"Thank you for understanding about the girls' night out, Abby. I know a quiet dinner is not what you had in mind but I was just not up for anything else," Ziva told her Goth friend.

"The point was just to do something together, Ziva. It didn't matter what. Besides I know you've had a couple of late nights. McGee told me about finding you asleep on the constitution. And then you had to arrest that bad army dude. How cool was that, finding that ultimate warrior guy Damon again? And in Gibbs's house. I'm still a little mad at Damon for hurting all of you but now I kinda forgive him since he helped Leyla and Amira. I think it is so cute that you even want to be an American in your sleep. I can't believe Gibbs hazed you. I mean, Tony, yea, I can totally see it but Gibbs? Well, okay, I guess I can see it now that I think about it. You know you don't have to memorize the whole constitution, right? The naturalization test is just an interview with like ten questions and they make flash cards you can study," Abby rambled until she realized she was losing Ziva. "Wow, you really are tired. You're totally spacing on me."

"Oh, Abby, I am sorry. I was just thinking about something Leyla said to me yesterday," Ziva replied as she concentrated on her friend once again. After a brief pause, she added, "Abby, have you ever thought about being a mother?"

"Whoa, that's random. I guess I don't really know about having kids. I mean, I like kids but more in a play with them and give them back to their parents when they scream kind of way. Not in a change diapers, stay up all night while they're sick kinda way. Is this about what Leyla said to you?" Abby asked.

"In a way. Leyla said she wanted to raise Amira away from the violence she saw as a child. She does not want her daughter to ever lose the peace in her eyes. I did not think I would ever have children for much the same reason. It is not that I did not want children. I just did not want them to end up like my sister Tali or worse, like me. The world I lived in is not one I would ever wish on a child," Ziva explained.

Abby gave Ziva a very knowing look. "But now your world is different, huh? So, Ziva, do you want to be a mother?"

"I do not know, Abby. Until now, I have only thought of being an NCIS agent and then an American citizen. I have not thought about my future beyond that. It has been hard enough just trying to put the past behind me and start over in the present. I think what Leyla said made me realize that the rest of my life will be completely different than what I always thought it would be."

"Ziva, you can dream now," Abby said in an awestruck voice that elicited a laugh from Ziva. "Seriously, Ziva, think about it. Your future can be whatever you want it to be. You get a total do-over on your life. That is so cool."

Ziva was thoughtful for a moment and then replied, "I guess that is the real American dream, yes? Not winning the lottery like Tony said. It is having a future and making it anything you want it to be."

"That's our Tony," Abby said shaking her head in part disgust and part disbelief. "McGee told me about his whole immigration rant. What is up with that?"