Chapter 1

No one understood why Sydney Jenkins showed up that night. Being the shy, quiet girl, she never came to parties, especially ones like this. Sean Mathews, the star quarter back of their school, had just moved into a huge new house, and decided to throw a giant party to celebrate. Naturally, his parents were out, which was a good thing, because the whole house was in chaos. Lucy Kernot was dancing with her boyfriend, Trevor Madding. Meanwhile, Trevor was trying, and failing, not to wonder why the basement was totally off limits, and why there were so many pictures of one girl lying around. One of them was marked 'Rose'. Hmmm….wonder who that is, he mused to himself. But, he was no deep thinker, so he soon forgot about it. Sydney, on the other hand, was, and looked at these photos with great interest, capturing all the images. Everyone else was mainly eating and dancing. Sean was more of the floater, maintaining order and a certain level of discipline.

Throughout the night, Sydney's intense curiosity increase. Who was Rose? As the party raged on, she decided to rest in the only place she knew no one else would find her: the basement. She lowered herself down the dusty stairs and sank onto the dank ground. They had a strange basement, with the same portraits labeled Rose and some tiny square door. It looked like it held storage.

The door at the top of the stairs abruptly opened, and Lucy's arguing voice echoed down the stairs. She stomped down them, with Trevor tailing her and Sean behind him. Sean was attempting to prevent the argument, figuring the best place to go to keep his guests happy was the basement. However, the couple stopped when they saw Sydney sitting on the ground, arm reached out towards the midget sized doorway.

"What are you doing?" Lucy asked, appalled by this girls behavior. She glanced at the door, the pushed Sydney's arm aside.

"No, Lucy!" Trevor ran up and grabbed her arm away.

"What the heck, retard?" Lucy screamed at him, eyes blazing.

"I didn't want you to get hurt, I'd be so upset. You are my girlfriend after all." Trevor clumsily stuck his arm around her shoulders.

She shrugged it off, "I could care less about you, Trevor." Lucy hinted. She reached back towards the door and it flew open; colder than winter air lured them closer to the black whole ahead.