Disclaimer;; I do NOT own Vocaloid. If I did, Miku wouldn't have a CHANCE with Kaito. ;D

This week's word;; Diet

Shipping?;; Miku X Kaito

Miku smiled. It was a beautiful day, the twins were with the Utaus, and Meiko was sober. There wasn't a reason at all for her to to be happy. Today was absolutely perfect. She took a bite of her leek, and skipped into the kitchen, teal locks flying behind her.

At the large table sat Kaito, burying his head in his arms. "I can't do it. No, no, no," he moaned, as if being tortured. He gripped his neck like it choked him, sweat sliding down his strained face.

"Eh? Kaito, what's wrong?" Miku asked him nervously. He looked like he was being possessed or something. She took a step back. She didn't want to get attacked or anything. He looked kind of scary.

Kaito stared at her, eyes wide and face pale. "M-Master said I should go on a diet," he murmured. "No more ice cream, especially Haggen Dasz." Tears waterfalled from his bright blue eyes down his cheeks. "I-I can't do it Miku! It's killing me!" He gripped Miku's shirt, leaning against her for support.

Miku blushed at Kaito's innocence. He was twenty, and yet here he was, leaning on her like a small child. She patted his head comfortingly. Ice cream was practically his life, and Master was telling him to throw it away? To diet? It was simply impossible, without Kaito going insane.

Kaito looked back up at her smiling face, and gripped her light blue tie. "Miku, how am I s'posed to get through this?" he whimpered.

"Well," Miku said, her smile growing. "You could try one of those fatfree, or sugarfree ice creams. Or you could eat one of the tofu substitutes. They taste almost exactly like ice cream, you know." She held out a small canister of ice cream, with 'Tofu!' written at the top.

Kaito shoved a spoonful of the 'ice cream' into his mouth. "Mm, so good," he sighed dreamily, snatching the canister out of Miku's hand. "Thanks Miku!" he said cheerfully, kissing Miku on the cheek. He then skipped away with the ice cream, humming all the way.

Miku touched her cheek, and grinned. That was Kaito for you. Constantly cheerful and oblivious, especially if he had his ice cream. But the kiss had been unexpected, she thought. Still, it was just on the cheek, and they were great friends. What was there to worry about? She took another bite of her leek, and ran after Kaito, laughing. Yep, it was a perfect day.