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Anyway, this is a side fic to my other fic 'Teal and Orange' which was about GrimmjowXIchigo. In that fic, Renji was secretly in love with his girlfriend's brother, Byakuya and their story will be told here, so it's not really necessary to check out 'Teal and Orange'.

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Summary: Renji is secretly in love with his girlfriend's brother while Byakuya is secretly and grudgingly attracted to his sister's lover.

Warnings: This fic contains yaoi or maleXmale relationships, bad language, bad grammar (I tried my very best to spot and fix some errors.) and possible OOCness of characters so please don't complain about them being OOC, because they probably are.

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Chapter One:

Raven and Crimson

Abarai Renji

I once heard that no one dies a virgin, life fucks all of us. I wasn't technically a virgin but I did believe that life liked to fuck with me all the time.

My life was fucked, every aspect of it. I was born in a Mafia family called Seiretei. I wasn't the heir, Ichigo could have that fucking position for himself, but even so, I lived a life full of bodyguards, death threats and mind games. I didn't like this kind of life, but since destiny gave me this, I had no choice but to live with it.

My entire family was fucked. My parents were killed when I was five. They were ambushed by an enemy family and since then, I considered the Kurosakis, the head of the organization, as my family.

Heck, even my fucking love life was fucked. I was in love with my best friend and childhood friend, Kuchiki Rukia. She was an awesome girl, smart, pretty and she came from a famous and wealthy family. Everyone said I was lucky to have her and everything was oh, so perfect if only I hadn't met her brother.

I thought I would always be in love with Rukia.

I thought she was the one for me and shit like that.

But everything, everything changed when I first saw Kuchiki Byakuya, his brother, a famous business man, an ally of Seiretei, a man.

Of course I didn't know I got shot in the heart by some stupid cupid when Rukia introduced him to me, so my initial feelings towards the man were fear and annoyance. He had this fucking air of nobility and seriousness all around him that made me feel stiff and uncomfortable. I was somehow pissed at him but one day, when I woke up; I just fucking realized that my stupid shit of a heart was already beating for Kuchiki Byakuya.

Shit, I had it bad, really, really bad because I was supposed to be in love with Rukia, not with a man!

Not with his brother!

Fuck it! Does that mean I was gay?

Damn it all to hell!

I tried to restrain the feelings I had for him but sometimes, my body would just automatically move and the next thing I knew, I had already taken a picture of him through my phone which I always stare at every fucking night.

Fuck, I was doomed!

This strong emotion did not only turn me into gay, it also turned me into a fucking hopeless romantic.

I dreamed of him every night; yearn for him every second, wished to see him even though Rukia was in front of me. I felt guilty but I couldn't stop it.

I was fucking in love with my girlfriend's brother!

And so here I was, staring at his picture in my phone as I secretly watched him from a distance. Gazing at him as he gracefully walked towards the main door of the mansion to meet with the org's leader, his long raven hair waving gloriously behind him as the wind danced with every strand, his dark-gray eyes staring stoically at the door in front of him, gleaming with nothing but deep seriousness and his pale lips, closed in a thin line. I had never seen him smile before but still; he looked handsome or rather beautiful with his cold, blank face.

Shit, that sounded very girlish.


I slowly took a deep breath as I stared at him, probably with longing in my eyes.

"Why did I fall for you?" I whispered to myself.

Kuchiki Byakuya

I was known as emotionless, serious, stoic, a cold man by many people. No one really knew what I truly think or what I truly feel; I hid all of my emotions behind an expressionless mask ever since I inherited my family's estate and wealth.

To be a good leader, I strongly believed in rules. Your subordinates would only obey the rules you have set, if they saw their leader following it. I didn't want to be a good leader, but I believed in rules thus, I made sure I follow them at all times, regardless if it'll cause pain to other people. If I wanted people to obey and respect me, I had to teach them the importance of following rules.

I became distant to people because of that, even with my only sister, Rukia. We didn't speak to each other that much anymore though she still updated me with important things in her life such as her first lover.

It was a year ago when she requested me to meet the man who captured her heart. At first, I was against it. I was a very busy man and meeting with a mere student was just a waste of time for me, but then Rukia told me that her lover was a member of Seiretei, a large organization that I was trying to make business with.

For business sake, I granted her request and met the lucky man but… meeting him was a big mistake.

I strongly believed in self-control and calmness but all of my ideals, my beliefs, seemed to have burned in hell and was turned into ashes once I saw the man's long red hair and piercing crimson eyes. For the first time in my life, I felt desire surge through my soul like an arrow.

In that instant, I knew that Abarai Renji was not good for me.

He looked like a punk with those black tribal tattoos decorating his body, his crimson hair that was tied in a high pony tail and with his furrowed brows that probably gave the impression that he was a scary man.

I cursed myself as I wondered what did I see in this man to make me feel desire for him.

And he was a man…

That was the biggest issue.

I was probably attracted to a man.

For the first time in a long time, I wanted to run, escape from this man who was my sister's lover for I was scared of these foreign emotions awakened by him, but because I was Kuchiki Byakuya, I stayed and treated him the way I usually did with other people.

The conversation was only brief but it was strenuous. The man had this faint blush on his face and he acted idiotically as he spoke, his nervousness was apparent in his aura as he talked. I usually thought that people like that were dumb for they do not know how to carry themselves, but for some reason, I found him…adorable.

I must've been out of my mind to think of him that way.

That was a year ago but up until now, I still saw him as that… adorable yet wild… captivating.

I guess I was still out of my mind.

I instantly saw him as soon as I got out of my Mercedes. I just gave him a curt nod, acknowledging his presence as I strode towards the mansion. Rukia was now living with him in Seiretei's estate, but they have different rooms, of course. Also, my business relationship with his organization had strongly and quickly developed so I frequently had meetings with their leader at least three times a week. That left me with no choice but to see him every time I visit.

He just nodded in response and continued to watch me, my body stiffening under his gaze. I wished he would stop doing that or I could ask him why he had to stare, but I stopped myself and instead ignored him as if he didn't exist.

The large door instantly opened and I stepped inside, thankful that I had finally escaped from those deep crimson eyes.

Abarai Renji

"Hey, Renji." I heard Ichigo called behind me.

I quickly spun around and found my orange-haired cousin, walking up to me with his hands in his pockets, wearing his usual scowling face. "What's up, Ichigo?" I asked as I put my cell phone inside my pocket.

His brown eyes fell on the black Mercedes Benz parked in front of the mansion. "Byakuya's here again, huh?"

"Yeah." I replied as I started walking to go to the garden located at the right side of the estate.

Ichigo instantly followed. "He often drops by these days. I wonder what he was talking about with Yama-jii."

"I have no idea. Why do you care, by the way? I thought you have no plans to be the next heir." I said with a teasing grin.

"Shut up. I'm just curious, pineapple head." He shot back annoyingly.

I just chuckled and we both continued walking in silence until we reached the garden where Rukia was currently busy drawing one of her master pieces… at least to her they were masterpieces.

"Your brother's here, Rukia." I said once we approached here. I fought the urge to flinch when I saw that usual weird-looking rabbit called Chappy on her sketch pad. Really, could someone tell me why did I fall in love with her?

She looked up from her paper, her dark eyes sparkling in excitement. "Really? Then I should say hi to him." She chirped then stood up and grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Ichigo.

I gave Ichigo a panicked look as she dragged me, my eyes doing movements that told the orange-head to 'Help me', but said orange-haired bastard just looked back then shrugged with a teasing smirk.

"Come on, do I really have to go with you?" I complained. It wasn't that I didn't want to greet his brother; it was just that, I didn't want to go near him. I didn't want to lose my control and act like an idiot, especially these days that my attraction for him was getting stronger.

"Of course, you idiot! As a good boyfriend, you have to show him respect right?" She reasoned.

"But I don't wanna be a good boyfriend right now." I said lazily which earned me a punch in the stomach.

"Say that one more time and I will kill you." She threatened with a death glare. If people only knew that Kuchiki Rukia was not really a gentle and soft person.

I scowled at her but after a few seconds; I let out a resigned sigh. "Alright, alright."

We got inside the mansion and went to the waiting room, where Byakuya would most likely stay to wait for whoever it was that he needed to meet. She knocked on the door and carefully opened it. I silently took a deep breath, readying myself, as we stepped inside and found her brother sitting on the brown leather couch with his legs crossed and his arms over his chest.

Byakyuya cocked his head to the side and looked at us.

Rukia immediately smiled and bowed. "It's nice to see you again, nii-sama." She greeted politely.

Her brother just nodded in response. "How have you been doing?" He asked once we sat at the couch across from him.

"I'm doing great. I'm glad you dropped by."

"I needed to discuss an important matter with Urahara Kisuke. Unfortunately, the maid said he hasn't arrived yet."

I just watched and listened as they exchanged words, my heart threatening to jump out of my chest as I tried my best to look casually at him.

Damn, it was hard.

This was why I didn't want to be near him.

"I think it'll take him an hour before he arrives here. Do you want us to keep you company, nii-sama?" My girlfriend politely offered with a serene smile.

Byakuya closed his eyes. "That wouldn't be necessary, Rukia." He replied stoically.

"Oh, okay nii-sama, but please, allow me to make a cup of tea for you." She offered once again, this time with a hopeful smile.

Her brother finally opened his eyes and looked at her. "That would be nice." He agreed.

The smile on her face widened then she nodded. She then looked at me, her eyes sparkling like diamonds as she faced me. "Please stay with nii-sama, Renji." She said then stood up.

I gaped at her, panic suddenly welling up inside me as she went for the door.

Don't leave! Don't leave me with your brother, Rukia!

The door closed and I was finally, I mean unfortunately alone with him.

She could've asked me to come with her but no! I knew she had this stupid I-want-you-to-be-closer-to-my-brother-idea in her head and she definitely thought this was the perfect chance to carry that out.

I closed my mouth and tried to calm myself. I slowly looked at him and wasn't surprised to see him looking as composed and calm as ever. Unfortunately, I mean, fortunately, his eyes were fixed at the flower vase located on the center table.

Man, I should really stop acting like an idiot.

I swallowed hard and thought of something, something to say to him for the silence was slowly killing me but nothing came to mind.

Well, we could talk about sports… but dammit! Did he even play one? Shit, stupid idea! We could talk about his hobbies. I heard he liked Calligraphy and tea-making but what the fuck am I gonna ask about that? I didn't even like those boring things! What else, we could talk about his girlfriends! Yes, that was a great idea! I could finally know if he was or is involved with someone then I—

Wait a goddamn second!

Asking about his love life?

What would that fucking make me?

Argh! Stupid ide--

"Renji." He suddenly said.

I almost jumped from my seat, shocked. "Y-yes, Kuchiki-dono?" I asked stupidly, my mind suddenly blank.

"Is your relationship with Rukia doing well?" He inquired.

Well? Of course, it was! It was doing well because I always tried my best to hide my real emotions from her! She would be fucking pissed once she finds out that I was gay and I'm in love with you!

"Yeah, of course." I replied with a nervous chuckle.

He just nodded at that then closed his eyes as if he was contemplating or something. He looked at me once he opened them again and I felt my heart stop as those dark orbs bore a hole through my soul.

Fuck, please stop looking at me like that!

"Then, would you like to assist me in some affairs I need to accomplish?" He then asked.

My jaw dropped open, eyes wide and breath caught in my throat as I gawked at him.

Did he just fucking ask me to work for him?

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Next Chapter: Byakuya asks himself as to why he asked Renji to work with him. The red-head accepted the offer and the attraction grew stronger.