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What is this place? It's so dark, so cold.

So dead.

It's an endless darkness

I can't see anything but myself, barely.

I'm scared.


Like i'm in a lacuna.

Someone, anyone.

I'm afraid to be alone.

I hear names being called, echoing in the darkness.

But one of them was muted, i couldn't hear it at all.

I hear more names being called.





I try to answer the calls. It sounds very familiar. Very...


"I think he's coming to!"

"Quick, get Link and the others!"

"Ai-s gotit!"

My eyes blurred as i opened them. My head hurt, my arms ache and i feel like i've been dragged a thousand miles.

I feel a hand on my forehead.

"You alright kid?" a familiar face stared intently at me, suddenly making me feel relaxed and relieved.

I wasn't sure why.

"Who are you?" I asked, confused. I couldn't remember anything except for the darkness and the names.

The entire room was filled with people that seemed familiar, i just realized.

And they were staring at me with many expressions.

A kid, probably 8 or something in the red hat, was giving off a scared look. Another, not sure if it's even a female, pink, roundish thing was staring with confusion. But most of them had the look of shock and surprise.

"He's a-come too." I hear someone saying in the hallway.

"Where am i?" I asked to no one in particular.

"You're in the save zone sweetie." replied a sweet voice from the crowd. It came from a young-looking royalty girl in pink, holding an umbrella. "We're all very concerned about you."

"Who am I? What happened?" I was disorienting and for a second my head started to spin.

"Slow down kid, you'll wear yourself out." said the same voice i heard before. "It looks like you've lost your memory. I'm Ike, just letting you know, and you're Pit, get it?"

I nodded slowly. The name- i mean, my name triggered a few memories, memories that tells me that i'm Kid Icarus, i'm Chief of the Angels... and i fight every single one of these people in the room.

I tensed up.

"Let me finish." Ike said, seeing me tense up. "If you remember Subspace then that would save a lot of time of explaining, but that can wait. You were, along with these guys, knocked out from Tabuu's attack."

I remembered Tabuu... those wings that stretched far beyond the ends of the universe, the wings that mesmerized me..

"...And you were in a suspended state till then." Ike was saying.

"We've already defeated Tabuu, in case you're still worrying." a male in a green tunic. He gave off a cheerful vibe, so i trusted him. "You were the only one still out cold when Kirby saved us all." He winked at the weird pink blob thing who then did a little dance. I swore i saw stars coming out of his feet.

"Wait wait wait, i'm still confused." i said, rubbing my temples. "If this happened, why did i forget all of you? Why was i out cold?"

Ike glanced at another male (actually, i couldn't have known it was a male if it wasn't for his attire) who had blue hair and ... wearing a tiara? ...

"Marth thinks that Tabuu's attack may have affected your brain." Ike said. "You're the only one who has wings, anyway."

I nodded slowly. This was a bit too much to take in for now.

"You know guys, this might be a little too much for him to take in." said the pink-umbrella holder, as if she read my mind. "Let him rest, we can ask what was going on in his head later."

A man, short and plump with a mustache dressed in red, stepped in. "Peach is-a correcto, ah-vrey boh-dy." he said with a thick italian accent.

So the girl with the umbrella was Peach huh.. explains the sweet aura she gives off.

"I am sort of tired, i guess." I said with a yawn. And suddenly i did feel tired, out of energy and weak.

"Maybe my memory will come back later."

There was some murmuring throughout the crowd but they left silently.

Before i fell asleep again, i wondered..

Why did that guy, Ike, make me feel so .. relaxed?

This is going to turn out into a novel, oh god.

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By the way, in case any of you are wondering..

Lacuna means a empty space, a hole, deficiency, loss.