Summary: When new Go Glows turn up in the world without any relation to the Go family itself, Team Possible and Shego, new and old friends, get thrown into a chain reaction of new revelations, that will change everything they know.

Rating: R (might be less, might be more, I'll stick with R to be safe)

Disclaimer: Nothings mine but the OCs. The rest belongs to the people who own it.

Warning: If you have absolutely no interest in reading about OCs next to our heroes, then I'd advice you to skip this story. There will also be homosexual content. English is not my first language, so be prepared to stumble upon sentences that might not make sense, grammar issues and spelling errors, but I swear I'm trying my best.

Warning 2: I've decided to make this an OC/Canon love fic. Since I know many dislike this kind of thing, here is a warning, to keep you from being disappointed later.

1. Pink


It was a normal day.

The sun was shining brightly, whisps of white clouds were moving along the powder blue hue of the sky. A soft breeze was rustling the leaves of the trees and the typical sounds a neighbourhood could make floated through the warm air. It wasn't perfect, even though near that, just a nice and typical moment during the first weeks of autumn.

Kim tried to focus on her homework, but the sun rays hitting her window distracted her, making her sleepy. For the fourth time she found herself looking outside, watching a man going on a walk with his small dog, the two of them walking on the street past the house. When they vanished behind the frame of her window, she couldn't help but sigh. Come on, it's just biology. It's so easy. Another sigh. Maybe too easy...

She looked back at the book lying next to her left arm, the pictures and text concerning the tropes not really that fascinating when you had already seen the real thing. Rereading the last part again, she found her mind drifting at the very same sentence as it had before. Soon her chin was back on her hand, her eyes following a bird that landed in the garden. Okay, so not working.

Perhaps she found some time in the evening to complete what she had started, but Kim really couldn't find enough will to concentrate on her work now. But what to do? The day was beckoning her to go outside, to take a deep breath and do whatever sprang to her thoughts. An idea jumped to her mind and she stood up and started to search for her wallet, homework already forgotten.

Kim counted the money she had, then closed the wallet with a satisfied grin. I'm sure Ron has nothing to do but hanging around in front of the TV or playing strange video games, he should be up for a visit to Bueno Nacho. Boy, the day when he's not up for Bueno Nacho would probably be the end of the world. She chuckled and turned around to search for the shoes she had flung to the side after coming home, when..

An oh so familiar beeping reached her ears. It came from the pocket of her school pack. Letting out a frustrated growl, she dropped the wallet on her bed, digging out the Kimmunicator. Hitting a button, Wades smiling face appeared on the small screen.

"Hey there, Kim!"

Even though not happy about the fact that her plans probably had to wait for another nice day, she smiled back at him. "Hey Wade. What's the sitch?"

The younger teen grabbed a soda from somewhere off the side, but didn't take a sip yet. "You've got a hit on the site. A really confusing one, you already know the people that asked for your help."

Sitting down on her bed, Kim spotted her shoes next to the door. "Tell me about it," she said, while reaching for the shoes with her free hand, her eyes still on the screen.

"It's Team Go," Wade continued, earning a suprised look from his friend. "Yeah, I know, very strange, since they are a super hero team themselves. But the message said, I read it out to you, that 'it is a very unique situation, that requires the attention of Kim Possible, who is not involved in the current problem'. Oh, and I think it was written by Mego, not Hego."

"What makes you think that?" Kim asked. She put the device on her mattress, so she could slip into her foot wear. Why would Team Go ask her to come? Hego always thought he could handle anything himself or with the power of the Go family.

"The whole text was written in a dark purple colour with a lighter purple as background. That's why I assumed it was Megos doing." He took a sip from his soda and Kim grinned. "Yeah, that sounds like it's from him. Did you call Ron?"

"Will do in a second. Your ride is on the way, it should arrive any moment. See you later." He waved at her with his drink.

Kim took the Kimmunicator back into her hands and waved back at him. "Thank you and Bye."

Wade hit a key and the screen went black. Jumping back up, she slipped the device in her pocket and stretched, before heading out the door and down the stairs. Her parents were down there, but she only saw her mother standing in the kitchen, chopping vegetables (judging the amount of green in front of her).

Kim skidded to a halt and entered her mother's domain. "Mum, I'm going out. You know, mission and everything. I try to be back home before dinner."

Mrs. Possible smiled at her daugther, stopping her work for a moment. "Sure, sweety. Be careful out there. Were are you going anyway?"

"Go city. I don't think it's anything that serious, at least Wade didn't sound like it was." Kissing her mother on the cheek, she could hear the rotating blades of a nearing helicopter outside. "I have to go, Bye!"

The female doctor of the household watched her daugther bouncing off and went back to preparing the meal with a slight shake of her head. It's great that she saves the world on a daily basis as long as she has fun. I just hope it doesn't get too much for her to handle one day.

She never wanted to know what could happen if it would be too much to handle. Better not think about it. We can't stop her anyway...she is so good at what she does. Mrs. Possible sighed and looked at the cut vegetables in front of her as if they could give the answers to every question in the world.

The helicopter stopped at Ron's house first, before the two of them were flown to Go city. Since they still didn't know what was going on, Ron created one horrible scenario after the other.

"Hego died, he choked on a poisoned nacho, after an angry fan of Bueno Nacho couldn't take the quitting of the naco anymore!" He threw his hands up in the air and stared at her with big eyes. "I'm sure that's what happened!"

Kim sighed and leaned back in her chair. Crossing her arms she lifted one eyebrow. "Ron, you're starting to sound like Drakken and his strange world domination schemes. And why poison it if he choked on it anyway? I'm sure that is not what happened, only because Mego wrote the letter, it doesn't mean that anything happened to Hego."

Ron took his arms back down, deep in thought. "Well...then how about Aviarius dropped a giant cooked birdegg on the tower, squashing it. Hego is too depressed to stay leader anymore, so Mego is the one who takes over the job, but can't handle it, thus writing you. How's that?" He grinned at his little nacked friend, and the mole rat pumped his fist in the air.

"Yes, birdegg, uhuu!"

The redhead chuckled. "Oh, please! I'd like to see Aviarius cook a bird egg. And Hego not being leader?"

Ron scratched his chin. "Okay, you have a point. But I'm not done yet! How about..."


"...a giant tsunami, hitting the Go Tower..."


"...a Godzilla-like creature destroying the town, Team Go unable to stop it..."


"...mechas having a giant fight in the middle of...why are you waving your hand in front of my face?"

"Ron, we're here."


"And, look, the city looks perfectly fine. And there, in the distance you can see the tower: Undamaged." She grabbed his sleeve and pulled him up from his seat. "Come on, let's go and thank the pilot."

"Aw man, and I was just getting warmed up," Ron mumbled, but followed his best friend nonetheless.

They took the bus to the harbour and a friendly fisherman waved at them from a small and rusty boat. Walking over to him, the old man flashed them a toothless grin.

"Ah, the lady with the red hair and the blond boy with his rat, the Go family asked me to bring you over to the tower. Come on board, we can start right away."

While Kim just jumped on, Ron had to climb to get on deck, muttering all the while. "Rat he says, he's a naked mole rat, for god's sake!" He eyed the old wood he was standing on till he was sure that the boat would be able to drive at least another year. "Sorry buddy, seems like everyone can't understand that, just like they forget my name every time. It's fate, I think, we just have to live with that." Standing savely back on two feet, he patted Rufus head, who vanished back into his pocket after that.

It didn't take long for the boat to arrive at the smaller island with the two letter-shaped towers standing proudly on top of it, the roof almost touching the fluffy clouds that were chased across the sky by the winds. Near the water the wind was sharper and cooler and Kim thought about the jacket she owned, savely hanging between the other coats at home. But luckily it wasn't cold enough to freeze, the sun was still shining brightly and offered enough warmth.

Team Possible thanked the 'captain' of the small boat, who just grinned and waved at them, when they walked up to the doors of the tower. Ron was a bit disappointed that nothing serious seemed to have happened, not because he wanted the Go family or people in general to get hurt, but it bugged him that all his imaginated happenings were for naught.

Kim pushed the button on the control panel of the door, right above the hand panel, that was the door bell for all the people without the Go Glow. A faint music started to play inside and both teens lifted an eyebrow at the strange choice. But it wasn't surprising that Team Go's bell wouldn't sound like any ordinary one.

"See, even these guys have a theme music! We have a slogan, why can't we have music?" Ron wanted to know. Kim shushed him.

They didn't have to wait long, a minute later the door opened with a swish and in front of them stood Mego in all his purple glory. He didn't look very happy, but he was relieved to see them.

"Hello Kim, hello Ron. I'm glad you came so quickly. I'm sad to say it, but I think Team Go needs your help with this." The young man stepped to the side, so that the Possible Trio could walk inside. The door closed as quickly as it had opened and the light of the day was replaced with the artificial one.

"It's nice to see you again, Mego," Kim said smiling. "Actually, we are a bit curious why exactly you need our help. Did something happen? The city looked peaceful enough."

"Yeah, no exploding eggs or mechas stomping along," Ron added, which earned him a strange look from Mego.

The purple man motioned for them to follow him. "Well, it's not a problem of disastrous extent, but it's enough to make us nervous. And we can't find an explanation for what happened. But you can see for yourself in a few minutes."

They followed him through gray halls and corridors and a few rooms, most of them bare or only vacated by a table and a few chairs. The Go tower was big, there were at least ten floors and more than enough room for four people. Maybe even too much, since the lower floors seemed not to be used very often. But it was clean and many windows offered a beautiful view on the city or the sea. Still, Kim didn't think that she could live here for a longer time. She was happy with the small, but cozy house of her parents.

Together the three humans and one pet stepped into the elevator, silent all the time. It was a bit awkward for both sides, Kim suspected. Mego and the other three Gos were superpowered heroes, watching over the city and doing their own thing. But Kim and Ron were an international team of heroes, both of them only nineteen years old but still very successful, even though just being normal humans. Both partys were on friendly terms, but they couldn't deny the traces of envy on both sides. But whatever happened, the family needed their help and Team Possible would do whatever they could.

Suddenly, after passing through another hall (which looked almost the same as all the others), Mego suddenly stopped next to a door and turned around.

Mego turned his head and his hand gripped the door handle. "Were here. Hego should be inside and he is a bit upset about the fact that I called you. Don't mind him, though. He will cooperate, it's just that he might be a bit snippy." He shrugged slightly. "You probably still know how he is."

Kim grinned. "Yeah, I didn't forget. It's okay, I think I would feel the same if I was him. Let's get to the problem."

Mego nodded and opened the door. He stepped inside, holding up a hand. "Hey, were back."

Kim and Ron entered the room and were surprised about what they found there. The room wasn't furnished much more than the other ones they had seen. A table stood in the middle, surrounded by five chairs. A cupboard and a counter were standing at the back wall, a window on the left side made the room a bit more lively. Hego was standing next the window frame and leaned against the wall, he greeted them with a nod.

But the surprising part didn't belong to this room. Actually it looked, like it didn't even belong in this kind of tower.

Sitting on a chair next to the table was a girl, not much younger than Team Possible itself. She had her hands folded in her lap and her head hung low, brown hair framed her face and fell down her shoulders. Two pink strands were tucked behind her ears. She wore black trousers and a neon pink skirt, a black t-shirt and a collar with gleaming rivets. Her clothes were adorned with safety pins.

The girl seemed to be extremely uncomfortable, maybe even a bit scared. Her brown eyes shot a quick glance at Hego, but when she saw that he was watching her, she resumed looking at the ground, nibbling at her lip.

"So...I assume that this is the problem you were talking about? I have to say, I'm a bit confused," Kim admitted and it showed clearly in her eyes.

"Jesus, it's just a girl! We came all the way just for a girl? I thought we were having a tough fight with Aviarius or something like that..." Ron grumbled. Rufus scrambled out of his pocket, looking at the girl with curiousity.

Mego took one of the chairs and sat down on it with a sigh, while his brother just glared at the girl, who shot him another nervous glance. "Well, it's not that easy, Ron. That girl has, or better, did something, that puzzled us." He looked at the brown haired girl. "Trista, these two are Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable." There was an annoyed squeal. "Um, and Rufus, the naked mole rat."

"Uh-hu, naked, that's right!" Rufus said, standing on Ron's shoulder and hitting his chest proudly with a fist.

Trista, the girl, looked up with an admiring glance in her eyes. Like many people, she also knew of the famous team. "Hi..I'm Trista O'Reilly," she said with a nervous smile.

Kim smiled brightly at Trista. "Hi, nice to meet you." Her open and friendly eyes sparkled at the girl and made her feel a bit more at ease already. Then she turned around a bit and looked at Hego. "So, and the problem is..?"

Hego pushed himself from the wall and crossed his arms in front of his strong chest. "We heard from Miss O'Reilly three days ago for the first time. The police contacted us."

The leg of the table suddenly seemed very interesting to Trista. But Hego went on. "She was caught by a detective of a department store, because she stole a piece of clothing. She tried to run away, but the detective send two police officers after her. After some problems they finally caught her. Since it was her first time of stealing, there was no big punishment waiting for her, other than a talk with her parents. But during the chase of capturing her, something happened and the police department decided to contact us. Yesterday, we brought her here."

Kim was getting a bit annoyed at the whole situation, since she wanted to know what the 'real' problem was. "Stealing is not very good, but it's no reason for you to take care of her. Can you please tell me what happened, that you took her with you and had to contact us, too?"

"We, or better, Trista should show you." Mego leaned a bit forward. "Would you please show them?"

Trista hurriedly shook her head. "No, I won't!"

"Trista, please. You need to show them. Why don't you?" Mego asked pleadingly.

"Because I don't want to. I don't like it. You made me do it the last time." The girl snapped back, glaring at the purple man.

Hego stepped forward. "And the chase? You didn't hesitate to do it, while the police was after you, hm?" He towered over her and Trista shrank back.

"I...I was scared.." she stuttered, nervously fiddling with her hands.

Kim couldn't watch the interrogation any longer and stepped forward, putting a hand on Hegos shoulder she made him take a step back. Then she looked at the brown haired girl, who had tears of fear in her eyes. "Trista, you don't have to be afraid. Look, Ron and I are here to help you. If you show it to us, maybe we can find a way to fix the problem," she said in a soothing voice.

Hego and Mego inched back slowly, they knew that this wasn't something that could be solved with superpowers. The girl looked at Kim hopefully. Then she sighed. "I really don't like to do it. And I'm sorry I hurt the police officer." She pushed her arms forward, palms facing the ceiling. Her brows furrowed as she concentrated.

And then, her hands started to glow bright pink.

Kim and Ron, both having not suspected what would happen, gasped as they saw the glow. It was identical to every other glow they had seen, just in a different colour.

"That's the Go Glow! She has a Go Glow?" Ron asked, equally surprised and puzzled.

Just as quickly as she had shown them, she tucked her hands into the crocks of her elbows. The Glow faded after a few seconds and Trista was hanging her head again, a sad and scared look on her face.

"How is that possible? I thought, only the ones hit by the comet did have them..."

"And that would be the Go family," Ron finished for Kim. "And I don't think she is some long lost sister or cousin or something like that?"

"We followed our family tree back a few hundred years," Hego said, shaking his head. "There is no way that her family and ours might be related. Trista's ancestors are Irish, the Gos never had any Irish family members. So I think we can't explain her powers as some kind of blood relation."

"And of course, there is the comet incident. Trista wasn't with us when that damn thing hit us," Mego added and Hego shot him a glare. His brother held up his hands. "Sorry, I know, no swearing. Sheesh." He rolled his eyes and sunk back into his seat.

Kim sat down at the table, too. She looked at the two Go members, thinking. "How many years ago was the comet incident?"

The brothers looked at each other, then Hego spoke up. "I think it's about fifteen years now. The twins were just toddlers when it happened."

"Trista..." Kim turned to the girl, who had followed the discussion with interest, her hands still tucked under her arms.

"Uhm...actually, you can call me Trish. Everyone calls me that...I don't like my real name that much." She shrugged slightly. Trish wasn't that scared anymore, but Kim was able to tell that she was still nervous and a bit intimidated. She was sitting between two of the famous Team Go members and in front of her sat the world-known Team Possible, discussing about her like she wasn't sitting in the same room. The girl was happy that someone finally decided to talk to her, even if it was just for getting informations.

Kim smiled at her and corrected herself. "Trish...I think you can tell us best about that. Do you remember anything strange that happened in your life around that time? Were you and maybe your family ever hit by something from the sky or near it when it happened?"

The girl looked down and started to think. Megos eyebrows shot up. "You think she might be hit by the same comet?"

"Or at least a fragment of it. Maybe the comet burst into different parts, after he hit the earths atmosphere. And maybe these parts were too small to be noted by anyone, or nobody saw them coming down."

Hego nodded at Kims words. "Yeah, you're right, that's a real good explanation."

All heads turned and looked at Trish, who still was chewing at her bottom lip, deep in thought. Then she suddenly looked up. "No. I never was hit by anything like that."

Their faces fell and Kim scratched her head. "Okay, so there goes my explanation. I think we need some other help to find out how.."

"But I was hit by an explosion around that time. I was two years old, when it happened." Trish quickly said, before Kim could finish her sentence.

"And it wasn't because of some strange, colorful thing falling from the sky?" Ron asked jokingly.

The brunette shook her head. "No, it happened in a fabrik hall." She fell silent, but Kim edged her on with a wink of her hand. "Come on, tell us the whole story. You won't bore us, I'm sure."

Trish took a breath and went on. "My father took me with him, because he wanted to show me to his co-workers. After some time, he placed me down in the hall, told me not to go away and went to help a few of his friends with a broken forklift. I was just two years old, so of course I started to run around and went into another hall, unnoticed. It was full of big barrels. I don't remember much after that...I just know that I didn't do anything but look into the room and suddenly the world went white." She licked her lips, apparently not very fond of the memory. "My parents told me later, when I was older, that there was a huge explosion. They never found out what triggered it. But I'm very sure that it was no comet fragment."

There was a moment of silence, but then Hego spoke up, unbelieving. " come you're still alive? You were standing right next to it! And I don't see any burn marks on your skin." His voice went from unbelieving to suspicious and he eyed her again with that look only a hero can give a criminal.

The girl blushed, part of her upset of being unofficially called a liar, part embarrassed. "I didn't expect you to believe me, but you wanted me to tell it. I don't even think I believe it myself, since I was brought to the hospital afterwards undamaged."

Team Possible looked at her with eyes like saucers. "Undamaged? You were standing next to an explosion without getting hit?" Now it was Kims turn to be unbelieving. She had her experience with explosions, and even though she never was hurt critically, she also never got away totally undamaged.

"I don't remember if I was hit or not, but yes, I woke up in the hospital without a scratch."

Kim and Ron looked at each other questionally, but then Mego spoke up. He was sitting there, his eyebrows drawn together, his gaze thoughtful. "Actually...if I remember correctly, we weren't hurt either, or were we, Hego?"

The blue clad man hesitated, but then nodded. Mego scratched his chin. "So, even though we can't proof her story, we also can't call it untrue. We woke up in the hospital too, but no one of us even had one bruise. But it's still strange, because there was no comet involved in the explosion Trish told us about, at least not officially. Say, did you get your powers shortly after that?"

Trish shrugged. "I think I used them the first time when I was five. But that was with real power. The glow started to show up sooner, I think."

Ron placed his hands onto the table, between the brunette and his best friend. "Say, what exactly does your power do? We have super strength, size changing and duplicating. Oh, and I forgot the nasty one, plasma. And yours? What are yours about?" He was very curious, watching the girl like a kid finding out about a new superhero.

"It's at least dangerous enough, that it can hurt people," Hego growled.

"I didn't hurt him! At least not willingly.." Trish shot at the blue clad man angrily. They could see tears forming in her eyes. "I was just protecting myself! I only tried to run away and suddenly I tripped and fell...and when I looked back and saw both of them pulling out their guns I...I just....I was just so scared!" The girl hid her face in her hands and sobbed.

Kim jumped up and patted Trishs back, Ron looked like he wanted to help, too, but didn't know what to do. The Go members just gazed awkwardly around the room.

The redhead put one arm around the other girls back, who let her hands fall back on her knees, sniffling slightly. Her eyes were red and she wipped away a small tear quickly.

"It's okay, Trish. We believe you." She sent her friend a look and Ron nodded and smiled, showing that he supported her, too. "You didn't want to hurt him, it was a situation you couldn't handle. You probably used your powers without thinking."

Trish rubbed her nose. "I really acted without thinking...I was shocked the first second and the next I see the man lying on the ground, my hands glowing. After that, I couldn't run away anymore...that I would do something like that...that I can do it, is more than scary. I'm afraid that if I do it again, I hurt someone else." Her eyes showed how afraid she was about that happening. "That's why I hate my powers..they are evil."

Kim went back to her seat. "But you are in the room with two superheroes, who have the same kind of power as you and they use it for good things. Don't you think that showing them would clear up some questions? Maybe they even could help you to control it." She sent a calming smile in the girls direction. "And if you could control it, something like what happened with the police man would never happen again."

"Kim's right, girl," Mego said suddenly, "you are not used to your power. It's alien to you, since you don't use it. We could help you control it, or at least give you some advice."

"But for that we need to see what your powers do," Hego said and went to the door. "Our powers are not evil, they are the reason for us becoming heroes. Come on, you can show what you are capable of in our training room."

"And don't worry, you don't have to be afraid of hurting anyone, it's totally save," Mego hastily added, after he saw the girl hesitating. It seemed like she still didn't trust Hego, but after Mego's words she sighed and stood up.

"Okay..but only because it's a chance to get this thing under control."

The hall was empty, grey stone lined the walls and visible cracks and burn marks were placed everywhere randomly, showing the frequent use of the room. Trish stood in the middle, looking quite lost all alone in there.

Both teams waited behind a wall of glass in the technic area, which was placed a few feet above the ground, where they could watch all happenings in the Go training hall. Kim pushed a green button, leaning down to speak into the microphone, that would transfer her voice to the hidden speakers.

"Okay, let's start now. You can activate your Glow quite easily, right?" She could make out Trishs nod and went on. "Try to activate it now."

The girl hesitated a moment, looking down at her bare hands. Then, her hands were hidden by a soft pink glowing. It flickered for a while, reflecting Trishs nervousness, but then it turned into a steady light.

The young hero smiled. "That's good. Can you go further and...attack the wall?" She turned to Hego and Mego for assurance. "The wall will hold, won't it?"

Both brothers nodded, but it was Mego who half-grinned. "It even kept Shego at bay. Well, at least most of the times. I don't think an untrained Go Glow, if it is one, can crack more than the outer wall."

"Then it should work. Go on, Trish!"

Four people and one naked molerat watched paitently, while Trish eyed the walls around her. Still feeling quite lost, she tried to push her fist in a half-hearted trust in front of her, hoping it would do something. When nothing happened, she attacked the air with more force, but still the Glow wouldn't leave her fingers. She concentrated on her hands, imagining the pinkish light to be some kind of heat she could throw through the air.

After a while of untrained, unsuccessful shadow boxing, she turned back to the technic area. "This is ridiculous!"

Ron and Mego were sniggering quietly and Kim shushed them with a wave of her hand. "Don't laugh at her! She isn't used to this and it's stressful enough for her. She went in there, because we asked her, not because she wanted to." They had at least the decency to look guilty. "Hego, can't you help her somehow?" She sent a pleading glance to the blue-clad man.

Hego sighed, walking next to Kim. "Here, let me." He bowed down to another microphone and pushed the activation button. "Trish, try to concentrate on your hands."

"I did that! It didn't work. I can't do it.." Nervous fidgening had turned into misery.

"Stop the bawling and listen to what I say. Concentrate! And now try to remember the moment, when you ran away from the police.."

Trish turned pale. "What? No! No way. That was horrible!"

"For god's sake, don't behave like a kid. I'm just trying to help you," Hego said in a voice, that could not be described as very nice.

"Well, you're not helping!"

"You should be more than thankful, that I, Hego and Leader of Team Go, wastes his time for a spoiled brat like you! Just do what I say now!"

Kim could see, that the situation turned into a very bad direction. Trish, even though angry, was becoming more and more intimidated, standing in the hall with pink hands and shaking shoulders. "Hego, maybe this isn't quite-.."

"I'm not spoiled, stupid hero, stop shouting at me!" Trish cried back at him.

"Don't tell ME what to do, girly! One more word and you're going straight back to the police station! I'm very interested to know what your parents will say, when they find out that their daughter attacked the police-...."

The attack hit the glass wall with such force, that the room shock. The guys fell down to the floor, not prepared to react that fast, but Kim was able to stay on both her feet. A large crack split the glass wall in two halfs, a few glass splinters engulfed in a pink light falling down to the hall ground. She rushed to the window, looking for the girl. "Trish!"

Trish was laying on the ground, coughing but undamaged, her own attack had knocked her backwards. Her glow flickered strongly, then faded away and went out without a sound.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, just...feeling a bit weak..." Desoriented, Trish looked at the broken glass. "Uh...was that me?.."

"What about you, guys?" Kim turned around, watching the others stand up.

Ron had fallen into a chair, rubbing his arm he watched Hego helping Mego up. "We're okay, I think. Wow, what a bang." He looked up and registered the damage in front of him. "Whoa! That Trish's doing?"

Rufus scrambled up the control table, poking the glass wall. Mego followed, touching the crack. "It's not hot."

"I think I know, what your power is, Trish. And your motivator for activating your powers." Kim shot Hego a heated glare. "I think it's force. A bit like Hegos enhanced strength, just a bit weaker and working on distance. I guess the attack took all your energy."

Nodding, the younger girl tried to keep steady on her shaking legs. She felt as if she just run a marathon around town with a three days lack of sleep. A nice, warm bed and a dark, quiet room suddenly seemed very tempting, but she tried to keep awake.

"Don't worry, we're coming down now."

"Well, it definitly is a Glow. Or at least, what we define as Go Glow. This is quite a mistery," Mego wondered, when they left the room and walked down the stairs.

"It is. I don't exactly know where to start with this problem...but first, we should bring Trish back home. I think her parents are worried and she looked like she's going to fall asleep any second." Putting a hand on the door knob, she pulled it back. Surprised she took a step back, because the younger girl came falling into the floor.

"S-sorry, I was leaning against the door..." Her gaze fell on Hego and both of them stared angrily at each other for a second. Trish dropped her head first, shrinking back to were Kim was standing.

"Oh come on, Hego, it's enough. The only one behaving like a kid are you," Mego said groaning.


"He's right, you can stop now. Try imagining yourself in her situation," the redhead interrupted him.

Luckily, Hego finally decided to stay quiet, but Trish didn't look very reassured. Her head hung low and she shot a frightened glance back at the door of the training hall. "I can't believe I did that....I...."

"That was so cool!"


Ron pumped a fist into the air. "I mean, wow! One moment you're screaming at Hego and the next - BOOM! Pink explosion! Booyah!" He jumped up, stretching his arms in every direction.

"Pink boom, uh huh!" He high-fived Rufus, who sat on his shoulder.

Trish and Kim stared at the two strangely, then Kim started to laugh. Mego sniggered and even Trish finally managed a small grin, while Hego kept on sulking.

On their way to the hangar, were they kept the Go Yet, Ron told Trish about the many superheroes that had the "same supercool megapower" as her. While she was happy that Ron talked to her so openly and in a language that was more her age, she had a hard time keeping her eyes open. When the Go Yet stopped in the city to let the Possible Team exit, the young girl was deeply asleep in her seat.

Mego promised them to bring her home safely and keep Trishs parents from worrying, while they in return promised to look out for any signs what could have happened to Trish. After saying their goodbyes, Kim and Ron went home in a car Wade organizied for them, still wondering about the strange informations they had gotten today.