By PhinalPhantasy

A/N: Hello everyone, this is another quick drabble written for the community "Indigo And Perca Drabble Challenge" The prompt is "Lost" and I only have 100 words to work with. Let's see if I meet the challenge.)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or its characters)

"Absolutely brilliant!" George grinned at his brother.

"What did you find this time? Another secret passage?" Fred asked, "Cause the last one really didn't work out. We ended up right behind McGonagall's desk remember? And trying to break out of detention afterwards only led to the back of Dumbledore's study."

"This will more than make up for those times," George assured his twin. He showed Fred the parchment he found. Not only did it show every passage in the school, secret or not, but also it showed the location of every person in it. Now they'll never be lost again.