.

"Every one ready?" Every one responds with a yes. "Then Teen Titans go!" The ship takes off for Paris.

The ship lands near the base as the sun starts coming up. As the Titans exit the ship a yellow flash is all they see when Kid Flash appears. "Whoa hey what's with the party?"

"Kid Flash, what are you doing here?" Robin greets him with a handshake.

"Jinx and I are on watch right now for Teen Titans Europe. She staid at the lair in case there was some thing going on."

"What are you watching? Do your televisions require two people watching them? I know some things in Europe are different then in the states."

"No Star, the Brotherhood of Evil's lair."

"Then you know who got inside and ransacked it?" Kid Flash sees Logan and cocks his head.

"Who are you? A new Titan?"

"No!" Robin's shout shocks the others.

"Like Robin said I'm not. I got inside and found the place torn apart."

"You got inside? When?"

"About a week ago. Didn't you see me?"

"I, we were fighting a giant slug invasion last week. It would have been the only time no one was watching."

"But then who got in and tore the place up?" Kid Flash shrugs. "I'm not a Titan but you need work. I didn't even sneak in I just walked in. Heck I didn't even think about sneaking in."

"Hey we have villains too fight. Not as many as there used too be but they are out there." Kid Flash turns as Jinx walks up.

"What's going on? Are we needed?"

"No. Did you see him enter the lair?" Kid Flash points at Logan. Jinx shakes her head. "Any one else?"

"I would have told you or the others if I had."

"Well some one got in. And so did I and I didn't even do any thing sneaky." Logan looks over Jinx. "And I think I would remember seeing a pink haired girl with pink eyes." Logan makes a face.

"What?" Jinx starts focusing on Logan.

"Pink, not a favorite color of mine."

"We don't have time for this. Kid Flash, Jinx could you keep an eye on the ship while we go inside and investigate?"

"Sure Robin." Kid Flash taps the ship with his fist.

The Teen Titans go in to the lair. When they get too a split Robin makes the teams. "Starfire is with me. Cyborb and Beast Boy go to the right. Raven, keep an eye on Logan and go left."

"Fine." The three teams split up.

As Logan walks and Raven flies he tries talking with her. "So, is your full name Raven or is it your super hero name?" She doesn't respond. "Let me guess your favorite color is blue?" Still no response. "So, who do you think robbed the place?"

"I don't know."

"Now I get an answer." Logan rubs his chin. "And the way you acted back in the city would make some people suspicious."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do." Logan stands in front of her. "Why did you do it?"

"It is none of your business." Raven falls back and starts bringing out her powers.

"Good point. And you clearly didn't tell the others for the same reason." He holds his hands up. "No need for fighting I won't tell them."

"You won't?" Raven doesn't drop her powers.

"You didn't tell them for a reason. Why I don't know but like you said it is none of my business and neither is it theirs." Raven lowers her powers.

"Now what?" Logan shrugs his shoulders.

Cyborg and Beast Boy find a computer console. Cyborg powers it up and starts looking through. "Minimal security. They weren't concerned with some one getting in."

"Whoa, enemy and allies? Who could work with them that wasn't here?"

"Let's find out." Cyborg starts going through the lists.

Starfire and Robin find a library with books thrown all over the floor. "They were looking for a book."

"One they could not get at a store? What about the internet? Beast Boy says you can get any thing through the internet."

"Clearly not this book." Robin and Starfire start looking for clues.

Cyborg brings up a picture of a person on the allies list. "Hey BB, this guy look familiar?"

"Yeah like an older version of Logan." He reads the name. "Sabertooth?" Beast Boy turns in to a Sabertooth Tiger.

"I'd bet he is the older version of Logan. Now what would his son be doing here?" Cyborg raises his arm and pushes a button. "Robin, I found some thing interesting."

"We'll be there soon." Robin and Starfire leave the library.

Cyborg shows Robin what he found. "This guy is serious bad news. And if Logan is his son then Raven is in danger." Robin gets his communicator out. "Raven, can you hear me?"


"Cyborg found some thing. Get here now, alone."

"Ok." Raven forms a black mass and moves through it. She appears near Robin. "What is it?"

"Does this guy look familiar?" Cyborg turns the monitor so she can see the picture.

"Yes, who is it?"

"Sabertooth. A serious bad guy." Raven's eyes glow darkly.

"I'll see about it."

"Wait Raven you need back up!" Raven doesn't wait and uses her powers too go back to Logan.

"So, what did they find?"

"Sabertooth, does the name ring a bell?"

"Yes." Logan backs away from Raven, growling. He holds his hands out revealing his nails growing out as claws.

"Your father was a very bad person."

"He was not my father! Fathers are kind. Fathers protect you. Fathers raise you." Raven has a memory about when she fought Trigon. She had said those exact words to him.

"Then who raised you?" Memories of the monks who raised her fill her mind.

"Logan, the man whose name I use now as my hero name. He was my uncle but became my father." Logan crouches ready to fight.

"Stop. I will not fight you if you speak the truth. Come with me and we can explain this to the others." Raven forms a black mass under both and transports them to the others.

"What are you doing Raven?" Cyborg raises his sonic cannon.

"Stop. Search for," Logan cuts Raven off.

"Wolverine, search for Wolverine on there." Cyborg enters the name.

"Whoa." The Titans lean in. "He looks a lot like you also."

"He's my father." Logan looks over at Raven. "He raised me and cared for me. Sabertooth is my, uncle." Logan waits for Raven to interrupt but she doesn't. "As you can see my father is on the enemies list."

"Yeah, wow. It says he was terminated, sorry."

"He's not dead but he wishes he was. His enemy made a deal with the Brotherhood. They put my father in a situation that allowed Magneto to destroy him mentally. They ripped the metal from his bones which doesn't sound so bad until you realize that his bones had been ingrained with metal to make them indestructible."

"I'm sorry."

"What happened after that? Why are you here?" Everyone looks at Beast Boy. "I mean, if you feel like telling us."

"Just because you don't trust me doesn't mean I don't trust you. After all you're the Teen Titans." Logan smiles half heartedly. "I went and hid in a bunker for several months. When I heard that the Brotherhood had been defeated by you guys I came out and looked for myself."

"And now we're all here. Starfire and I found the library had been gone through. We couldn't find any clues of who though."

"Then maybe we should go through the computer and see if they had any important books." Logan clears his throat. "I mean, maybe you should. If that's what Robin thinks is a good idea."

"I do. Cyborg, keep looking. Beast Boy I want you to turn in to a dog and see if you recognize a scent."

"I'll go also." Raven creates a black mass on the floor and disappears inside of it. Logan smiles knowing why Raven went ahead of Beast Boy.

"Aw man I got to go the long way." Beast Boy turns in to a dog and runs out of the room.

When Raven and Beast Boy eventually return the Cyborg has every thing saved. "We can go. The computer back at the tower can scan every list they have."

After landing on top of the tower an argument breaks out. "We can't trust him."

"Hello, I'm right here."

"Sure we can. His dad was an enemy of the Brotherhood. Do you think he would do any thing to us? He probably worships us." Beast Boy strikes a pose.

"Guys, right here in front of you." Logan waves a hand in front of Beast Boy's face.

"For all we know he's lying about that. He looks a lot more like Sabertooth then Wolverine. Cyborg should take him back to his bunker."

"Robin, right next to you. I can hear you." Logan is still ignored.

"Come on man he spent months there. He came to us for help so we should help him."

"Thank you Beast Boy but I could just stay in a hotel or really in a tent. Just give me a pillow and a blanket."

"We did what he wanted and we found nothing so far. Until we know we can trust him I say we keep him out."

"Right, here." Raven's eyes glow and a black wall separates Robin and Beast Boy.

"We give him some supplies then take him to the city. He can do what he wants after." She turns to Logan. "Will that do?"

"Yes, thank you." Logan waits as the other Titans go into the tower and get him some supplies.

Beast Boy goes to his room. "Silkie?" It crawls over to him. "Good Silkie sorry I was gone for so long." He pets it for a little bit then yawns. "Bed time at last."

Raven sits cross legged and meditates.

The rest go to bed after a very, very long day.

The alarm sounds several hours later. "Now what?" Robin hurries out of bed and checks the television. "Substance is back."

"What?" Beast Boy hops on one leg as he struggles putting on his left boot.

"Substance attacked. Titans go!" They hurry to the garage and get in the T Car.

Substance molds in to the concrete sidewalk when the Titans show up. It comes back out with its new hardened skin and leaps at the car. "Not my car!" Cyborg leaps out and fires his sonic cannon. He hits it in the chest knocking it back.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven's dark energy forms around two cars and tries to sandwhich Substance between them. Substance molds in to one car and comes out on the other side with a new metal body.

"Ooo I wonder if he comes with a new car smell." Beast Boy turns in to a Triceratops and charges Substance.

Substance tackles Beast Boy and grabs his horns. It lifts him in to the air then slams him in to the road. "Cyborg are you ready for a flash bang?"

"I got the bang if you got the flash." Cyborg and Robin stand side by side.

"One, two, three!" They charge Substance and unleash the attack. Substance disappears in to the road.

"Is he gone now?" Starfire flies up in the air looking for any sign of Substance.

"Watch out!" Starfire turns as Substance drops down from a building.

"Aaaa!" She is slammed in to the ground hard and the pavement cracks underneath her. Substance raises it's arm too crush her.

"Not so fast!" Logan leaps out from an alley with claws out. He slashes through the arm of Substance injuring it. Substance molds in to the road. "Get back here!" Logan shoves his claws in to the road.

"Back off this is our job!" Robin runs over with two Birdarangs out.

"It looked like you could use some help." Logan retracts his claws and helps Starfire up. "Wow, not a bruise on you."

"My people can withstand very harsh conditions."

"Oh yeah, you're not from Earth." Logan looks around. "So how do we stop this guy, girl, what ever that thing was?"

"We haven't found a way yet. We just chase it away." Cyborg looks around with his sonic cannon out.

"Any way we can track it? Can't Beast Boy turn in to a dog?"

"It doesn't work Substance smells like what ever he absorbed. We usually just follow the screams." Beast Boy turns in to a raven and flies up in the air.

After a few minutes of searching the Titans, and Logan, meet back at the T Car. "No signs of the guy."

"I haven't heard any screams either." Raven floats silently over the road. "It must have fled again."

"That sucks." Logan looks around at the damage. "He really did a lot of damage. Don't you guys have any plans for catching him?"

"No." Robin stares at Logan's hands. "What are your powers? You cut through him even though he was made of metal at the time." Logan holds up his right hand and extends a claw on his index finger.

"My claws are stronger then steel. So are the rest of my bones. I also heal very quickly." He shoves the claw in to his left arm and cuts it deeply. The others gasp and look away. "Don't worry, watch." His arm heals within seconds. "And the usual enhanced strength, speed, agility. I'm pretty much a mix of my mother and father but better."

"How do you mean?"

"My father could heal and his bones were stronger then normal. I heal faster and my bones are even stronger then his normal bones."


"Remember, he had them ingrained with metal making them even stronger. But like I said earlier…" Logan gets quiet.

"Ok, any thing else?" Logan smiles at Raven thankful for the change of discussion.

"My mother was strong and fast and could sense danger. No one ever snuck up on her because she could sense them. I can sense it also but from a longer distance. Its how I knew that guy was attacking."

"Any weaknesses?"

"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours Robin."

"Good enough. Titans go back to the Tower."

"And I'm going back to the local library. Google hasn't found any thing on missing books of importance but maybe the Brotherhood had some thing else."

"We're doing a search on the Titan's computer you don't need to waste time."

"Actually Robin the Titan's Computer is busy going through the information we got from the Brotherhood. It might be a good idea if he keeps searching."

"I'd do it any ways. I have nothing to do around here."

"Then go home."

"I don't have a home right now. And right now I'm really starting too like this city."

"Then maybe we could work together in the future."

"Thank you Starfire I'd love too get a second shot at that guy."

"Titans, back to the tower."

"Actually Robin I uh, have some thing to do." Beast Boy turns in to a bird and flies away.

"Fine. Logan could you stay out of our way? We don't need your help."

"Hey you've already admitted you can't stop that guy. I think you need all the help you can get."

A/N Ok, first episode. Let's see, I know TT is DC and Wolverine/Sabertooth so forth are Marvel. I reference when Magneto rips the metal out of Wolverine's bones. But as we know this Logan is the son of Sabertooth, not Wolverine. Is he on the up and up? Or is he part of a plan? Also, since they didn't give the guy a name in the last episode of TT I named it Substance since it can become any substance it touches. Hmm, there will be more in the future, especially for Beast Boy. Well, any reviews, flames, or questions are much appreciated.

Also, Logan's parents are Sabertooth and an evil Spiderwoman. So you have strength, speed, agility, the claws, healing, and the Spider Sense but more enhanced. So he heals faster, senses danger from farther away, so forth. Also his nails can grow out about a foot, so longer then Sabertooth's.