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Normal speaking:"Hello"
Normal thinking: "Hello"
Demon speaking: "Bow to me"
Demon thinking: "Bow to me"

He Has Arrived

At the Valley of the End, two powers clashed for dominance. Naruto was fighting with all his (and part of the Kyuubi's) might to overpower Sasuke and take him back to the village. Sasuke, well he was fighting with all his (and part of the curse seal's) might to kill his best friend to gain ultimate power to kill his brother.

After they jumped at each other with their respective attacks, a strange sphere of energy encased the two dueling fighters. Kakashi, who had just arrived, was in awe at the sight. "Dear Kami, how is it possible for two genin to fight at this kind of level?"

Back inside the sphere, both fighters were reaching their limits. But, being as stubborn as they both are they both pushed every ounce of chakra they had into their attacks. However, after they did this, they both felt like they were on fire. Sasuke was blasted out of the ball of pure yet at the same time corrupted energy. Naruto wasn't so lucky.

Kakashi saw Sasuke fly out of the sphere and into blissful unconsciousness. Looking back at the sphere, he realized that it was smaller than before… and getting smaller.

Watching in horror and amazement, Kakashi saw Naruto just disappear before his very eyes. Well, eye. Picking up Sasuke, not very delicately as he had just lost any respect he held for the Uchiha, he started back to the village all the while thinking two things. One was that the council would be very happy. And the other, "Damn, Tsunade is going to kill me. On the plus side, she'll probably kill this traitor too."

Naruto's Mindscape
(Like I said in my other story, I'm not going to write who said what in the mindscape while it's only Naruto and Kyuubi there. And Kyuubi's speech is in bold.)

"Alright fox, just why am I here?" The eyes and jaws of the Kyuubi no Kitsune showed from behind the cage enormous cage as though mocking him. "Just be glad you are here you damn insolent whelp. If it weren't for me, we both would be dead, instead you'll just wake up later with a headache." "Wow, thanks I guess." Don't thank me yet whelp, you won't be waking up in your world. In order for me to help you, I pumped so much energy into you that we tore a hole in the fabric of space time. Oh, and take a look at yourself."

Naruto took a look into the water on the floor to see that his whisker marks had become more defined, his eyes were now red with slitted pupils, and he was now sporting fox ears and nine tails. He had also grown taller and seemed more muscular. Needless to say, Naruto freaked. "You stupid fox, what did you do?"

"Like I said, I pumped so much of my chakra into you that it sped up the seal absorption process. In one year's time you will be the new Kyuubi, and I will become nothing more than, let's say a sadistic voice in your head. Now, you can change your appearance with a mere thought, just like other kitsune, so just think how you want to look and your appearance will change." Naruto concentrated and his form changed back to its original (keeping the height and muscle thing though).

"You now have nearly all my power, but none of my knowledge, so I will be teaching you in here at night. And before you start doing your little happy dance about learning new jutsu, you will first need to strengthen your mind. Then we will work on the fundamentals, finally moving on to completely master the jutsu you already know.

"First of all, how are we supposed to train in here? Secondly, why do I need to learn everything over again AND keep working on jutsu I already know?" "Think about it. If you only learn a jutsu so that you know it, and someone else fully masters the technique, whose jutsu do you think will be stronger?"

"As for training in here, you won't need to eat, you won't need to sleep, and time in here is different. One minute out in the real world is a week in here. You won't wake up or arrive in the other world for a while, so let's get started."

1 hour normal time
14 months mindscape time

Kyuubi wasn't kidding when he told Naruto that time moved differently in the mindscape. Naruto had learned that only a mere hour had past back in the real world, but he had been training here for well over a year.

After they finished Kyuubi's original training plan, the fox had Naruto start learning new jutsu. While he was by no means a master, Naruto had advanced greatly in the arts of genjutsu and sealing. He could even perform the "House of Nirvana" genjutsu to a point where he could probably put anyone under the rank of Jonin to sleep with it.

"You have progressed, I'll give you that, but the time has come to put your training to the test, for we are about to arrive. Remember, if you wish to speak to me, you need only think what you wish to say and I will hear it." "Thanks fox, I really appreciate this." "Yeah, yeah, it's time to go. Good luck…and try not to die." With that, Naruto disappeared into this new reality.


"Hey professor, are you ok?" Professor Charles Xavier was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts by Scott Summers, also known to those in the mansion as Cyclops. "Yes Scott, I'm fine, but I must get on Cerebro at once."

He said the last part more to himself than the others. "You sure Chuck? You all of a sudden got this far off look and turned all pale." Voiced the Wolverine, known to everyone simply as Logan. "Mr. Logan's right professor, you like, totally spaced out on us." Rang the voice of Katherine "Kitty" Pryde, codenamed Shadowcat.

"Thank you for your concern but I'm fine. However, for some reason I felt something just now. And if it's a mutant, it is a very powerful one. Did you feel anything Jean?" But Jean couldn't answer as she was in too much pain. When the group turned around, they were all met with the sight of Jean Grey clutching her head in pain. Suddenly, she let out a scream and collapsed on the floor.

10 minutes later

Jean woke up to see the other X-men surrounding her with worried expressions. "Where am I?" she asked. "The infirmary, you collapsed and we brought you here." Said Scott. "Does anyone know what happened to me?" asked Jean. "I think I might." Everyone turned to see professor X walking in with Logan at his side.

"Cerebro picked up a signature. It was so powerful that it spread over all of New York with just pure power. I've never seen anything like this before." "So what", said Evan Daniels, nephew to Storm, and known to the others as Spyke. "We've beaten other baddies before, we can take this guy."

"Normally this would be true", said Professor X. "However, this signature did not come from a mutant." There were shocked faces at this. "But you just said this guy's power blanketed the whole state." Said Cyclops. "Yes", replied Xavier, "But he appears to be something… more. Now, everyone off to bed, you all have school tomorrow. The X-men all left with groans and started mumbling under their breath, much to the amusement of Logan.

Before leaving, Professor X decided to look into Jean's mind to find out exactly what happened. What he saw was a boy, though he couldn't make out what he looked like. All that was visible was what appeared to be the silhouette of a boy no older than the other students. But suddenly the image started changing. The silhouette morphed and changed into that of a giant fox with nine tails. As the beast closed in on him, not even Xavier could take the pure malice radiating off it and pulled out of Jean's mind.

Wheeling away, Xavier could only think one thing. "I don't like this. I don't like this at all."

Somewhere in Bayville

"Man, I feel like someone shoved a fist through my chest, Oh wait, someone did." Said Naruto. Opening his eyes, he realized that he was in a small alleyway and was luckily unseen to passerby. Getting up and stretching, Naruto decided to get a feel for how his body was doing after the Chidori wounds.

Gathering a bit of Chakra into his legs, he jumped to the top of a building and started jumping from rooftop to rooftop. "This place seems alright, but it may help to learn the language." Said Naruto to himself. "I can help with that." Came the disembodied voice of Kyuubi. "Just find someone and lock eyes. I will do the rest."

"Hey fox, how'd you do that?" questioned Naruto, after having just learned English within the span of half a second. "It is one of your abilities, I just accessed it for you as you can't at the moment. It works in almost the same way as the Tsukuyomi of the mangekyou sharingan. This also means that if your opponent locks eyes with you they're pretty much screwed."

"Um, I know what the sharingan is, but what's the tsukuyomi?" At this question, the fox sweatdropped.
"Well, as you know, the sharingan is the bloodline ability of the Uchiha clan. However, it has a more complete and more powerful form known as the mangekyou sharingan. This sharingan eye has the same abilities of the normal one, but a few special abilities as well."

"One of these is the Tsukuyomi. The jutsu traps the target in an illusionary world that is completely controlled by the user. While it only takes a few seconds to complete in the real world, the user can make it seem as if days have passed for the target. Depending on the user's whim, they can either torture their target for what seems like days on end, or make them relive a traumatic event over and over."

"When the jutsu ends the resulting psychological trauma will render the target unable to fight for an extensive period of time, and possibly suffer a complete mental breakdown." "How do you know so much about it?" "Because I am the one who gave that accursed clan the sharingan eye. Now back to the problems at hand, what are you going to do now?"

But Naruto didn't hear the last bit as his attention was turned to a nearby museum. Sneaking inside, Naruto started looking for anything of value. "Might as well take something I can sell. As a newcomer I'm in serious need of some cash." Thought Naruto.

"The way I see it, all this should be yours anyway. Think about it you could be treated as a god." "I already told you, no world domination." "Damn Brat" "Love you too."

One week later

Naruto had sold his stolen items and got more cash then he knew what to do with. After using genjutsu on a driving instructor to learn how to drive, Naruto got his license and was currently driving a Mercedes to his apartment. (Naruto is 16 in this fic, get over it).

Tomorrow he would also start class at Bayville High. School wouldn't be top on his list of priorities, but he needed something to use as a cover for his thievery. Naruto laughed as he remembered his little note he wrote to the cops after his little shopping spree in the museum.

"Dear reader. Everything in here looked so expensive and valuable; I thought someone may try to steal them, so I'm borrowing them without permission. That way they won't be stolen from you. Sincerely yours, The Fox."

The Fox. That was the name Naruto went by at night. He had become quite the little thief, and had gone out every night for the last week he was here. The cops were completely baffled, and he even managed to get mentioned on the news. Given that he was the soon-to-be new Kyuubi, he thought it was an appropriate name.

It may not be the greatest of hobbies, but even a few hours without missions caused Naruto to go crazy. This way, he could work on his skills; get the payoff and get that mission buzz all in one.

The Next Day
Bayville High

At the lunch table, several things were going on at once. Scott was trying to tell Kurt to stop playing with his image inducer (honestly, I love it when he does that), Kurt was ignoring Scott and talking with Evan, and Rogue and Kitty were arguing over something pointless.

"Hey." Everyone turned to see Jean and another boy. Both Kitty and Rogue were, for lack of a better word, to stunned to speak. The boy in front of them had spiky hair that was colored the brightest shade of blond they had ever seen. He had bright blue eyes and six whisker like marks, three on each cheek. He was wearing a leather jacket over a bright red t-shirt with blue jeans. All in all (to any girl looking at him), he was gorgeous.

"Guys, this is Naruto, he's a new student here and I promised to show him around." Said Jean. Scott, Kurt, and Evan all said hello. Rogue and Kitty on the other hand was a different story. Rogue just went back to eating and acting like her normal self. Kitty was doing everything in her power to stop drooling.

"Nice to meet you all." Said Naruto. "So where are you from dude?" asked Evan. Naruto, who had planned on this question coming up, already had an alibi. "A small village in Japan, up in the mountains. I decided I needed a change of scenery so I came here, and well, here I am." He said. Everyone else bought it, but Jean was suspicious. She had felt something off about Naruto since meeting him, but when she tried to enter his mind, she found that she couldn't. It was like his mind was being blocked off.

"Professor, can you hear me?" thought Jean. "Yes Jean, what is it." Came the thoughts of professor X. "Professor, something's off about this new guy at school. I tried to enter his mind, but it's like something's blocking me out." "Interesting. I want you to watch him for now. For all we know, he could be a mutant telepath." Thought back Xavier.

After checking on this new student using Cerebro and turning up nothing to point to him being a mutant, Xavier went back to his most recently taken up hobby, looking for this mysterious "Fox" thief that was now all over the news. Xavier knew that this person was connected to the power surge last week, but it seemed like until nightfall, he didn't exist.

Bayville High
Principle Darkholme's Office

"Have you located him yet Mystique?" asked Magneto. "No," replied Mystique, shifting from the form of Principle Raven Darkholme, into that of her mutant form, "But I believe I know where he will be tonight." "Good. If we can rally him to my side, he would be a very powerful ally. Do not fail me Mystique." Said the fading form of Magneto, leaving the threat hanging.

With Naruto

"Sorry I'm late, but a black cat crossed my path so I had to take the long way around." Said our favorite blond shinobi, earning a snicker from the rest of the class. "Well, I'll admit, that is a new one" said the teacher, "Now take a seat." Looking around, Naruto found an open seat next to one of the people he met at lunch, "Evan, I think his name was."

Placing a low level genjutsu over himself to make it appear that he was paying attention, Naruto slept for most of the class. Near the end, just as Naruto woke up, the teacher told everyone to pick a partner for a project. They would be videotaping their everyday lives. Seeing Evan asleep, Naruto woke him up and informed him about the project.

Deciding they may as well be partners, Evan led Naruto to the skate park after school. "Yo, Evan, what's up?" The two turned to see two people walking over. One of them, a guy with a Mohawk, asked "Who's this?" "Guys, this is Naruto. We're stuck doing some lame project and he's my partner."

Taking this as his que, Naruto decided to speak. "We have to videotape our lives, and if you guys put on a good show, you might get on the tape." "Sweet." Said Mohawk dude. So Evan and his friends started boarding, but in Naruto's case it seemed more boring than boarding.

"This is what people do for entertainment here? No blood, no tears, no battle? If only things were still like the Roman civilization your clones read about in the library. This city could defiantly use a coliseum and some warriors willing to fight to the death." "I know. I could do all this without chakra and they make it look so difficult." "But…"

"But this Evan kid interests me. You taught me how to feel another beings chakra, and his is way different from most others here. I felt similar feelings with his friends' chakra, as well as the principle." "I can sense it as well. Find out all you can about these people, and maybe get some sleep. If you're not out on a heist, you're training in here. Your body may be asleep, but if your mind is active all night, you don't get the rest you need." "I thought that demons can sleep, but don't really have to."

"This is true; however, you are not a true demon yet." And with that the fox went back to sleep. "Hey Evan, why don't you let me try." Said Naruto. "You ever board before?" "No" said Naruto, "But I'm willing to learn."

With that, Naruto borrowed Evans skateboard and was soon pulling off stunts that were making everyone there drop their jaws to the ground. Naruto was making all the others there look like amateurs, and he was the one that never boarded a day in his life. "Dude, why didn't you tell us he was this good?" asked Mohawk dude to Evan. "I didn't know. He just told me he's never tried before." Replied Evan. "Then this is one hell of a case of beginners luck." Said Mohawk.

"So, where to now?" Naruto asked from behind Evan, making him jump. Turning around, Evan gave Naruto a light punch on the shoulder. "Don't do that man, you just popped out of nowhere. And I thought you said you never tried this before." "Well, we have something similar back home." Lied Naruto flawlessly.

"Where do you live, we can finish up there." Said Naruto. "I live over at the Xavier Institute, but we don't get many visitors. I'm not sure if the teachers there will be ok with you coming in." "Evan, bring him to the mansion." Rang the voice of Professor X through Evans mind. "I'll explain later, but this new friend of yours interests me, and I would like to meet him." "Well, I guess I could take you." Said Evan to Naruto, getting a big fox grin in response.

Arriving at the mansion, the two teens were met by Evans aunt Ororo, and a man in a wheelchair that introduced himself as Professor Charles Xavier. Upon meeting them, the first thing Naruto noticed was that they, along with this whole place, practically reeked of the strange chakra. The second thing he noticed was that Xavier was trying to get in his head…literally. Though trying was the key word.

"Good thing the fox put up several mental barriers, or this conversation would be so much different then it's going to be." Thought Naruto. After having a very interesting conversation with the Xavier, Naruto decided he had to leave if he was going to make any cash tonight. Coming up with an excuse to leave, and getting Evan to promise to finish the video.

Xavier, still trying to get into Naruto's mind, escorted Naruto to the door. Before leaving though, Naruto said something to him that only heightened his curiosity and worry. "You know, it's impolite to root through someone's head without permission." And without another word, Naruto left.

Stopping just outside the gate, Naruto summoned up a shadow clone and gave it orders to find out all it could about Xavier's little school. And with that, he headed home to get in character for his heist. Back in the mansion, Logan, who just got orders from Xavier to tail "Some kid", headed out on his mission.

About half way to his apartment, Naruto realized he was being followed. "Time to give this guy the slip." Naruto managed to lose him after only a few minutes. Once home, Naruto got in his outfit and headed over to the bank to make a little withdrawal.

Thirty minutes later

"Damn it. How could I let some snot-nosed kid get away? Either he's really good, or I'm losing my touch. And neither of those options makes me feel better." Muttered an irritated Wolverine to himself. Going past the bank, Logan picked up a scent. It seemed similar to the guy the professor had him following, but it was different. Reeked strongly of foxes.

Looking up, Logan saw a figure on the roof of the bank. "Well, I think I just found this Fox character everybody's so interested in" he once again muttered to nobody in particular. Up on the roof, Naruto, was just getting ready to head home with his loot when he sensed someone behind him.

Turning around, he saw a man dressed in an orange and black outfit with a pointed mask leaning against the roof access door. "Evening bub." Said the guy. Fox was on edge. This was another one of those people with weird chakra. "And you are?" he asked. "Wolverine." Came his reply.

"I don't suppose you're gonna let me go with my cash are you?" asked Naruto, though it was more of a statement than a question. "Well, you're smarter than you look small fry." Said Wolverine. Stepping out from the shadows, Wolverine got a good look at the guy. He had what looked like fox ears on his head, and nine long fox tails protruding from his tailbone.

(As for what Naruto is wearing, picture Sub-Zero's clothes from MK 1 but instead of the black and blue, Naruto has black and red. His mask has a demonic looking grin on it, and his fox ears show but not his hair). "Well, I'd love to fight you for it, but it appears we have company." Said Naruto, who ducked just in time to not be hit by a kick from a blue woman with pure red hair.

She was wearing what appeared to be a white battle dress. Standing by her was a kid who looked like a frog, a giant kid who looked like he would collapse the roof if he jumped, some kid in black with what looked like a glass bowl over his head, and a kid with white hair, dressed in a white outfit. "Mystique" growled out Wolverine while showing his adamantium claws, "What are you and your little circus freaks doing here?"

"I don't think that's any of your business." Replied the blue shapeshifter. "However if you must know, we are attempting to get a new recruit." At this everyone looked at Naruto, who had his head looking down and let out a sigh. "Alright look lady, whatever the offer is to join your little club, I don't care. I'm a solo act. And as for you (Points to Wolverine), I'm not giving the money back. I stole it fair and square."

While Naruto was distracted with Wolverine however, the big one, Blob, gave Naruto a punch that sent him through the roof access door. As he came back out, he casually cracked the knuckles in both hands and his neck. "Okay," he said, "Now I'm mad." Suddenly, one of Naruto's tails shot out and hit Blob right in the face with enough force to knock him out. Taking this as a signal, Toad jumped at Naruto. But Naruto saw this and caught him in midair.

Whirling around, Naruto used Toad's momentum to fling him at Quicksilver, who dodged, causing Toad to hit into Avalanche instead. But Mystique noticed that already Naruto was starting to tire. She went for a flying roundhouse to his head, but Naruto managed to duck and knock her off balance. Regaining said balance, the two went at it hand to hand.

After a few minutes of fighting, it seemed Mystique had the upper hand, but Naruto once again used his tails and threw Mystique over into Toad and Avalanche, who were being helped up by the newly reawakened Blob and Quicksilver, knocking the whole group over. Deciding enough was enough, Mystique and the brotherhood left, leaving only Naruto and Wolverine.

Wolverine, being…well, himself, charged head on at Naruto, who was charging a Rasengan. Just as he was about to slash at him, Naruto completed his attack and slammed it into Wolverines stomach. The attack being one handed, and Naruto was still working to master the one handed Rasengan, only managed to blow Wolverine back a few feet, though it left a pretty good wound in his stomach.

But before Naruto's eyes, Wolverine got back up and his stomach was healing to the point of regenerating. "Face it kid, you may as well return the money and come with me. You're not gonna win." Said Wolverine. "Good thing I have a backup plan." Said Naruto, who suddenly burst into smoke.

Naruto's Apartment

"Good thing I loaded lots of chakra into that clone I replaced myself with or I'd be in some serious trouble." Thought Naruto after receiving the memories from the dispelled clone. "Maybe I'll take the Fox's advice and get a good night's sleep." Suddenly, His alarm clock rang.

Chapter End.

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