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This is going to be an AU OOC angsty hurt comforty slashy Mpreggy mess with spoilers up to date. If this is not your thing turn back now. It is s WIP so I have no idea when updates will be but I usually update a couple of days apart (though I do have flurries and dry spells) I WILL finish it, I hate abandoned stuff so will never do it.

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On with the story!

Gibbs would be lying if he said he didn't worry about his Senior Field Agent, since the Jeanne fiasco and his banishment after Jenny's death the location of his Agent was regularly in the back of his mind. Not that you would know it to look at him, his interior was screaming something is wrong I hope he is OK his exterior still exuded 'Where the HELL is Tony?!' Which is exactly what came out directed at his two present Agents.

'Uh, dunno Boss, he got a dentist appointment?' Gibbs didn't change the glare that he had levelled at McGee from the outset of his sarcastic response. McGee almost physically shrank in his seat. 'Uh, I can trace his cell Boss?' Gibbs look changed and McGee gulped. 'Or maybe I can call his cell first?' He squeaked as he stared to call Tony.

'Gibbs, he probably got caught in traffic.'

'Actually David he didn't get caught in traffic, he lives less than a mile from me and I am here and not 2 hours late. MuGee?'

'No answer boss, cell or home, want me to try the trace now?' To Gibbs the silence that followed as the younger agent traced Tony cell was loud and screamed Tony's in trouble!

'His cell is at his apartment.'

'Not apartment McGee, house, grab your gear.' The raised eyebrow from McGee was not missed by Gibbs nor was the knowing smile from Ziva. You still have a lot to learn kiddo.


Tony slowly came to and became aware of a few things as sensations hit him in waves. Pressure around his neck, nausea, his blood pounding in his ears and pain in his head, wrists and shoulders as he realised he was bound with his hands behind him. He was dizzy and it took him a few moments to realise that he was sat up and the pressure around his neck and the pounding of his blood in his ears was due to his head being 'supported' by some sort of rope that he could feel trailed upwards into the unknown recesses of what appeared to be a large shed or garage. All he could think was Oh Shit; I had better not pass out! But even Tony knew as he thought those words that the cliché was almost too much and he slumped against his bonds again oblivious to the pair of watching frantic eyes.

Sorry, you had to know all would not become clear, that would spoil my fun!