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Chapter 1 - I Love You.

Sasuke P.O.V

It was the sun, shining brightly through the slated blinds onto my face, that woke me up. Looking at the clock, I growled under my breath. I could've slept another hour, at least! Still, I guess getting up earlier could have given me more time to train with, um, someone, As long as naruto doesn't act up again, I figured I'd be able to stay sane. At least, I sane as I was gonna get.

As I pulled on my clothes, I distracted myself with other thoughts. More... personal thoughts. They were welcoming thoughts, but not the best thing for this time of the morning. After I'd gotten dressed, I sat on the bed. My breath stank; my mouth felt like a sewer. I went to the bathroom, my feet dragging on the floor as I picked the sleep out of my eyes.

Even though the sun shone blindingly outside, the tiles in the bathroom didn't seem to store the hear, and the bathroom was like a morgue. I sighed, turned the tap, and proceeded to brush my teeth.

Kakashi P.O.V

The alarm clock irritates me. Always has done, always will do. Damn thing wakes me up! Staying up until all hours reading with nice material, and being woken up at this time. Not so great, but hey, aside from that, the life of a ninja is pretty sweet. So is.. Never mind that. I stayed up pretty late last night, though, and didn't bother getting changed. What the hell, screw getting changed now.

Taking my usual book, Make-Out Paradise, from it's place on the bedside table, I smiled to myself. The sun was shining, birds were singing, scarily enough, and I was training with Team Seven. Perfect! I had a feeling today was gonna be a good day.

I left the house, contemplating Konoha around me. My chakra levels were permenantly low recently, which is worrying, but I have my theories.. I wasn't exactly walking at a fast pace. Why bother? Oh dear, don't I sound like that Nara boy now. I'd better stop these thoughts.

Sasuke P.O.V

He's late. He's late, again! This gets so annoying! Sakura and Naruto were bickering as usual. Naruto wanted to put another trap out for sensei, again. What is it with these people?!

I decided I was gonna survey our surroundings. Wasn't that one of the ninja ways? Anyway... The wind was blowing a gentle breeze, causing my hair to sway in front of my face. If I listened hard enough, I could hear Konoha river. The three posts where we sit to eat our lunch, where Naruto got tied after losing a training session, stood fast, as I know they have done for at least fifteen years, never once falling. The ninja memorial behind them, weathered stone, continued to portray the names of every ninja so far to have died in battle. Noise kept up a never-ending stream from the Leaf Village in the east. I knew the Land of Waves was far to the wast, with the sadly named, Great naruto Bridge. Most of the land around us was trees, and other greenery. I smirked, now realizing what was going to happen.

Kakashi stepped out from the bushes, usual book in hand. His lazy, lopsided smile on his face; even covered by a mask I knew it was there. His grey hair, even at the age of only twenty-eight, was falling in it's usual spikes.

My teacher was beautiful. Is beautiful.

Kakashi P.O.V

Well, that was a refreshing walk. I found it relatively to walk and read, so it didn't take that long to get there.

Sasuke knew I was here, why didn't the others? Oh, probably 'cause they spend most of the time argueing, rather than training.

The familiar sound of the pair's voice floated to my ears, like a tune I knew and hated. Yup, that;s pretty much how annoying Naruto's voice is. Sakura's isn't too bad, I suppose. It still makes you wanna die, but I digress. Anyhow, why am I still worrying about those two? God knows, 'cause I sure don't, and he ain't gonna tell us.

Sasuke P.O.V

Um.. Yeah, Kakashi's here. I licked my lips. So? I shouldn;t let it bother me while training.

'Sakura! Naruto! Shut it!' Kakashi yelled from across the field. His voice ran through me, like an electrical current. As he approached us, my body started to freeze. I had to shake myself all over to regain mobility.

'Now.' Kakashi pulled out a set of bells. 'I'm sure you recognise these.'

Kakashi P.O.V

I smirked. The bell game is fun. They all know what to do. [Uh, Miss? This truely isn't as bad as it sounds].

I sent the kids away to opposite areas of the field; naruto behind a ton of trees, Sakura somewhere near the river, and Sasuke into the trees where I'd come from. I set off, just to sit at the memorial, when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned, pretty curious.

Sasuke stood behind me. And with three simple words, my mind fell to pieces.

'I love you.'

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