okay you guys! I HAVE A NEW INSPIRATION!!! (btw you have just entered the world of Fruity Lissa, meaning you will have to endure cheasynessss!!!)

okay, back on topic.....i have a new inspiration.... King Leonidas and The Brave 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! this movie!!! it, even though i hate with a passion to say this, rivals new moon in my book! i love it THAT much!!! well i am doing a new....making a new story its going to be called "Athanasia".

DUDES!!! i have done SOOOOOO much research on this, not that i mind because i LOVE LOVE LOVE spartan history (geeky, i know)!!!!!!!!!!

it's about a girl named Athanasia, she is a spartan girl, and what she does there and how she grows up (mentioned briefly) but when a girl turns eighteen in sparta they have to take a fitness test sorta thing, and if they pass they are a citizen, well athanasia wants nothing more than to be a spartan woman, blah blah blah. ANYWAY!!!!!!! later on she gets changed, yeaars passs, blah blah blah! JUST READ IT!!!! I SWEAR TO GOOGNESS IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR WHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will admit that, sadly, her time is sparta will be maybe few chapters, but there will be flashbacks, and she will always think as a true spartan woman would! O BTW!!! after a time, they figure her name is entirely to difficult (you will see who 'they' is eventually ;) she changes it to Isabella, Bella for short, thank you very much! I HAVE DONE ALOT OF REASEARCH!!!! even what every names means in ancient greece, what there homes were made of, what they went trough at the school sisterhood thing. what they ate and when they could bathe! dudes, my eyes hurt! she knows king leonidas, queen Gorgo and some other people and get this guys......Athanasia means 'immortal'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anaaahhahahahahahahahhahaha you get why i picked it right? lol!!!

i REALLY hope alot of people will read it and enjoy it! i will try my hardest! it has much adventure!!!!! it will have humor! no worries! i am not lissa without funny stuff being involved! so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ ATHANASIA!!!!!!! omj! i cant stop accidently spelling anastasia instead! lolololol!!! so if that happpens please slap me ;P

okie! peace out my homie's!! oops hehe i mean "FOR SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Lissa 3