Alternate Titans Season 1

Episode 3: Strike Back

Author James the Lesser

Warning, I do not own these characters, or the other DC and/or Marvel I may use

Jump City Several Years Later

Argent, Kid Flash, Starfire, Cyborg, and the newest member Miss Martian are on the trail of a new villain. "He seemed too use magic. If Raven were here we could handle that but she's dead. So we need the element of surprise."

"Magic? I know very little and it is Martian magic but I could try and use it."

"Martian Magic? What can you do?"

"It is part of my powers. Mine are not as strong as my uncle's but because I am half and half it is developing faster than normal."

"Ok, so, work on that? Can you learn new magic? We still have a ton of Raven's old books and materials." Miss Martian nods. "Great when we get back you should get started on that. Until then we must find out who this guy is and what he wants."

"Exactly. He can slow me down and I don't like that."

"Hey babe some times it is good too go slow." Argent laughs at her joke.

"You love I recover fast." Cyborg clears his throat.

"If you two are done we have some one we should catch." The Titans continue following the trail of destruction left by the new villain.

A few miles outside of Jump City

The path of carnage and destruction end near a cave. "Oh yeah this isn't a trap." Cyborg raises his sonic cannon and fires in to the cave.

"Hey! What was that for!"

"Sister?" Starfire powers up. "What are you doing here?"

"I came for help and sent my boyfriend in to the city so you would come out." She flies out of the cave. "I knew if I just showed up you would attack me."

"We still might." Cyborg keeps his sonic cannon raised.

"Whoa, hey, not me this time. We're on the run from some dude who is uber powerful."

"And? How do we know he isn't a good guy?"

"He ate my planet and every one on it." Blackfire's boyfriend appears out of thin air. "He's a monster who feeds on the energy of planets, stars, and living creatures."

"Holy shit you're kidding right?" Both shake their heads. "Uh, and he's headed this way?"

"Not yet but he is only a few systems over. Our planet is in the line this monster is taking Star and so I thought maybe we could put out problems aside and save our people. With as much help as we can get. We didn't think contacting the Justice League would be a good idea ourselves."

"We can do it. The Green Lantern Corp could be a huge help. Any idea what this thing is? What it looks like?"

"A giant green and black mass of energy. It wrapped around our moon first. It fed on it for a few minutes. I was already off planet and tried warning my people but the monster disrupted my powers. It ate my powers when I tried using them."

"And how the hell did you meet her?" Kid Flash motions towards Blackfire.

"Where I was stuck by you was next. The monster ate the defense barrier you left and I fled. Mackenzie wasn't far behind. He was trying too warn other planets."

"But I was slow. She was fast. I needed her speed so we could warn more. But warning others does not stop it."

"Huh, ok. Um, Green Lantern Corp sounds useful."

"We can't contact them. You can though. Right?"

"We can try."

"Sister, our planet, how far from it was this monster?"

"We still have time but not much. I needed a plan for contacting you that didn't end with you locking me back up."

"We must hurry! We can not let my planet be destroyed."

"Our planet." Starfire flies over to Blackfire. "Our planet sister. We will save our planet together."

"This could be a long trip."

Next Day

Cyborg slams his communicator down. "Green Lantern's are dealing with some weird ninja's named Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Reptile while the other Justice League try sealing some rift in space time. We have no help." Cyborg goes over to the T Ship. "We better get going as soon as possible so we can catch up to the Tamaranian's and Mackenzie."

Outer Space Near Planet Tamaran

Starfire and Blackfire warn the others as Mackenzie looks for the monster. "Please listen you must flee! You must leave this planet before the monster comes!"

"Listen to her! She's your stupid princess and all that. I know I messed up but damn it she's your queen listen!"

"And how do we know this is not some trap of yours? You were banished from this planet and yet you dare return!"

"Because I'm trying to save all of you! Listen idiots before that monster comes and devours the entire planet." Blackfire screams in frustration as some of her fellow people listen but many do not.

Mackenzie flies through the atmosphere and uses his powers too find Blackfire. "You must be gone in about two more days. Any more time and that monster will be here."

"See! He knows this monster is coming it wiped out his people. Please if not my words listen for my sister's words!"

"Yes fellow Tamaranian's! You must leave! This is a very not good thing!"

Starfire, Blackfire, and Mackenzie continue doing all they can. Many Tamaranian's leave but others refuse.

Blackfire and Starfire help load a ship. "Thank you for seeing the threat! You must hurry we can not let this monster kill our people."

"But where do we go? This is our ancestral home!"

"I do not know. There are many planets in this galaxy you can go." Starfire continues loading ships as fast as she can knowing the monster was getting closer and closer with every minute.

13 Hours Before It Arrives...

The T Ship lands and Cyborg gets out. "What are they still doing here? You should have had this place empty by now."

"Some refuse too leave. They're idiots."

"They do not trust the words of my sister. And since I am here with her my own word."

"But many have left. That monster is less then a day away."

"A day? Our day, Tamaranian day, or where ever you're from day?" Mackenzie laughs.

"I forgot, you see me as you do and hear me as you do." Every one is confused. "Blackfire, what do you see?"

"A good looking Tamaranian male, why?"

"Kid Flash?"

"Uh, a handsome human dude who if he did his hair right could match me in looks?"


"Uh, um, yeah."

"And of course I am not speaking your language. I speak my own but my powers make it so you hear it as you would understand it. I am a Mojo, Mojo Mackenzie. Ever hear of a Mojo?" Every one shakes their head but Blackfire.

"I met one before. Little bitch ran me off the planet." Argent raises her hand.

"So what are you, they?"

"We are like your Green Lantern's. Except we gain our powers from birth not rings."

"So why didn't you go to the Mojo's?"

"I did. Unfortunately unless the individual Mojo's planet is under threat they are not obligated to help. We are bound to the planet we were marked for protecting."

"So you're saying unless this thing goes after another planet with a Mojo on it they won't help?" Mackenzie nods. "Damn."'

"Not that I am sure they could help. I tried using my powers but this thing just absorbed it." Kid Flash is a blur then comes back with a lightbulb off of the T Ship over his head.

"Idea!" Every stares. "Totally have an idea. This thing feeds on energy. That means energy must attract it right?"

"Yes." Mackenzie's tone shows his annoyance. "What is your idea?"

"Lead it away from here with a ton of energy. I mean if like most of the people left then this place doesn't have as much energy right? So we create some energy and lure this thing away."

"And then what? Do that forever? It is a solid idea but it must have a goal."

"Uh... Yeah, didn't think of that."

"Black hole? I think I saw one on the way here. My infrared vision noticed a spot in space." Mackenzie looks up at the sky.

"Where about?"

"It was small I'm not even sure it was a black hole."

"If I can find it I can tell you what it was. Black holes give off a negative energy and should be invisible to this monster. If we could lure it near there maybe it would be sucked in and destroyed." Cyborg brings up a holo screen from a part of his arm and shows the coordinates to Mackenzie. "Got it, I'll be back." He disappears in a puff of smoke.

"Am I the only one who heard that in Ah-Nold's voice?" No one laughs with Kid Flash.

Few Minutes Later

Mackenzie returns. "It is. But I can't make that kind of energy alone."

"You are not alone." Starfire powers up.

"The T Ship's engines produce a lot of energy."

"Good. Maybe we can lure it near the black hole."

"Not too near I don't mind sucking but a black hole sucking is kind of permanent." Blackfire powers up.

"If I'm on the T Ship I can try and use my powers as well." Energy sparks around Argent.

The Titans work with Mackenzie on setting the trap. They know if they get too close they will be the ones sucked in the black hole.

5 hours Before...

The T Ship with Cyborg and Argent follow Mackenzie and the two Tamaranian's. "The T Ship sensors have it on screen. It is massive. Maybe we should rethink this."

"No this is it if we want our planet saved." Blackfire glows with more and more power. "Right sister?"

"Yes." Starfire glows even brighter.

"Thankfully most of your people left the planet. Those who haven't can't be saved." Mackenzie has an energy force between his hands.

3 Hours Before...

Cyborg cancels several warning from the T Ship. "I know we're near a black hole I don't need you screaming at me about it." He turns several more things off and re directs the power to the engines.

Mackenzie uses his powers more and more. "I an sense it. We are producing more energy than the planet. It should come after us now."

"You say that like it is a good thing." Argent sparks with energy. Her nervousness coming through in her voice. "If we aren't sucked in to the black hole that thing will eat us."

"We'll fire energy towards the black hole and the monster will follow it. Right Mackenzie?"

"Yes Blackfire. But it will be close."

Nearing Black Hole

The monster was gaining speed on the Titans and company. "Thank you Blackfire for your help." Mackenzie flies over and kisses her.

"This is for my," Her body seizes up. Mackenzie steals her energy then flies over to Starfire and takes her energy.

"What are you doing?"

"I will make sure it gets close enough. Get your friends out of his path!" Mackenzie flies towards the monster.

"Argent grab Starfire I'll use the claws on Blackfire."

"She's a little far away but I'll try." Argent sends her powers out and barely reaches Starfire.

Mackenzie gets closer to the monster. "Come after me! You took the planet I was guarding but you won't take any more!" His entire body glows as he tries restraining the power he had stolen from Blackfire and Starfire.

Cyborg flies away from the black hole. "Good luck Mackenzie you'll need it." Mackenzie is too far away too hear Cyborg's words.

Mackenzie slows down as he nears the black hole. "Come on, follow me you monstrosity! You destroyed the planet I called home for over twenty years. I was too late to save the friends I had made. I was too slow and weak to stop you. But I found help and now you will be crushed!" Mackenzie feels the pulls of the black hole. "Almost..."

The monster let's out a low guttural roar. It's power aura transmits the noise through the emptiness of space. What appears too be a mouth form and opens wide.

Mackenzie feels his power weaken. "Getting too close I can't let it eat me." He flies towards the black hole faster trying too keep the monster farther back.

Blackfire recovers and sees the monster closing in on Mackenzie. "No!" She starts flying towards him when he shouts.

"Stop!" Mackenzie uses what little power he has left to connect with Blackfire mentally. "I will take this monster to the depths of non existence. It will become nothing in the black hole! I am sorry I must do this after recently meeting you but I must."

"No, please, don't do this." Her tears freeze instantly in outer space.

Mackenzie reaches out with his powers and touches the monster. "Soon there will be no escape for you." The monster gets closer and closer but Mackenzie can feel the power of the black hole grow stronger.

The monster lunges forward swallowing Mackenzie easily. It starts turning too fly back towards the planet when it keeps moving towards the black hole. It roars loudly, the sound so strong it makes the planets and moons around it shake.

Cyborg and the others watch the monster struggle against the force of the black hole. "Please work we can not fight it." Starfire flies closer to her sister. "He was a hero and some times heroes die. It is part of what we do."

"Stupid heroes." She wipes the ice from her eyes and continues watching.

The monster turns towards the black hole and expands. It grows larger and larger in an attempt to eat the black hole like it had swallowed so many stars and planets.

The Titans see the monster envelope the black hole. "What happens if that thing eats a black hole? Cyborg how fast does this thing go?"

"I hope faster then that thing." Cyborg fires up the engines and starts flying away.

Starfire grabs her sisters wrist. "Please come sister if that thing is not killed it will come after us." She pulls but Blackfire yanks her arm away.

"No I'll make sure it dies right here right now!" Blackfire flies at the monster.

Cyborg contacts Kid Flash who was still on planet. "It ate the black hole! We'll land and pick you up then take off."

"What? No, no way. If it got that close to a black hole it is dead."

"I'm telling you it ate it!" Cyborg turns his head towards the black hole and sees the monster shrinking. "And it may have gotten heart burn." He slows the ship and turns it back.

The monster grows smaller and smaller eventually disappearing inside of the black hole. "It worked. Damn."

"It was destroyed!" Starfire hugs her sister. "It worked! Our planet is saved!"

"Yes it is." Blackfire smiles then blasts Starfire in the face with her power. "And I better get going before you decide I should be locked up again." Blackfire takes off before Starfire can recover.

Cyborg and Argent continue watching the black hole which was now glowing. "We better make sure it stays in there."

"What is Blackfire doing?" Argent noticed it out of the corner of her eye. "She attacked Star!"

"Shit she's still Blackfire. With all this going on I forgot why we had her locked on that planet." Cyborg flies over to Starfire and reaches out with the ship's claws when the black hole explodes.

Moments Later...

Starfire wakes up. "Hello?" She looks around. She recognizes the planet below as her own. She takes her communicator out and tries using it. "It must have been damaged by the explosion." She puts it away.

She looks around for the others but can't find them.

T Ship

Cyborg wakes up and sees the T Ship is floating through space aimlessly. He tries getting control but the T Ship's engines and computers are fried. "Argent are you ok?"

"Uhg, I think so."

"I've lost control of the ship. Do you see Starfire?"

"No. What happened?"

"I think the black hole exploded." Cyborg checks his own system and finds it is damaged but working. "With out the air refresh system we'll suffocate in a few minutes."

"So fix it."

"I can't do much from here. We need too land on a planet with a survivable atmosphere so I can do repairs." Cyborg tries restarting the engines but they sputter out. "Ok, let's see if the reserve is working." A smaller engine comes from the bottom and powers on. "I see Tamaran we should make it in time."

"Should, great." Argent looks up at the stars. "Huh I didn't realize there were so many stars around here."

"The black hole may have sucked the light from the stars before they could get here. Just relax and wait I think I can add a little more power to the engine."

"Relax, sure, with the thought of suffocating coming."


She wakes up. "What the hell was that?" She looks around and doesn't see the planet, or stars. "Where am I?" There wasn't a single star. Not the light of any thing. "This is weird." She flies a few miles in a direction and then another. Nothing.

T Ship

The T Ship lands on the planet. "How come no one is here?" Argent flies out of the T Ship and kisses the ground.

"I don't care, oh ground sweet sweet ground." She kisses it again then spits dirt out of her mouth.

"This isn't right. I don't remember this much vegetation." He hears a low growl and turns seeing a large dog sized reptile. "Or seeing those kind of animals on Tamaran."

"I don't think it is happy with you." Argent uses her powers and forms a bubble around the animal. "Star can tell us what it is."

"Where is every one? Was any one hurt by the explosion?" Cyborg shouts but no one responds. "At least Kid Flash should have come over."

"Yeah, where is my babe?" Argent flings the monster away.

Starfire flies down through the atmosphere. "This is not right. Where are the cities? Where are my people?" She flies just above the trees looking for signs of civilization.

Cyborg looks up and sees her fly over. "Star! Hey Star!" She turns around and flies back.

"Do you see my people? Where are my people?"

"I don't know. Have you seen Kid Flash?" She shakes her head. "What the hell happened? I need parts for the T Ship."

"I need a shower. And food. I should have kept that reptile thing."

"What reptile?" Argent and Cyborg describe it. "The last Moracoan died over a ten thousand years ago."

"A Morwha?"

"Moracoan. They were hunted to death by my ancestors." Cyborg's real eye goes wide.

"Oh man I think I know what happened." Argent says a few very bad words. "You figure it out?"

"Yeah, that stupid blast launched us back in time."

"But then where is my sister? Where is every one else?"

"Uh, if you were in different places you were launched farther back? Or not as far back? Just different times. It's the only explanation I can come up with."

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