I have given up apologising for lateness I am suffering from a bout of depression and my muse is almost absent so this story and my others may get a bit sporadic in their updating. (Well more sporadic anyway)

Warning, some childish homophobia in this chap.

As expected the team were full of coo's and hugs for Tony's new companion. They had decided that to forestall an evening visit they would take Rocky to meet the team at the park before taking him in on Monday to work. Abby squealed in delight and ruffled the dogs fur, Tony had wisely decided to leave him out of his working vest knowing that everyone would want to touch and cuddle him. McGee gave him and experienced petting, used to Jethro's favoured manner of a nice firm stroking. Ducky was involved in a discussion with Gibbs about Rocky's abilities. Ziva gave him a cursory pat and actually gave Tony more attention.

/s/ How have you been Tony, you look a bit tired?/s/

Tony smiled warmly at her. /s/ I am tired Ziva, training with Rocky has taken it out of me but he is worth it./s/

/s/ The others seem to think so also./s/ She gave him a wry smile and looked across at Gibbs who was watching the proceedings from a bench with Ducky. She walked over to Gibbs as McGee approached Tony.

/s/ Hey Tony, Rocky is cool. Jethro is in the car, shall I get him out?/s/

/s/ That would be great Tim, he needs to be able to have fun with other dogs. He comes to call and loves fetch./s/ Tony waggled his eyebrows suggesting not so subtly that Tim should play fetch with the pair of Alsatians. Tim smiled and went to get Jethro. There was lots of sniffing and nosing but eventually the two dogs seemed to hit it off. Tony walked to his and Gibbs car and retrieved the picnic they had brought and took it to the bench where Gibbs and Ziva were talking.

/s/ Hey, I'm hungry, ready for lunch?/s/

/s/ You are always hungry Tony, but yes I supposed I could eat./s/ Gibbs whistled which brought the rest of the team over. An hour or so was passed pleasantly as they all chatted and signed and fussed over the dogs, it was when Tony sagged slightly against Gibbs that Ducky announced his imminent departure giving the team a knowing look. They all made their excuses and filtered away as Gibbs packed away the remains of the food and bundled it, Rocky and Tony into the car.

By the time they arrived home Tony was almost boneless against the passenger door. Gibbs looked at him with worry, he seemed to be tiring easily these days. It didn't take long for Gibbs to get his two companions in the house, Rocky trotted up and in behind Tony and Gibbs as they walked in together, Tony's head on Gibb's shoulder. Before long Tony was fast asleep in bed as Gibbs pottered around downstairs cleaning up the remains of their lunch. He retired to the basement and immersed himself in his boat and before long Tony had woken from his nap and joined him Rocky trailing along behind contentedly.

Tony walked up behind Gibbs and drew him into his arms, pressing a kiss to the back of his neck. Gibbs relaxed in Tony's arms and they just stood together enjoying the calm. Eventually Tony began to fidget and Gibbs smiled and turned in Tony's arms, leaning back slightly so he could sign. /s/ Did you have a good day?/s/

Tony smiled and nodded, kissing Gibbs on the lips.

/s/ Are you hungry?/s/

Tony shook his head and kissed Gibbs again.

Gibbs put on a thoughtful face, holding his chin, /s/ Do you want to take Rocky for a walk together?/s/

Tony grinned and nodded and this time went in for a deep passionate kiss. Gibbs smiled into the kiss and gently extracted himself. Tony mock scowled.

/s/ Well we wouldn't want to take Rocky for a walk sporting hard on's would we?/s/ Tony sniggered.

The pair strolled down round the block amiably hands together on Jethro's leash; he had been given the evening off as Gibbs was around to help Tony. They settled on a bench.

/s/ Our day for parks huh Tony? /s/

/s/ Yeah, haven't been to a park in years and two in one day. Rocky loves it though so I guess it may become more regular./s/ Tony gestured at Rocky who was chasing birds across the grass with gusto.

Gibbs looked away distractedly, Tony followed his eye line and saw what he was looking at, a group of teenagers were being generally rowdy on the play park with what seemed like beer and seemingly bullying a younger lad. Gibbs face morphed into as far as a scowl as his usual stony expression would allow. Tony rolled his eyes and nudged Gibbs, and tilted his head towards the group suggesting they should intervene. Gibbs gave a tight smile and stood waiting for Tony, as Tony stood Rocky came running seeing his new master move.

As they approached the group together, two of the group turned to address them.

'What you want old man?' One of them sneered.

'Yeah, what you two fags want, we are having good old fashioned fun with our buddy here.' The third member of the group put the smaller boy in a headlock giving him a noogie.

'I suggest you let your 'buddy' go home where he should be at this time of the evening. I also suggest that you three move on and find some other more wholesome entertainment, bullying small children and throwing homophobic insults is off the menu boys.' Gibbs gave them his famous glare. The third member of the group let go of the boy nervously and Gibbs approached the smaller boy intending to guide him away and for him and Tony to walk him home. As Gibbs stepped away from Tony, the bolder one of the bullies lunged at Tony with his bottle only to find his arm in the vice like jaws of a very pissed off Rocky.

Tony reeled slightly but recovered as he saw Rocky had the boys arm. The other two boys ran and the third started screaming for mercy. Gibbs grabbed the arm that Rocky did not have in his mouth and shouted 'DROP' at Rocky who let go but continued to growl menacingly at the bully. The arm was hardly damaged, 'Good boy Rocky.'

Gibbs swung the boy around to face him, 'What the hell do you think you are doing? It's one thing being a bully, quite another to try and attack someone. ' He turned and signed one handed to Tony. /s/ Hold him, I am calling the police./s/ Tony nodded, he grabbed the boy and Rocky's leash.

The local police arrived and took the bully away with instructions from Gibbs to scare him and call his parents release him to his parents. Tony and Gibbs walked the younger boy home who after he had stopped sniffling took great delight in being able to hold Rocky's leash. After a warning to the boys' parents about letting him out so late they retired home.

They fell into bed determined to have an uneventful night and Sunday before going to work on Monday.

Gibbs pulled Tony into his arms and kissed the top of his head. Tony snuggled into Gibbs and signed awkwardly /s/ I love you./s/

That's it for now folks.