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Chapter 3 - What Have I Done ?

Kakashi P.O.V

What have I done? Sasuke, Sasuke... Iruka looked at me as I held my head in my hands.

'Kakashi.. What just happened?' he looked worried, bless him. His voice trembled as he spoke.

I thought a second. What had just happened?

It all started kicking in.

Iruka P.O.V

Kakashi's lost his mind, I swear. I tried to calm him down, but his screams.. They cut right through me. I couldn't bear to stand there and listen. I hugged my body, knelt down beside him, and held Kakashi as he cried.

Kakashi P.O.V

I probably just made such a fool of myself. But, can you blame me? Sasuke's gone.. I don;t think he'll be coming back, either.

I sat on the bed, after Iruka led me there, and I was hollow.

Sasuke P.O.V

God knows what I just did... But I do. I walked out on Kakashi. After months, I walked out on the love of my life.

I'm now living with Sakura...

Kakashi P.O.V

I'm hearing rumours, everyday. Sasuke, apparently, has boarded in with Sakura. She must be overjoyed.

Oh, what've I done..?

The End.


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