According to Him

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Ton DiNozzo scoffed – she was such an easy target. It was almost as if she were begging him to do something to antagonize her. There she stood, with her back turned to him, staring as if in a trance over at the coffee pot.

"Watch this," he hissed to McGee before sauntering over to Ziva and poking her sides.


"Tony!" Ziva shouted, jumping around to face her partner, "What are you doing? I have a coffee pot right here in front of me. I could have smashed it against your head."

"But you didn't."

"I could have."

"Well you didn't."

"I could have. And you'd deserve it too…sneaking up on a Mossob-trained…"

"NCIS agent," DiNozzo corrected her and she actually let a small smile escape her lips.

"Tony…I am starting completely over. I don't have anyone."


"What?" Ziva asked offensively.

"You have McGee…Gibbs…Abby…Vance…and well…me."

"Thanks, Tony. You've done it before, right? Had to start over?"

"See, Ziva, that's the difference between you and me. I had to start over all by myself. You don't have to."

"So you'll help me pack?"


"Yes. You said I wouldn't have to do this alone and I need someone to help me with my packing…"



"But you're paying for the pizza."

Ziva smiled and wanted to pull DiNozzo into a hug but that would be too much for her…it was too soon. She never hugged unless someone hugged her first. She couldn't let her guard down around him…

"You are home, you know that, right?" Tony asked, throwing an arm over her shoulders.


"Good. Now get back to work, probie," he laughed as he poked her again causing her to perform the Gibbs-smack in the back of his head.

"Hey! Probies can't do that!"

"Wanna bet?" She smirked and headed towards her desk, "Come by at six tonight, okay?"

"Fine," Tony mumbled. He didn't want to act like it, but he was actually excited to get to help Ziva. She was difficult, hard to please, and constantly changing her mind, but according to Tony, she was perfect.

A/N: That ending was "According to You" By: Orianthi I think is how you spell her name.