Main Characters featured in this story: Allie, Miley, Bella, Noah, Edward, and Nick (all major OOC)

it has some other characters too! Don't worry.

Summary: Allie and Miley meet in 3rd grade and are instant best friends, what happened to Bella that makes her so shy, and how come only one person knows? Edward and Noah were always best buds, they had to be since their parents were best friends. What would happen if these people meet? Characters are major OOC and story takes place over a long period time. First chap migh tbe confusing to some readers because of all the different POV's but, i promise, it's only in the first chapter.

I wrote this story one day with my cousin when we were on a writing frenzy, i don't know what really got into us.

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"One, Two, Three, jump!"

I was nine and not stupid enough to not notice it was the worst and best day of my life.

"hey are you okay?"

There was a girl about my age standing in front of me. She had long brown curly hair.

"No..... i just fell off the playset, maybe 9 feet tall and landed on rocks, im just peachy." The girl stood there as a smile broke across her face.

"Your funny, whats ur name?" she said while She helped me up.

"Im allie hamilton, and you?" I asked.

"Im miley and just moved down here from Nashville."

"oh.. srry i have no idea where that is, but.." Next thing you know our conversation was cut short due to .

"Oh! good god! Are You alright!? She screamed.

" Im okay i just have a little booboo" i said with a smirk on my face.

"Well even if its just that, you need to get to the Would you be a good girl and help allie to the nurse?

"Sure ."

After that day my foot as never been the same. Not only that but me and miley had become best friends.

And it was prom day when everything started to develop very quickly.


"Stop! Stop!" i screamed trying my hardest to fight away from his grip, he held on so tight."Help!!"

"if your quiet this will be alot easier." he said as he pushed me against a wall. and gripped the bottom hem of my shirt, and yanked it off.

All i could think of was 'why did this have to happen to me?" all i wanted was to be home in my bed, reading wuthering heights.

Did i deserve this? Did i expose myself? Or was i just a primary target. I had no friends, i was new, and i was still upset about my mothers death. Yes! Yes! i did do this to myself and now someone is taking advantage of me.

i was yanked back into when reality when something slapped my face with so much force, my head hit the brick wall.

Next thing i knew i was waking up in a very dark room. i suddenly had last nights' evidence scattered accross the room. i was alone and i couldnt stop thinking about what could have happened last night.

i could have died, and i will if i tell someone, Anyone!

i looked around the room, to try and get some bearings of where i was, when a sign on the door peeked my interest. 'storage closet'.

And that is when my life changed.


I can't wait til prom to see the hotties!

"Yes noah i know that, you say that every single day, so now can we just get on with the game." Edward said.

"was i saying that out loud?" I said confused.

"um..yea" Edward said just as confused as I.

"Sorry, i guess its know what if i do it again just slap me against the head." I said.

"Will do." Edward smirked.

Me and edward Have been friends since middle school and now we are living with eachother in my moms backhouse.


Its the day before me and allie are getting are nails done.

We have been best friends since Allie broke her toe on the playset in 3rd grade, and now we are going to prom together! We desided since too many guys were asking us to the dance (and for allie one girl, even) that we should just not go with a date, and then mingle with people when we get there. Perfect plan.

That and Allie has the biggest crush on the captain of the football team, Noah.

"Hey Al?" i asked, "is this my color?" I asked pointing to a deep purple nail polish.


It has been three years since i was raped in a storage closet durring a school pep rally.

I had moved after that, not being able to live with him looking at me every day. I moved in with my mother in Pheonix, Arizona.

I was shy, nerdy, and, in my opinion, ugly as shit. My one and only friend Angie tells me that I'm beautiful, i just dont see it. Well, if i am, then why hast anyone talked to me, except Angie, since i have moved here? She responded to that with, "Bella...If i remember correctly, people did try and talk to you, you just ignored them, and pushed everyone away. They are just going along with how you set things up." I knew she was right. I set this up for myself, just like i set myself up with getting raped. I rock.

Any way, i still have my dark brown wavy hair and chocolate brown eyes. Boring, I know.

They're gonna clean up your looks

with all the lies in the books

to make a citizen out of you

because they sleep with a gu--

"Hello?" i asked into my phone.

"BELLA!!" it was angie, "Bellllllllla! We HAVE to go to prom! PLEASE tell me you are going with me!!"

"Prom, Angie? Really? No. I don't think so." i said defiantly.

"But, Bella. It is prom! You have to, it's like a passage in life that EVERYONE has to go through! C'mon it'll be great!" She insisted.

"I don't know Angie, I mean, when was the last time you saw me walk on a flat, stable surface, let alone dance. And besides, who would want to take me anyway?"

"You have GOT to be kidding me! Bella. You. Are. Georgeous. And I already have a date for you! And I know the perfect dress for you!" She squeaked. WhAT!? She got a date for me! Without even asking me!? UGH!

"Whatever, Ang. Just get over here." I said, then hung up.

Prom will be great!

Did you notice my sarcasm right there?


"NOAH!! Where is my black tie!?" I shouted through the rather large backhouse. Noah and I were getting ready to go prom and we were absolutely not going with a date. That would end up so bad.

You see, me and Noah, we are the most popular kids at our dingy high school, which isn't saying alot.

Noah is the captain of the football team, and I am captain of our soccer team. People love us for that, i guess, but it never gets to our heads. We don't even really like all the attention, it just comes to us.

Anyway, we have been asked to prom by several people, and we have said 'no' to every songle one. We know they just want us for our looks (hence the drool in their mouths) or our popularity (that one is just obvious).

Back to the present, we were suposed to of left ten minutes ago, and Noah's mom is getting impatient with the camera. Damn. I was hoping to avoid the camera.

AHA! I spotted my tie thrown carelessly over the back of the sofa. I quickly tied it around my neck, and looked at myself in the mirror to make sure I looked okay.

I was wearing black pants, white dress shirt, and a black tie, with black and white converse. My favorite. My bronze hair was always wild, so I didn't even bother to tame it. I sat down on the couch and turned on the T.V. to wait for Noah, which was pointless because as soon as I sat down, he came in.

He was wearing the same thing as me, but he had on a red dress shirt.

"Ready?" he asked. I nodded and we headed out the back door after I turned off the television and grabbed my car keys.

We hopped in my Volvo and sped away to Victoria James High School. (A/N: COULDN'T RESIST)


Me and Miley look great! I am wearing a silky, blood red ball gown, with a back that goes to the bottom of my back with some diamonds on the bottom. It has a slit on it that goes to the top of my thigh (A/N: I suggest you go to my profile to look at the pics of this dress, it is VERY difficult to describe).

For my make up, my eyes are smoky, and my lips are as red as my dress, and I have a light blush on my cheeks. My hair is in loose curls.

Miley is wearing a metallic-y/silver color hatler dress (A/N: DRESS ON PROFILE). It was floor length and very tight until it got to about her upper thigh, where it was collected to the side by a pin. Then it just flowed out. It had little beeding patterns along the top and on the straps. It was a very classy dress. Her hair was in loose curls, as well.

"Ready, Chica?" I asked her. Miley nodded, and we headed out to Victoria James High Senior Prom!!


Oh. My. God.

Angie made me look--

I can't say it.

"You're so beautiful!!" Angie squealed, she took the words right from my mouth, though I would never admit to anyone that i looked pretty.

She had dressed me in a deep blue, long, empire waist gown. It has a deep V-neck, but this dress is was so pretty, I didn't care. It has a silvery/white beeding along the empire waist and at the top of the straps. My hair is in loose curls, and my make up is done to perfection.

Angie, herslef is wearing a very purple gown, that has a low neck as well, it has triangle slits that show her ribs, and it is all open on her back, except for the fabric that ties the back of the dress together. (A/N: PICTURE ON PROFILE)

We walked out her front door and into her car, and now we were headed to Victoria James High School Prom. Joy.


Edward and I walked in the gymnasium and everyone turned to look at us, well everyone that was here so far. About half the school hadn't even arrived yet.

I was scanning the croud, looking for something to do after Edward left to go mingle, when I first saw her. She was absolutely, mind-blowingly georgeous! She had soft, honey-colored curls that flowed down her back, which was very visible, as she is wearing a backless dress. It was deep red, and had a slit as high as her thigh. Sexaaay.

I walked over to her with a determined look on my face.

I was going to make her mine.





Is Noah, captain of the football team, really walking to me right now? I looked around me, and there was no one. I was standing at the punch table, waiting for Miley to get back from the bathroom.

So he is walking to me? No, he is just probably coming to get some punch. He never has noticed me before, why would he now? I doubt even this dress could get his attention. I have had the biggest crush on him forever!

He was close now, just a few more steps and he would be right infront of me. The suprise? He didn't stop until he WAS right infront of me.

"Hey, I'm Noah." I could have fainted right there.


I was on my way to the bathroom, whe I noticed I forgot my clutch, so turned around to head back.

About halfway there, I saw Allie talking to some guy, the closer I got the more familiar he looked. It was Noah. Oh my gosh!

I turned aorund right then, not wanting to interupt them, but to my suprise I ran right into a wall.

Or so I thought it was a wall. It was actually a guy.

"Oh, man, I'm sorry dude." I said, making sure my dress wasn't messed up. It wasn't.

"It's fine, are you okay?" asked a sweet voice. I look up and get locked in the strangers brown eyes.

"yeah, yeah I'm fine. I'm Miley." I said breathless, in a daze.

"Nick." he said simply, "It's nice to meet you."

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