For the "I never" challenge at the Sober Universe Forum, and like my previous effort for that challenge takes place in a galaxy and time far far away from anything else I may have written.

Any resemblance to anyone - living, dead or fictional - is purely coincidental.

Christopher, Suzanne, Sher, Sara, Rita, Holly, Dejsha, Kara, Xan, Gilly and and other SU-ers I may have forgotten, this is for you.

(Never. Again. Ever.)

Aprons and Anticipation

Scorpius smiled lazily as he stirred the pan on the top of the stove. He liked cooking, and he liked eating the results, and Albus liked eating them too – almost as much as he enjoyed watching Scorpius cooking. Scorpius frowned as he Accio-ed the spice jars from the rack on the other side of the kitchen. More paprika…

Albus was late. Again.

Scorpius sighed. Anticipation was all very well, but he had his limits, and his frustration was increasing. If Al didn't get a move on, more than the dinner might be spoilt. He flicked his wand irritably to refresh the heating charm on the flat. In mid-November, cooking while wearing nothing but underwear and an apron was a chilly business, and hardly seemed worth it when the person it was intended to please didn't bother to turn up on time.

There was the sound of the door opening and a footstep in the narrow hall behind him.

Despite his irritation, Scorpius found a smile forming itself on his face. Albus' homecoming was the best part of his day. He turned, slipping the red stilettos he had discarded earlier onto his feet as he did so, barely registering the familiar form silhouetted against the light from the front door before launching himself onto the new arrival, mouth open in anticipation of his lover's tongue, arms reaching around his neck, pressing his body forward and arching his hips, feeling the arousal in the body pressed against his as well as his own.

"Dah-ling," he purred. "You are so ve-ry late. You kept little me waiting again, you bad boy. I will have to punish you."

He pulled back, the sultry pout on his lips accentuated by the scarlet lipstick he was wearing, a large amount of which was now smeared over the other man's face. And halted in horror.

Albus, especially in a dark hallway when all you had to go on was the silhouette – lean body, messy black hair, green eyes glittering in the reflected light from the kitchen– really was extraordinarily like his father. And of course Scorpius' almost father-in-law knew the opening charms for the flat and would think nothing of letting himself in if he thought that the place was empty. As he clearly had today.

Scorpius lifted his eyes to the face opposite his, and knew that the expression in the newcomer's eyes matched his own.



And as the man turned, and left, slamming the door so hard behind him that the glass in one of the panes shattered, Scorpius knew that the worst part of this was that Harry had obviously enjoyed the encounter quite as much as he had.